The Gay Men’s Choir of LA + Golden Road Brewing

As of Friday, my Sunday was pretty open until I got a call from a friend who had an extra ticket to the Gay Men’s Choir of LA. They had a Sunday afternoon performance of Mighty Pipes, and for $16 the ticket was mine! How could I turn that down? I decided to spend Sunday morning finishing my taxes (yay for money back!) and then reward myself with the show. My friend picked me up in the pouring rain and drove us down to the First Congregational Church of Los Angeles.

I didn’t get any exterior pics because of the heavy rain. I was shielding my camera from the rain under my bulky coat. Doesn’t the lighting make the church look like a nightclub? I also haven’t been to a nightclub in so long they probably aren’t even called nightclubs anymore. I’m so old. Any who, the church looked very cool.

The rain was leaking in a bit, and you could see it trickling down from so high above in the colorful lights.

We had the cheap seats, which meant we were close but had an obstructed view. There were three platforms of performers, although we could only see two. The two people I knew in the choir were within eyesight, so it was perfect for me.

There were 2 visiting performers, John West (Organist) and Levi Kreis (Tony winner). I couldn’t get a good photo of Levi, but I got a few of the organist. This church is known for having the largest organ in the world. It was gorgeous and added so much to the songs. This two act performance offered a variety of music from typical church music to a George Michael Medley. The highlight for most of us was Bohemian Rhapsody, which was so beautiful.

After the show we drove over to Golden Road Brewing in Glendale. If you read my blog, you know I love this place. It was pouring so we ducked inside instead of sitting out on the patio. Although, come summer time we will be out there. We sat at one of their long tables near the jukebox where we lazily picked out songs from our table, via an app.

How awesome does my caprese sandwich look? And sweet potato fritters? and outmeal stout? Yup, SO tasty. I also had a the salted carmel bread pudding, but ate it so fast I didn’t get a photo of it.

Golden Road started a blog! Check it out HERE.

Manic Monday

It’s Monday again and after a busy day I’m starting to plan out my blogging for the week and it’s going to be gooood. Thank you to Golden Road Brewery for posting about my blog on Saturday and for my new readers, welcome to Life Absorbed. Get ready for a post about Saturday night in Hollywood and my Sunday Tibetan meal followed by Chinese New Year celebrations.

So did you go to any of the events listed in my weekend guide? No? Fear not, many of the coolest events are happening all week (aka Pacific Standard Time exhibit and Chinese New Year celebrations).

Since today was a “Manic Monday” (titular moment), I’ll have to leave you with this until tomorrow. After a few showers on Saturday morning the sky cleared and it ended up being beautiful. I bought a 6lb medicine ball at Big 5, and took a walk while carrying/tossing the medicine ball. I highly recommend it and it gave my arms a great workout.

I walked a few times this weekend and as you can tell from the pictures the sky was so pretty. On one of my walks I even bumped into Andy Garcia, who was very nice and polite. You never know what could happen on a walk.

The Golden Road Brewing Pub Grand Opening

If you read my blog, you know I practically live at Tony’s Darts Away, love Mohawk Bend and have been eagerly awaiting Golden Road Brewing. Basically anything Tony Yanow has a hand in, I enjoy. Sunday, January 15th, was the Golden Road Brewing Pub Grand Opening and I wouldn’t miss it!

Making your way down San Fernando in Glendale, you can’t miss their primary-colored facilities just across the railroad tracks.

The opening was from 11a-11p and I showed up around 1pm and ended up staying until 4p. The weather was cloudy, but didn’t keep people from enjoying the patio. The last time I was here (which I wrote about HERE) was for their brewery opening, where I spent most of my time in a different building and only got a peak at what their pub would become. It’s hard to believe that was only 3 months ago!

I started off with their Rye on the Palate, which had notes of coffee (which I love). It was delicious. I followed it up with the Schwartz Stout which I also enjoyed. I was there with great company: Amber, Adam and Adams cousin Michael.

They had a wide selection of tee shirts, and promo items as well as books on craft brews. My favorite item is the tote with pockets for two Golden Road growlers (the middle bag in the photo).

The bartenders were very nice and the wait staff was active about collecting glasses and cleaning the tables. During the 3 hours I was there, there was a steady flow of people coming and going and we thankfully got a table for the full three hours. We were having so much fun that the hours flew by and we didn’t even do one of the many tours they offered. Occasionally a train would go by and everyone would cheer and drink! Now that’s a drinking game I like.

The crowd was a mix of hipsters, curly mustaches, older couples, groups of people in jerseys (they had football on their 3 tvs) and even families (earlier in the day). We ordered some of their fritters and I especially loved the mushroom risotto parmesan fritters (so tasty!).

We took advantage of their special “$10 for a burger and a can” deal. I ordered the vegan burger (of course) which was loaded with peppers and quite scrumptious as well as the Golden Road Hef, all for $10! I look forward to coming back and ordering off their main menu as well as tasting more of their brews. The only thing that could make this place any better would be board games. I could easily see myself meeting friends at one of their long tables on a Friday night, trying some new brews while playing some Apples 2 Apples and eating risotto fritters. Ahhhh, Heaven.