February Check-In

How is everyone keeping up with their resolutions? Can you tell that my blogging goal has fallen to the wayside? There just aren’t enough hours in the day, and trying to find balance has been a struggle for me. Plus being new to the city at a time when walking outside is almost deadly (it’s in the negatives here) has made exploration on foot a real challenge. Don’t get me wrong, the snow is charming and I don’t mind the cold… other than the fact that I can’t explore the city on foot the way I’d like to. Thankfully we change the clocks soon and afterwork walks will begin as spring starts to creep up on us. It’s soon, I swear.

This is completely narcissistic, but I just need to publicly have a “check-up” on my list of resolutions. It’s the best way to keep myself accountable.

Work goals:
O Make 2 new items to sell every week (so 100 items for the whole year). I was good about this until I started renovating Meyer Wire. Physical labor is exhausting, so I’ve had to pace myself. Once Meyer Wire is better taken care of, I’ll go back to my 2 projects a week schedule that I maintained for Dec + Jan.
O Keep good records on these projects (which I currently suck at). I’m doing my best with this. It’s a challenge to find the time.
O Make my business official- get tax ID etc. Get on the grid! I submitted the paperwork for this, but I’m still waiting for it to be official. It certainly cost enough to do, so it better happen soon.
O Join the New Haven Collective. Done! Now I just need to time attend more events!
O Shop local. Done! I’ve been hitting up a bunch of local shops here in New Haven and feel good about it. I love the farmers market too!
O Get business cards made. Still need to do this, but waiting on the LLC to be final.
O Clean out my emails and take myself off e-lists. Yikes, this is time consuming so I’ve been working on it in blocks of time.

O Lose that holiday weight. Working on it! Trying to hit 100 miles at the gym in the month of February. So far I’m at 35 miles… I hope to be at 55 miles by Saturday.
O Join a sport/club/group. Dodgeball? I still need to do this, as I think I’ll feel better if I join a group activity where I can start meeting new people.
O Hike Sleeping Giant. In spring.
O Hike East Rock. In spring.
O Situps twice a day. I need to do this more!
O Go running! I have a gym membership now, so use it. Check!
O Walk the neighborhood at night- 5 times a week. No excuses. I will when it gets warmer. (That’s a valid excuse)
O Sign up at the Rock Climbing Gym? Need to do this when I have the time and funding. Soon enough.
O Water! 4 big bottles a day! Working on it. It’s more like many cups of hot tea.
O 1 drink a week rule back on! I’ve been pretty okay about this. Not perfect, but I’ve been trying.

O READ MORE. 1 book a month. That’s doable. Check! Just finished Gone Girl and Amy Poehlers autobiography is next.
O Rosetta Stone at least once a week. Je ne ai pas fais.

Life Goals:
O GET A DOG! In the spring, so a couple months but soon. Can’t wait!
O Get an apartment and make it look nice 🙂 Check!
O Visit the Farmers Market in New Haven. Check!
O Go out 3 nights a week. Comedy, music, new bar etc. Find it and do it. I’m working on this. Trying to find balance between spending and saving, and dieting and indulging is a struggle.
O Be Ballsy! I need to do this more.

Money Goals:
O Pay off all student loans. I will by the end of the year!
O Pay off all car loans. I will by the end of the year!
O Save up for a house, but do invest in the business as needed. Find balance between the two.

Travel Goals:
O Travel to NYC once a month (for comedy, museums and to see friends). I’ve already been twice! Check!
O Travel to Canada (Montreal for a 3 day weekend?) This will happen later this year.
O Go to LA 3+ times in 2015. Visit 1 is booked! I’ll be there in March for a week.
O Go camping in New England. Waiting until it’s warm
O Explore the Wine Trail! Still need to do this!
O Explore the beer trail- brewery visits! Still need to do this. Anyone want to join me?

Blog Goals:
O Write a Do This Today, 5 days a week. Fail, super fail. I’m doing my best but it’s been hard coming up with winter activities.
O Do an additional 2 posts about life/events each week. Also fail. I need to focus myself and get this done.
O What is there to do in New England? Find it and do it! I’ve got a to-do list going and I’ll start making myself cross items off the list. Hopefully this weekend I’ll go skiing (which is on the list).

Okay, that’s enough of my failing resolution list. I promise more will get done when it’s warm. In the meantime, try to stay warm, positive and productive.

2015 New Year Resolutions

Well, I know Im missing a bunch which Ill add as the year goes, but here’s my 2015 resolution list. I feel like I made it too hard… like sometimes I throw in some easier things to make the list feel more manageable. This list doesn’t have those items. 2015 is going to be exhausting, but better to be exhausting than boring, right? Here goes…

Work goals:
O Make 2 new items to sell every week (so 100 items for the whole year)
O Keep good records on these projects (which I currently suck at)
O Make my business official- get tax ID etc. Get on the grid!
O Join the New Haven Collective
O Shop local.
O Get business cards made
O Clean out my emails and take myself off e-lists

O Lose that holiday weight
O Join a sport/club/group. Dodgeball?
O Hike Sleeping Giant
O Hike East Rock
O Situps twice a day
O Go running! I have a gym membership now, so use it
O Walk the neighborhood at night- 5 times a week. No excuses.
O Sign up at the Rock Climbing Gym?
O Water! 4 big bottles a day!
O 1 drink a week rule back on!

O READ MORE. 1 book a month. That’s doable.
O Rosetta Stone at least once a week.

Life Goals:
O Get an apartment and make it look nice 🙂
O Visit the Farmers Market in New Haven.
O Go out 3 nights a week. Comedy, music, new bar etc. Find it and do it.
O Be Ballsy!

Money Goals:
O Pay off all student loans
O Save up for a house, but do invest in the business as needed. Find balance between the two.

Travel Goals:
O Travel to NYC once a month (for comedy, museums and to see friends)
O Travel to Canada (Montreal for a 3 day weekend?)
O Go to LA 3+ times in 2015
O Go camping in New England
O Explore the Wine Trail!
O Explore the beer trail- brewery visits!

Blog Goals:
O Write a Do This Today, 5 days a week.
O Do an additional 2 posts about life/events each week
O What is there to do in New England? Find it and do it!

Last year was all about the working leading up to my big career change (as big changes require a lot of leg work and time) and 2015 is about seeing out those changes and embracing it. 2015 will be the year of exploring a new city, getting a DOG, living alone for the first time ever, facing adulthood, and hopefully figuring some big things out. It’ll be a year of change for this blog too. I’ll learn about New Haven and New England and I’ll take you along for the ride. I hope it’s a very productive time for building furniture. I’m currently a big believer in blind faith and things “working out as they are meant to be”, so we shall see if I feel the same way in 2016.

Get out there and kick 2015’s ass.

RECAP: 2014 New Year Resolutions

It’s here. The day of reckoning. How did I do with my long list of 2014 resolutions? I’m very nervous to look over this list as with all of the changes that happened this year, I lost track of how I was doing. Moment of truth.


Digital Resolutions:
X  Figure out how to update computer in a cost effective way. I added memory and made more space. Baby steps, but in 2015 I’ll have a new computer and all will be better.
X Find a solution to a music hard drive, a work hard drive, a photo hard drive, and use bridge to organize it all AKA Digital Organization. I’m going to give myself this one, as I cleared out a lot of space and came up with a better organization system for my photos.

“Working toward my Future” Goals:
X Can my passion become my job? YES! I made it happen! 2015 will be the year of making that business grow. Yay small business!
X Keep building! Keep my skills growing. I made so many pieces in 2014.
X Develop my art shop website and launch it. Check out bmeyerstudio.com!
X Work on my networking skills. Ive got a good plan to help grow business in 2015.
X I’ve wanted a property for years and it’s time I crate a plan to make it real. How much more money do I need? While I can’t buy property right now, I have a plan in place. I also learned a lot more in 2014 about purchasing property and the process. My friend Patty does free seminars in Los Angeles. Email me if you’re interested!
X Create “dream” renovations via pinterest and then break down what that will cost by room (aka bathroom, kitchen, living space) knowing that it will change by the location. Still need to do that cost portion of this, but at least now I know what I want.
X Practice what you want to do by finding a house on zillow and draw out + illustrate the changes you would make to it and try to attach numbers to those changes. It’ll be a great exercise. I did this in photoshop, and recommend this activity for anyone interested in renovating real estate.
X Figure out how to make buying a property and also developing my own business a reality. 🙂 I’m currently making this happen.

Design Goals:
X Build a console table
X Make a headboard
O Design 2 bedside light fixtures for myself (but also to sell). Made these but didn’t install them because of my move. You’ll see them in 2015.
X Redo my bathroom to be more in the “Spa lifestyle”.

Exercise Goals:
O Fit into my 2012 jeans! Ive decided to burn those jeans lol. I lost weight in Africa, but I’m sure I just gained it back over the holidays. Cheeeeese.
X Buy a juicer! and use it!
X Running- you hate it, but you must Ran 5ks and even a 10k! Thanks for the push Amber!

Money Goals:
X Pay off my 4.8% interest student loans in 2014. DID IT!!
O Finish paying off all my student loans? I’m so close, but I decided not to pay it all off yet to put that money towards starting my business.

Reading/Mental Goals:
O Read my Susie Orman Book. I still need to do this!
O Become more active in book club
O Even read books outside of book club
O Read my blogging and starting a business books
X Do more Rosetta Stone. I did this but need to do more. Clearly I failed at my reading goals for 2014. I’ll have to focus on this in 2015.

Social Goals:
O Volunteer!
X Play more dodgeball Did this! Played in all the seasons I could. And I actually got pretty ok at it. Less hits to the head.
X Go to even more comedy shows. I’m already finding comedy spots in CT, so 2015 should also have some comedy.
O Use my trapeze coupon

Personality Goals:
O Be more patient This needs to be on my 2015 resolution list, for sure.
X Don’t be a stick in the mud. I think I was stick-in-the-mud-less in 2014.

“Upping my Skills” Goals:
O Take at least one woodworking class. This will happen in 2015.
X Take an Illustrator 2 Class. Did it!
O Take a Sketch-up Class. I changed my goals, and decided not to spend the time doing this.

California Goals:
X Visit places I ddn’t get to in 2013 (Reagan Presidential library) Loved it!
X Revisit that Palos Verdes Beach with all the animals! I went at least twice in 2014.
O Visit Wolf Mountain? Did get there, as it’s far away.
O Elmers Bottle Tree Ranch?
X Gamble House Tour (Pasadena). Thanks to Amber I did this in the last week before I left.
X Take a weekend trip north? I did a 2 week trip north! It was awesome. Plus Erica and I did a weekend beach camping trip north too.
X Weekend trip in Palm Springs. Kelly’s bachelorette weekend happened in Palm Springs.
O Visit Salvation Mountain
X San Fran? Or a road trip north? Yup, and it was super fun! We visited so many places.

O BLOG MORE- be more active in the blogging community. Fail. I promise in 2015 Ill be better.
X Keep making/updating/editing my vision board. Im always working on that.
X Grow a PAIR! I grew such a pair! My horoscope said that I would rock the second half of 2014, and boy was she right. I kicked Kilimanjaro’s ass, went on a safari in the Serengeti, did a camping road trip north, drove cross country alone, went to so many national parks, moved to a new city, and made a huge career shift. 2014 was a year of kicking ass.

I actually crossed off a lot more than I thought I’d be able to. Wow, it really has been a big year. Some of these goals will definitely be shifting over to my 2015 resolution list. Speaking of that list, expect it here tomorrow. Tomorrow’s a new day, new experiences ahead! Cheers to a fabulous 2014, and cheers to adventures to come in 2015!

Big News!


It’s time to officially announce my big news. I’ve hinted at it over the last year or so, but change is what keeps us moving forward, and I’ve got a big change coming. It brings me great sadness/excitement/nervousness to announce that at the end of November 2014 (aka in 5 weeks), I’m moving back to the East Coast. Don’t get me wrong, I love LA and my friends here, but this great work opportunity has come up in Connecticut and I’ve decided it’s time for a change. I’ve chronicled many of my LA journeys here on the blog, and I’ve lived my time here to the fullest, so I leave with no regrets or unfinished goals. It’s time for new goals, and new challenges.

I’ve worked in the television/film art department for many years now as a coordinator and I see that continuing on this path is no longer something I really want. A couple years ago I could feel myself hitting a wall in my career, and I figured out that even if I got a promotion it wouldn’t make me happy. This made me see that I needed to make a bigger change. After reading “find-yourself” type books, I decided to make a list of what I wanted my future life to have. For example, I want to be able to bike to work, and get a dog that I can bring  to work, and work normal 9-5 type hours. This list got longer and longer until I could almost visualize the changes I needed to make. After years of soul searching, it clicked!

As you know, I love wood-working, crafting and of course, blogging and I’ve found a way I can do all of these things as my job! Is that not living the dream?! My parents have been so supportive and have invited me to come work for Meyer Wire & Cable Co (their cable company) where we will be expanding to create different custom lighting fixtures as well as  broadening the scope of how these wires can be used. Not only will I be designing, but I’ll be working on the branding, blogging about the process, and I’ll even have my own wood working shop up and running, BMeyer Studio!

I’ll be moving to New Haven, Connecticut where I’ll be 15 minutes from Meyer Wire (shortest commute ever-score!). Meyer Wire is along a bike path that starts in New Haven, so I can bike to work. My parents bring their dog to work and have said I can bring one to work too. My hours would be 8:30-5p, which means I can even take woodworking classes at night locally. I’ve basically gained 4 hours of free time every day, and I could not be happier about it. Real estate in that area is also much more affordable, so in the not-too-distant future I could actually afford a cute fixer-upper. I’ll be closer in proximity to my family and I’m only a $15 train ticket from NYC, where many of my RISD friends live.

Of course with any big change there are many compromises that also have to be made. I’ve made a life here in Los Angeles with friends I love, and now I have to sadly say goodbye. Thanks to the internet, social media, and cell phones I’l be able to keep in touch with them as if I was still in LA, it’ll just be harder to see them in person. When I moved to LA I had to do the opposite, which was to leave my East Coast friends to start a life in LA, and I feel like all my friendships back east stayed strong as I made frequent visits. I plan to do the same this time too.

What does this mean for Life Absorbed? I’ll no longer be posting “Do This Today” with Los Angeles daily events, but instead I’ll be shifting the focus of my posts to be more about my future design work and lifestyle. For example, I’m currently in the process of figuring out how to cheaply ship an apartment worth of stuff to Connecticut and I’m excited to share with you my cheap-ish solution! I’ll be driving my car cross country to get there and look forward to sharing the journey. Once I’m in CT, step 1 at Meyer Wire is to renovate the offices and set-up my workshop, and I’ll share the whole process with you. New Haven is also a new city to me, which means I’ll be exploring not only the city but taking weekend trips to different New England towns and exploring Cape Cod. I also hope down the line to buy property and renovate it, which I will also share on the blog. One of my favorite blogs, Manhattan Nest, does this and to me he’s living the dream. I hope to follow a similar path.

But what about comedy? I talked above about making compromises and how leaving my friends in LA is going to be the biggest struggle. I would say my second biggest struggle is saying goodbye to cheap hilarious comedy. LA is a comedy mecca and it was one of the reasons I moved out here to begin with. To pay $5 and see Louis CK or Patton Oswalt, or Sarah Silverman has been unreal. I’ve seen 100’s of comedians perform on the stages around Los Angeles and I’ve loved every minute. By making this move I’ll have to work harder and pay a lot more to see comedy. I’m now allowing myself to invest more money into seeing comedians if this means taking the train into NYC or driving to Foxwoods where comedians often stop through. It’s a promise I made to myself when I decided to move. I won’t be able to see comedy quite as often but I’ll do whatever I need to to feed that passion of mine. For example, I’ve already purchased tickets to Patton Oswalt’s show at Carnegie Hall in January. It was an expensive ticket but it’s going to be such a memorable show.

But what about the weather? There’s no denying that Los Angeles weather is amazing and it’s sunny 100% of the time. New Haven gets snow and rain, and humidity in the summer. This is the 3rd compromise on the list: weather. I’m actually looking forward to the occasional rainy day, and playing in the snow. I’m sure I won’t be saying that in 6 months but I’m trying to be positive about the weather. I also walk outdoors in LA for at least an hour every day at all times of the year. I won’t be able to do this in Connecticut and I’ll have to adjust to it. I’ll need to invest in a gym membership and use it. I’m actually thinking of signing up at City Climb Gym, a New Haven rock climbing gym, but more on that when I’m back east 🙂

I really am sad to leave Los Angeles, but I’ve been treading water here for that last 2 years and I feel like this is a big step forward. I’m about to gain so much! I’m trying to stay focused on what I’ll be getting and not what I’m having to leave, as I really do love my LA family. Now on to a happier topic: what type of dog should I get!? 🙂

ONTOANEWADVENTURE New Haven, CT (Background photo by I Love New Haven)

2014 Resolution Update: A Look Back At June


We are already halfway through 2014! How?! I feel like I still write “2012” all the time. Well this month I get a big fat “F” for blogging. I feel like I let you guys down as work, errands, and obligations have made blogging challenging in June. There’s just not enough time in the day! I’m just glad I was able to do my June writeup (especially since I skipped May). Get ready for a completely narcissistic list of my accomplishments this month- I really need it as a motiviation. Sometimes when you’re so consumed with work you need to make lists like this to remind yourself you’re human and that you did get something done this month. Make a list- it’s fun, I swear.

– I walked to my favorite watering hole to meet up with a good friend for a drink on the patio after working my butt off on a table I’m making (June 1)
– Morning + Evening exercise… and lots of not sleeping due to Africa panic (June 2)
– So much Africa panic- “It’s going to cost me HOW much?!” (June 3)
– Delivered a finished table I made to a friend (June 3)
– ALL tickets purchased!! Africa’s happening 100% booked! (June 4)
– 2 hour-long walks + Dodgeball. I’m in exercise mode (June 5)
– Griffith Hike with Eva (June 8)
– Went to a strangers house party where I didn’t know anyone. Ballsy (June 13)
– Hike to Inspiration Point + Girls Night + Daniel and Casey’s Birthday (June 14)
– Morning walk with Jamie + Hollywood Hills Hike with Eva (June 15)
– Awesome movie night with the girls- Obvious Child (June 16)
– Dinner in BH with my Uncle- got to see the Peoples Choice Awards red carpet while I waited (June 19)
– I got my travel shots! I’m officially covered! “Lets test it out” -my coworker (June 20)
– Brenda + Joe’s Wedding! (June 21)
– Walked with Amber- exploring Pasadena on foot (June 22)
– Paid off my credit card- aka the entire Africa trip. Painful but it’ll be worth it (June 23)
– Finished my Typhoid Fever meds- I’m now protected. Bring it on! (June 27)
– Made lots of headway on my tables + discovered an awesome park walking distance from my house (June 28)
– Hiked Mt. Wilson! Training hikes for Kili! (June 29)

June has been a month of Africa becoming official, freak outs about the cost of Africa, and my grand spending hiatus (Im living off crumbs). It was a fun month, but I’m glad to be out of retrograde and into July.

2014 Resolution Update: A Look Back At April


Another month older, another month wiser? Probably not, but we are well on our way into spring at least. April was a really fun month for me, with guests coming into town and weekend trips. It was a busy month, but Im excited to see what May brings to the table. I’m hopeful that May will be reenergizing, and filled with more creative projects. I’m also starting to plan for a summer Africa trip, and In the next two weeks I expect tickets will be purchased and tours will be booked, so I anticipate by the end of May I’ll have spent more than I hoped. Oh well, it’s freakin’ Africa?!

I’m getting ahead of myself. Lets give April a full recap!

– Delivered a table I made! They loved it (April 3)
– Delivered another table I made! (April 4)
– Fitz and the Tantrums concert!! (April 5)
– Met up with my RISD friend Melisa for dinner (bumped into Moby) (April 7)
– Sommer’s birthday dinner at Edendale (April 10)
– Uncle David stopped by The Newsroom (April 11)
– Alex and Kelly’s Wedding! My date with Mr. Peepers (April 12)
– Relaxing Malibu day with Erica. Lunch at Neptune Net + El Matador Beach and Point Dume (April 13)
– Dinner at Alcove with Grace, Eva, Karen, Erica and then to the Observatory for the Blood Moon (April 14)
– Drinks with Jamie at Tony’s (April 15)
– Dodgeball Spring Season started up (April 16)
– Finally a day off! Walk and Park day in Silverlake, Happy Hour, and Karen’s goodbye gathering at Golden Road (April 18)
– Beach glamping weekend with Erica up north! We did it right! (April 19-20)
– Grace’s birthday dinner (Aug 22)
– Dodgeball + voting event in Glassel Park and then a commissioning meeting to talk side tables (April 26)
– Build Day! Sand and stained my newest piece and Jeremy’s 30th birthday (April 27)
– Indian dinner with Erica where we mapped out our upcoming Africa trip (April 29)

Cheers to April, and now on to May!

2014 Resolution Update: A Look Back At March


It’s already almost a week into April and time to look back at March and see how my 2014 resolutions are coming. This post is mainly to keep myself on track, but I hope it inspires you to work on your own goals as well. In THIS post I detailed my 2014 resolutions, and now that 3 months (yikes! Time flies!) have gone by, it’s time to see how productive I’ve been.

As I shared last month, I’ve started keeping a list of key goals that I’ve met throughout the month so I can feel like I’m at least making a dent. This list excludes anything that follows routine, and is reserved for new activities, goals, or just things that excite me. I started back to work at the start of March, so I was far less productive in my outside goals, but did my best to fill nights with friends, exercise, comedy and good times. It’s also worth noting that the last two weeks of March I spent suffering from a nasty cold (which I can’t seem to shake).

– Made website for my shop on Squarespace for the year. It looks awesome (March 2)
– Started back on the Newsroom Season 3 (March 3)
– PGA/DGA screening with Grace and Carl (March 6)
– Took Sally and Kerrie on a tour of LA (March 8)
– Explored the Palos Verdes Tide Pools with Erica, Kerrie and Sally (March 9)
– Payed off all my 5% interest rate student loans!! BIG step!! (March 10)
– Dodgeball finals! We didn’t win, but had a good time (March 12)
– Comedy event hosted by Kevin Bright at the new Emerson Building (March 13)
– Special Birthday dinner at a Palos Verdes Resort for Tamar’s Birthday (March 21)
– Saw Brandon Walsh (90210) on my morning walk (swoon) and Special Birthday dinner at Bow+Truss for Erica (March 22)
– Finished another table! And more birthday events at Golden Road (March 23)
– Edendale for Michelle’s Birthday (March 25)
– Beverly and Ronna show at UCB (March 28)
– Productive Sick Day – got a lot of at home stuff done while resting (March 29)
– Sent off my first Etsy sale, Brunch at Sqirl, Gregory and Kelly’s wedding shower (March 30)

I feel good about how my free time was spent and this is the big month where most of my LA friends had their birthdays which meant lots of fun friend time. I also was good about maintaining my 4-5 walks a week, but slowed a little during those sick weeks. I also crossed a big student loan goal off my 2014 list of resolutions. Lots to be proud of this month, especially given the work stress that comes at the beginning of every project.

Now that March is on, it’s time to tackle April! Spring is upon us and since I don’t have the garage this month, my projects are on hold until May which means I’ll be spending my weekends attending weddings, taking day trips outside of LA and focusing on exercise. First things first, making this cold go away!

2014 Resolution Update: March 1


It’s March 1st and time to check in and see how our 2014 resolutions are coming. This post is mainly to keep myself on track, but I hope it inspires you to work on your own goals as well. In THIS post I detailed my 2014 resolutions, and now that 2 months have gone by, it’s time to see how productive I’ve been.

As I shared last month, I’ve started keeping a list of key goals that I’ve met throughout the month so I can feel like I’m at least making a dent. This list excludes anything that follows routine, and is reserved for new activities, goals, or just things that excite me. Here’s what I’ve got for February, the shortest month of the year:

– Started juicing with the Spud box (Feb 1)
– Hung out in Alex and Scott’s Studio and learned about the steps of starting your own business (Feb 2)
– Bought a scale- time to lose weight! (Feb 3)
– Had a great day that made me see how happy I would be if I had my own design/build business (Feb 4)
– John Mulaney Show taping with Martin Short and Elliot Gould + Penny Marshall (Feb 6)
– Kelly’s bridal shower (Feb 8)
– Rebel Bingo (Feb 8)
– The Women’s Dodgeball Clinic was today! (Feb 9)
– TAXES DONE! (Feb 10)
– Payed off all of loan “E” of my student loans… baby steps (Feb 10)
– Did 2 Secret Stair Walks (Feb 11)
– Figured out a way for my blog to evolve, as 2014 evolves (Feb 13)
– Walked to the other end of Burbank and back (Feb 16)
– Did 2 more Secret Stair Walks! (Feb 19)
– Dentist Appt! Done for 6 months (Feb 20)
– Dinner out with friends at Mr.C’s Bev Hills (Feb 20)
– Hiked Echo Mountain (Feb 22)
– Saw the Sock Puppet Theare’s Golden Girls Show (Feb 22)
– Explored downtown on a beautiful Sunday with Jamie (Feb 23)
– Hiked to the Hollywood sign with Grace (Feb 24)
– Last Secret Stair walk from my book! All done! (Feb 25)
– Visited the Reagan Presidential Library (Feb 26)
– Finished Kelly + Alex’s new table (Feb 27)
– Worked on my website, read my book + finished watching Sherlock on this rainy day (Feb 28)

I feel good about the last 28 days. It helps that I’m unemployed right now, as once work starts up (Monday!) I won’t have time for any of these goals. This is why I made my best effort to cross off Secret Stairs and the Reagan Presidential Library from my to-do list. There’s nothing like a lingering project nagging the back of your mind, especially once I lose my weekdays.

I’m relieved that the last day of February was a cozy rainy day, perfect for working on digital projects and reading. I also am using this time to figure out my goals for March. I spent February doing more hikes and finishing my Secret Stair walks outdoors, so with work starting up my only mid-week exercise can be my walking loop and hopefully lots of gym time. It’s time for indoor exercise. This will help with several goals on my 2014 resolutions list.

2014 Resolution Update: Feb 1


It’s February 1st and time to check in and see how our 2014 resolutions are coming. This post is mainly to keep myself on track, but I hope it inspires you to work on your own goals as well. In THIS post I detailed my 2014 resolutions, and now that a month has gone by, it’s time to see if I’ve been good or bad.

Since my list had some particulars and some abstract goals, I thought it would be best to make a specific January-resolutions-to-tackle list. This can be helpful if your resolutions feel a tad overwhelming (I raise my hand and lower head in guilt).

I also did something new this year- I have a digital sticky note on my desktop where I add a goal that I reached (or fun event that I did) and the date I did it. This way at the end of the month I have a list of accomplishments. Too many times months fly by and I get a sinking feeling of “did I even do anything this month?? Surely I did something worthwhile??” So instead of going over all my zillion resolutions I’m going to copy and share my January 2014 sticky note of achievements.

– Went snow tubing with Lexy (Jan 3)
– Drove to NY on a thrift store venture whim with my parents and saw Jasper Johns house (Jan 4)
– Went to a Uconn Huskies Basketball Game (Jan 7)
– Drove to New Hampshire and visted Kaleigh and Julie+David’s place (Jan 8)
– Told a boy I like him (Jan 8)
– Got a credit card (Jan 10)
– My juicer arrived today (Jan 11)
– Built my own Bar Cart (Jan 13)
– Built my own Console Table (Jan 16)
– Had a Palm Springs weekend (Jan 18/19)
– Did a Secret Stair Walk (Jan 21)
– Played really well in Dodgeball and helped my team win (Jan 22)
– Built a hat rack (Jan 23)
– Went go karting (Jan 23)
– Had my yearly doctors appt (Jan 24)
– Saw Fitz and the Tantrums perform at Robin Thicke’s Pre-Grammy Party (Jan 24)
– Did 2 Secret Stairs Walks (Jan 25)
– Finished reading Wild (Jan 25)
– Went to the Eagle Rock Brewery 4th birthday event (Jan 26)
– Satellite Concert (Jan 27)
– Sugar Fish dinner with my Uncle (Jan 28)
– Completed my Illustrator 2 class (Jan 30)
– Got my Spud box and started using my Juicer (Jan 31)

My plan is to continue these lists for all 12 months, so at the end of 2014 I’ll have a full list of accomplishments to be proud of and it’ll make 2014 not feel wasted. I’ve decided February 2014 will be about exercise. I’m going to finish all my Secret Stair walks, do more hikes, go running at the gym more and hopefully work up to running a 10k in 2014. I hope to do more reading and have more “me time”. I hope to have my website fully up and running… and so much more.

It’s hard to believe 1/12 of the year just flew by! We only have 11 more months to complete a lot of goals. I hope to spend February productively and when I check in March 1st many more goals will be completed. Cheers to another month!

2013 Resolutions: July Update

This is 100% for my benefit, but sometimes you have to publicly list your goals in order to successfully follow through with them (accountability). Since it’s already July- wow! – I figured it’s a good time to take stock of my 2013 year long resolutions and see what’s changed, and what I have left to cross off the list.

Resolutions for 2013:
“SAVE SAVE SAVE!” – I’m always saving, and this year I’ve already knocked off one of two student loans. I’m pretty proud of that, but there’s still more to go. 
Go Cross Country skiing for the first time! – There wasn’t enough time to do this, but it can still happen later this year.
White water rafting. – I’m hoping for a summer trip, but still working the dates out.
Go kayaking – In fall I have plans to visit Cape Cod and get my kayak on. 
Dig out the bizarro la book and see what else is worth doing
Walk 5 times a week at least (mornings + nights!) – This is always a challenge (balancing exercise with work and comedy) but I’ve been good so far and even added a new walk route to the mix.
Do a Monster Walk! – Hopefully this can happen in the fall when I’m funemployed.
Do more hikes from my hike book
More camping! – I haven’t camped yet in 2013, and I’m aching for it! 
Run a race! 5k and work up to 10k? – It’s about time I trained again.
Whiten Teeth – done! 
Finish Secret Stair Walks – Like 5 more to go, but I don’t want them to end so I’m spacing them out. 
Do a secret stair walk with the facebook group and meet other stair walkers.
Do taxes in January (to get money back sooner!) -Done! 
Take an art class – My plan is to start a design class this month
Do more artwork. I have the supplies, so no excuses! – I bought my miter saw and have been nonstop with it ever since. I love it! 
Learn French I- Rosetta Stone – I’m in level 2.
Learn how to sew – I already sewed a pillow and some of my barrel chair.
Learn how to knit – I still need to do this. 
Take vitamin b – I’m bad about doing this every day, but I’ll work on it.
Keep up water intake! – I try
Clean bathroom drawer + cabinet – Check! 
Do projects from the Young, House Love book – I’ve done several, and should do more.
See a dermatologist – I’ve put this off for 3 years now. It’s time.
Read typography book I got for Christmas – Done. I’ve also read a handful of books in 2013, which is the thing I have the most trouble making time for. 
Clean out closet again this year. Maximize space and make it pretty!
Clean garage and organize with plastic bins – Done, but I wonder if I should do this again.
Clean out wallet – I carry around so many unnecessary things. Check! 
Clean out all emails – This is a life project.
Clean out computer and back up files – This is another thing that is a constant issue.
Get a new cell phone – Done! 
Keep going out during the week –I’m always up for week night fun, I’ll sleep when Im dead.
Do more running outside – Train for that 5k/10k above!
Living on my own?? – Can I afford it? I’ll find out closer to Novemeber
Improve my blog! Change is a good thing! – I’ve been working like crazy on my blog shop which is coming soon. I can’t wait to share it with you.
Keep saying yes.. to everything! Yes to life! YES! 

Trip Ideas:
O Visit 2 presidential libraries – Went to the Nixon Library, still need to see the Reagan Library.
O Take the train somewhere for a day trip outside LA -I haven’t taken the train, but I’ve been north and south for day trips outside of LA in 2013.
O Chicago again? -We shall see
O Beach camping up the coast?
O San Fran? more north? Portland? -This local trip has been nixed for the year, mainly because I have more exciting news: I’m going to Turkey and Israel in November! In an attempt to save money, I thought a road trip would be my big trip of 2013, but when an opportunity knocks you have to accept. This means getting to meet up with my sister while she’s on her 2013 quest around the world.