Do This Today: Festivus at Glendale Tap



Tonight celebrate Festivus For The Rest of Us at Glendale Tap starting at 7p! Expect beer, fun, games and prizes!

Event: Festivus For The Rest Of Us at Glendale Tap (event link)
Location: Glendale Tap, 4227 San Fernando Rd, Glendale, CA
Time: 7p – 2am

Do This Today: Comedy Bender


If you’re new to this blog, I love comedy. I love the Pub at Golden Road. What happens when those two things come together? It’s called Comedy Bender and it’s happening tonight at 9pm. Tonights comedians include Rick Shapiro, Heather Turman, Jake Weisman, Asterios Kokkinos, Sofiya Alexandra, Lizzy Cooperman, Sam Obied, and Dave Sirus. Goldens beer selection is massive and their menu is super delicious, so come ready to eat and laugh.

Event: Comedy Bender (event link)
Location: Golden Road Brewing Co., 5430 San Fernando Rd. West, Los Angeles, CA
Time: 9pm
Cost: Free
FYI: Golden has a free parking lot and tons of close parking!

Brunch at Canele

This past Saturday I joined two lovely ladies for a yummy brunch at Canele. This adorable restaurant is so hidden amongst the shops along Glendale Blvd. Even the logo blends into the painted brick behind it. I’m so glad this was suggested as a brunch spot.

Canele is not very large, and the kitchen is open so you can see the food being prepared. This is such a good idea for restaurants. While waiting for a table we could see all the pancakes (although they looked like soufflés) and sweet breads baking and we knew we HAD to order one. This oven also made the whole place smell like a bakeshop. Such a great marketing technique. How can you sit there smelling the food, and watching these scrumptious dishes baking and not order one?

We all ordered eggs in the hole. I’m pretty sure this was my first egg-hole ever. The bread was so good and whatever light salad dressing they used was the perfect touch.

We all ordered a pancake dish to share which was perfect for three of us. It had a dollop of sweet lemon flavored cream on top. Can you believe this is their pancake? It was so… three-dimensional and yummy.

The whole cafe was adorable. They have their dinner menu in chalk on the wall. In the photo below you can see the blonde hair of the writer of the blog, Designlovefest. Yay, fellow bloggers! My friend also pointed out that an actor from the Wire was dining at the counter across from us. Who knew Canele was such a secret hot-spot?

The weather was so beautiful that after brunch I walked around Glendale Blvd looking into shops. I even stopped into a yarn shop participating in the Yarn Crawl that happened last weekend (I wrote about it in my Weekend Guide).

If Canele doesn’t sound like your scene, take a walk around the neighborhood because there are plenty of cute cafes to check out. I’ll be back!

The Golden Road Brewing Pub Grand Opening

If you read my blog, you know I practically live at Tony’s Darts Away, love Mohawk Bend and have been eagerly awaiting Golden Road Brewing. Basically anything Tony Yanow has a hand in, I enjoy. Sunday, January 15th, was the Golden Road Brewing Pub Grand Opening and I wouldn’t miss it!

Making your way down San Fernando in Glendale, you can’t miss their primary-colored facilities just across the railroad tracks.

The opening was from 11a-11p and I showed up around 1pm and ended up staying until 4p. The weather was cloudy, but didn’t keep people from enjoying the patio. The last time I was here (which I wrote about HERE) was for their brewery opening, where I spent most of my time in a different building and only got a peak at what their pub would become. It’s hard to believe that was only 3 months ago!

I started off with their Rye on the Palate, which had notes of coffee (which I love). It was delicious. I followed it up with the Schwartz Stout which I also enjoyed. I was there with great company: Amber, Adam and Adams cousin Michael.

They had a wide selection of tee shirts, and promo items as well as books on craft brews. My favorite item is the tote with pockets for two Golden Road growlers (the middle bag in the photo).

The bartenders were very nice and the wait staff was active about collecting glasses and cleaning the tables. During the 3 hours I was there, there was a steady flow of people coming and going and we thankfully got a table for the full three hours. We were having so much fun that the hours flew by and we didn’t even do one of the many tours they offered. Occasionally a train would go by and everyone would cheer and drink! Now that’s a drinking game I like.

The crowd was a mix of hipsters, curly mustaches, older couples, groups of people in jerseys (they had football on their 3 tvs) and even families (earlier in the day). We ordered some of their fritters and I especially loved the mushroom risotto parmesan fritters (so tasty!).

We took advantage of their special “$10 for a burger and a can” deal. I ordered the vegan burger (of course) which was loaded with peppers and quite scrumptious as well as the Golden Road Hef, all for $10! I look forward to coming back and ordering off their main menu as well as tasting more of their brews. The only thing that could make this place any better would be board games. I could easily see myself meeting friends at one of their long tables on a Friday night, trying some new brews while playing some Apples 2 Apples and eating risotto fritters. Ahhhh, Heaven.

Weekend Guide Jan 13 + 14 + 15

Alright, the Weekend Guide is back! I’ve gone through a zillion emails to find you the best cheap/free stuff happening this weekend. Lets just dive right in!

FRIDAY Jan 13th

On this unlucky day, why not check out some free live music? At 1717 Silverlake Blvd aka The Satellite they’ve doing free shows all week culminating in Friday nights show featuring Cinderella Motel, Coco Morier, Mad Planet, and Roman Candle Wars. The doors open at 8:30p, and show starts at 9p. Since tickets are FREE, get their early before they fill up.

If youre not into music but want to try a new cool bar there are 2 bar openings this Friday night (and a brewery opening this Sunday.. but more on that later). At sunset Venice Ale House is cracking into their first official keg and you should be there for the celebration at this Gastropub! If you’re less into beer and more into cocktails, come to the opening of Oldfields Liquor Room, a cocktail lounge with an apothecary vibe. It’s from the same people who brought us Bigfoot Lodge, so you know the decor will be cool.

So if music and booze aren’t your thing (because you’re crazy), the Cinefamily is hosting a an awesome comedy film event this week and weekend called The 1st Annual Wayne Federman Film Festival. Tonight at 7:30p Jeff Garlin presents “Topsy-Turvy” and at 11pm Doug Benson hosts Doug Benson’s Movie Interruption: Cocktail! Both of these shows will be awesome and the theater is so reasonably priced so there is no reason not to pull a double feature.


Keeping in tune with Cinefamily’s 1st Annual Wayne Federman Film Festival, on Saturday at 7:30p Kevin Pollak is screening “The In-Laws” and at 10:30 Andy Kindler is screening “Modern Romance”.

The Long Beach Travel + Adventure Expo is happening this weekend in the Long Beach Convention Center. This is the expo’s 7th year and is your chance to win trips and giveaways as well as learn about new adventure opportunities like ziplining, diving in their scuba pool and other cultural events. The event is happening Saturday and Sunday this weekend and $9 tickets get you a pass to one of the days. It’s 10am to 5pm and you can get tickets HERE.

After you check out the expo and make adventure plans, head to Bock Fest 2012! The event is from 1-5p and tickets are $25 and the money goes to support local charities. Mark your calendar because they also have a St. Patrick’s Day event!

The LACMA has a new exhibit opening this weekend called Metropolis II. This larger than life sculpture is a fun edition to their already great collection. Mini cars speed through the sculpture which is dense with buildings. Check it out.

SUNDAY Jan 15th
The Nerdist Writers Panel is back. Dana Gould, Liz Tigelaar, and Robert Hewitt Wolfe are on the panel this Sunday. Tickets are $15 and go to a good cause (826LA). As usual, the event as at Meltdown Comics at 5pm.

And now, for the event I am most excited for this weekend… the piece de resistance… Golden Road Brewing is having their grand opening event from 11am to 11pm. Friend them on facebook HERE and then sign-up for the event HERE! I’ll be there!

Golden Road Brewing Company

Sunday afternoon, Golden Road Brewery opened its doors to the public. Did you go?

Taken from their Facebook page.

I met up with my friends Amber, Adam, Michelle and Tom for a delightful tasting around 2pm. A $20 ticket to the brewery got you a glass with the logo to keep and 3 drink tickets. I started by exploring the compound which is tucked away on the west side of the train tracks by San Fernando Rd in Glendale. The brewery owns three large buildings (painted primary colors). I began by entering the building most north on the property. This warehouse contains the brewery vats and had a tasting station of one of the new Golden Road brews. Before I could claim one of my three drink tickets to this beer I had to explore all my options. I walked through a large open paved space which had 2 food trucks serving for the event.

I need to go get more!

I continued into the next building which was a large pretty bare warehouse. In here they had several beers on tap including sours, Avery sours to be exact. Rumor around the event was that Mr. Avery himself was attending the opening. Just outside this building was a beer truck with 5 additional beers on tap. I knew immediately where I would use my first ticket: Stone Smoked Porter with Vanilla Bean. So yummy, I couldn’t resist. The people working the event were great and so knowledgeable.

Before I could use ticket number 2, I had to explore the last building on the compound. This most southern building was closed off, but had a patio area that patrons were using as well as an open paved area with several more beers on tap. I decided to go with the Golden Road Hefaviesen, which was very good. I tend to like dark sweet beer, but the Hef was a refreshing change for me.

The event itself ran from 2-7p, and I had dinner plans so had to leave around 5. The three hours I was there for flew by. It had a great crowd, busy but you never had to wait long to get a drink. The spaces are so large that it was easy to spread out and my group of friends even snagged a table. I recognized some of the bar tenders from Tony’s Darts joking around and taking photos together. Tony’s is really a family of friends and seeing them celebrate the culmination of their efforts was special.

I actually went to Tony’s Darts Away last night and talked with one of the bartenders

Taken from their Facebook page.

about the event. She said she came late to the event and Tony himself sat with his employees and talked about his plans. Eventually the warehouse with all the vats will become the canning and bottling area. The third, most southern building will become a tasting room and restaurant. His goal is to have his beer served at all the bars around LA, and seeing how his empire has grown so dramatically in the last year, I doubt this goal will take very long to reach.

I’m looking forward to that tasting room opening, but in the meantime I have Tony’s. Ill keep you posted on any events like this that they have in the future. LIKE them on facebook and you can be updated directly.

Isabell’s Honey Farm

While on my wedding shopping quest this weekend at the Glendale Galleria, I happened upon GiGi’s Farmers Market at American on Brand. This market has the usual stalls of fresh fruit and vegetables but they also bring in a collection of animals for kids to see and this particular Saturday they had the Buttermilk food truck. But I’m not writing this to discuss the delicious red velvet pancakes this food truck has to offer, I want to tell you about an amazing honey stand that sells at this market: Isabell’s Honey Farm.

This past summer I was complaining of allergies and heard that eating local honey is supposed to help desensitize you to the pollen in your neighborhood. My good friend Michelle saw an Isabell’s Honey Farm stall at this market and bought me a jar of the Sage Blossom. I was hooked. Every morning I make coffee and a double fiber english muffin with some peanut butter and honey on top. Let me tell you, there is no better way to start your morning. Not only does it taste so much richer and flavorful compared to the generic store brand but I did notice that it helped with my allergies. Go to the farmers market at Americana and Brand on Saturdays and pick up a jar. It costs $10 but worth every penny. Plus, who doesn’t like supporting local business? While you’re there pick up some fresh veggies, get a red velvet pancake from Buttermilk and enjoy the live music.