Christmas Day 2011

Christmas day began as it traditionally does, opening gifts around 10am with me in pjs and my family fully dressed in nice clothes. I got my parents dog a santa outfit, which we forced her into.

Instead of the usual “everyone opens one gift at a time, then we all look at the gift” (aka 24hr gift giving) we tried to mix it up by having everyone open a gift at once. Thankfully this saved us a lot of time and we all still got to see what everyone was opening. One highlight from the gift giving was grandma receiving a little purse (for an ID + cell phone) and her response of “this is so when Im at the bar and pass out, they can identify the body?” hahaaa.. she’s 93 and hilarious! It gives me hope for 93 year old Bethany. Around 1p we finished opening gifts and my mom prepared a delicious brunch. After that it was nap time!

Later in the night we went to see the Hubbard Park lights, which was a great activity to do with Grandma, so we could all enjoy it from the car. They had a ton of lights, my favorite being the globe of lights.

After dinner we (minus Grandma) went into the center of town to walk. I’m from a charming Connecticut town with historically old homes all dressed for the holidays. It was a beautiful walk and thankfully the temperature was bearable.

We made it an early night, seeing as Erica and I had a train to catch to NYC the next morning.

Holiday Cards!

I had every intension of going to the gym last night but I got wrapped up in a more creative project: Holiday Cards! This year I want to make my own cards and I know that as it gets closer to December Im getting busier and busier, so if I want to do it, I have to start now. I can’t reveal the cards Im making until after they’ve been sent (I want them to be a surprise for my friends) but I thought it would be a great day to compile some clever ideas that can be adapted into your own personalized cards.

The Christmas Postcard is a great way to send a greeting while being environmentally friendly. It’s also easier to tack to a fridge with a magnet. And if you create one that doesn’t need and envelope, then you save SO much paper.

Stencils are a fun cheap way to make unique holiday cards. With just a can of spray paint and some paper, you can create custom designs. Here’s a great example I found online:

KSD Creations: Kraft Christmas Card Using a Stencil

This card is made using some snowflake stencils (easy to find online, print yourself, and cut out yourself aka FREE), put them on the card and sponge a little white paint on top (or you can use spray paint) and write “Happy Holidays” on it and you have an awesome card. The fun thing about stenciled snow flakes is you can make many versions and play around with the placement on the card, so each card is as unique as a snowflake (cheesy but true).

Design Sponge is a great blog with crafty ideas and DYI projects. I’m sure I will talk about their ideas a lot in future posts, and you should check out there website for inspiration.

I hate to cut it short, but work’s a madhouse today. In the next few weeks Ill develop more card ideas and keep you posted. But for now, you should start thinking about it, because who doesn’t love receiving an awesome homemade holiday card?