Do This Today: Known Gallery Exhibit: PUSH (art!)

I was going to include this in my Weekend Guide from this past wee, but since that didn’t happen, I will share this with you as the Do This Today. Known Gallery is hosting an exhibit called PUSH until Nov. 3rd. Why not check out the artwork tonight? While you are looking at PUSH, there is also a George Thompson exhibit in the same gallery as well as Kaid Ashton. Check them all out.

Event: PUSH exhibit @ Known (link to details)
Location: Known Gallery, 441 North Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036
Time: Oct 20 – Nov 3
Cost: Free to visit

Do This Today: Behind the Scenes of DreamWorks (art!)


Today’s “Do This Today” is to take a trip down to USC (maybe on the new Exposition line- yay public transport!) and check out the USC School of Cinematic Arts Gallery, as they are showing an exhibit called “DreamWorlds: Behind the Scenes, Production Art from DreamWorks Animation”. This exhibit contains prints, drawings, paintings, and even set pieces, to display the work, talent, creativity and process of creating these master animations. 

Event: “DreamWorlds: Behind the Scenes, Production Art from DreamWorks Animation”
Location: USC School of Cinematic Arts Complex, 900 West 34th St, LA, CA 90089
Time: Mon- Fri 9a-5p
Cost: FREE (from what I can tell)
FIY: The exhibit runs from July 30 through September 7th. See it before it’s gone!