Gallery 1988 : Tribute To SNL

(Image of Nick Comparone’s “Party On, Garth” for sale at Gallery 1988)

Since it’s Comedy Wednesday here on Life Absorbed, I’d be crazy not to tell you about Gallery 1988’s Melrose exhibit called “Is This Thing On #2 Too- A tribute to SNL”. If you aren’t in Los Angeles and can’t stop by and see the art in person, check out their online shop where you can purchase pieces from the show. It’s worth a browse…

Do This Today: Gallery 1988 East “Product Placement”


Come check out Gallery 1988 East! Last Friday they opened the show Product Placement, which features screen prints of your favorite products that don’t exist. Arrested Development fans will recognize the above advertisement. Come check it out, as it’s only up until the end of March.

Event: “Product Placement” (event link)
Location: Gallery 1988 LA, 7020 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038
Time: The month of March
Cost: Free

Do This Today: Gallery 1988 Art Opening


Remember when I went to an art opening at Gallery 1988? Remember how awesome it was? Well tonight is the opening of Bennet Slater and Andrew DeGraff‘s work. The opening is at their Melrose location from 7pm-10pm.

Event: Andrew DeGraff & Bennett Slater Art Opening (event link)
Location: Gallery 1988 LA, 7020 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038
Time: 7 – 10pm
Cost: Free

Do This Today: “The Breaking Bad Art Project”


Do you love Breaking Bad as much as the rest of the world? It’s such a hit show and tonight is the opening reception for an exhibit of art work generated about their show, at Gallery 1988. Look at what happened there over the weekend:

Event: Bruce White’s “The Breaking Bad Art Project”
Location: Gallery 1988, 7020 Melrose Ave
Time: 7pm- 10pm
Cost: FREE

Do This Today: “Velvet Paintings for your Inner Nerd”

Today’s “Do This Today” is take a visit to Gallery 1988. They opened a new exhibit at their Melrose location this past weekend, which I didn’t get to post about due to my technical difficulties. But it’s not too late! ┬áThe show name is “Velvet Paintings for your Inner Nerd” by Bruce White and judging from their online gallery it’s awesome. Do you know the character above? It’s none other than Jeri Blank (Amy Sedaris) from Strangers With Candy. Genius. He has plenty of others all on sale. Be sure to stop by Gallery 1988 anytime from 11a-6p today.

Event: Bruce White’s “Velvet Paintings for your Inner Nerd”
Location: Gallery 1988, 7020 Melrose Ave
Time: 11am- 6pm
Cost: FREE
FIY: The exhibit runs from July 27th- Aug 15, so be sure to see it before it’s gone!

Weekend Guide July 13 + 14 + 15

I’m sorry I’m so lacking today. I even have the day off from work, but I’ve been scrambling to get ready for a big camping weekend (as well as still doing work from home). That’s right folks, I’ll be out in the wilderness for the next 2 nights, so there won’t be any updates.

As for the weekend guide, here’s all I’ve got because I have to leave shortly.

FRIDAY July 13th:
Check out Shakespeare in the Park! It’s in Griffith and it’s free. Tonight they’re doing The Winter’s Tale. Grand Performances is doing a show called Mexico: Unexpected (MMM) which could be fun. If you like comedy, Set List is on at UCB tonight and tickets are still available. Dana Gould, Jackie Kashian, Rory Scovel, and Moshe Kasher will be there. Get tickets here.

SATURDAY July 14th:
On Saturday Silver Lake Craft and Vintage is back, and this time with free coffee. It runs from 10am to 4p so you should stop by and then explore the Silver Lake hills. It’s very fun. Later that night Church and State Bistro as well as Cliff’s are offering Bastille Day deals. So if you want to celebrate, hit them both up. Also, Eat See Hear is showing Pee Wee’s Big Adventure down in San Pedro if you’re south and want a night under the stars. At 10pm, Cinefamily is showing Party Girl starring Parker Posey and the director will be there in person (Daisy von Scherler Mayer). Tickets are $12 and you can get them here.

SUNDAY July 15th:
I’m having a hard time finding new unique events happening this Sunday. I blame comicon. Just because there aren’t new events doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty to do in Los Angeles on Sunday. Why not try a museum: Moca, LACMA, The Hammer, or even The Museum of Death (if you’re feeling brave). Have you seen Gallery 1988‘s Arrested Development exhibit? Go because it’s awesome and it closes after July 21st. On Sunday night UCB does their free Asssscat show, so get in line early to secure a spot and enjoy a free night of comedy.

I sincerely apologize to you for this lack-luster imageless update, but it’s all I can do. Just know that you are most important to me. Now go off and have a fabulous weekend!