The Secret


I saw The Secret on Netflix recently, and I can’t get it out of my head.It’s about the power of positive thinking and asking the universe for what you want. The film tries to make it feel magical/mystical but at a basic level it’s about taking time to figure out what you want so you can work toward it. It’s got me thinking about my 5 year plan, my 10 year plan and even what I want to be doing at 60. This all comes right around my birthday (9 days from now) and I always think about my future around my birthday.

When I was a kid I couldn’t wait to be an adult, watching shows like Dawson’s Creek and 90210 made me want to grow up fast. At 30 I figured I’d be married with kids and a self-made millionaire…. or at the very least I would own a house. I have 3 years until I’m 30 and I’ve decided to get my life on a track to something new. This is all leading into me spending a Saturday afternoon making vision board. Call it silly, but I think making a board of goals can only lead to a positive outcome. Positive thinking.

Happy Weekend!

Im Back!

I just got home from the airport. I’m sorry I keep going away on these weekends (it’s been several in a row) but now I’m back for the foreseeable future. I realize that last Friday not only did I give you a weak Weekend Guide but I also forgot to give you a new Font Friday! I promise to be better and I’ve got some goodies coming up this week. I also hope to share some of my Secret Stair Walks one of these days. More to come 🙂

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