My Blogging Hiatus

I’m sure you’ve noticed that Ive been radio silent. I apologize as I’ve already broke one of my most important 2015 goals: to blog more. BUT my lack of blog posts is because of something good. I’ve been working like crazy trying to create a table that is handsome, lightweight, easy and cheaper to ship, and also one that I’m able to make without too much out of pocket cost and without too much time. These are a lot of goals to achieve in one product, but after a lot of hard work I’ve created, THE GERTRUDE! (for sale at BMeyer and at my ETSY shop)

IMG_0717 IMG_0721 11205954_1623329694545759_1333145070_n11205906_490494337781108_1206104683_n

The bed side/ couch side table fits a variety of needs and is an affordable solution to needing an extra surface even in a room tight on space. It can ship to anywhere in the continental US for $25 (such a good price) via UPS ground. I hope to also create a modular drawer for an additional price. There’s also a lot more I can explore with color and pattern. I’ve been really trying to focus my efforts on making 1 product that I can grow with.


The Gertrude side table also matches the Henry tv console. I’ve named these two pieces after my grandparents, as it’s only fitting that these two make the perfect pair (in real life and in furniture-land). Henry and Gertrude loved mid-century design and I think I got a bit of my design sensibility and interest in furniture making from them. Specifically from my Grandpa Henry, who would often custom make furniture for their house.

In addition to designing, drawing up plans, building, cost analysis and a boat load of other tasks related to making tables, I’ve also been spending time figuring out shipping, packaging, advertising and social media as these are big elements in running a successful (internet) shop. I’ve also been building inventory in the hopes of doing a pop-up shop, maybe getting a booth at some local fairs and even hopefully having some items for sale at my favorite New Haven shop: The Haven Collective on State Street. It’s a super adorable vintage shop, perfectly curated and very fairly priced (seriously, awesome deals to be had there).


Oh yea, and did I mention I also work full time at Meyer Wire. Whew, I’m pooped to say the least. This is why I’ve been radio silent on the blog front, and this is also why I need some more hiatus time from blogging. Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon. I just wish the days were longer!

Ok, off to Washington DC to deliver a B. Meyer Studio desk! Living the dream 🙂

Do This Today: Holiday Pop-Up


Tonight you should head over to Chapel St and check out the Re-Worx holiday pop-up shop! A portion of the proceeds goes to the New Haven Habitat for Humanity, and the pieces are made out of recycled materials so you can feel doubly-good about supporting local artists. Monday through Thursday it’s open 11-6p, Friday and Saturday 11-4p, and Sunday 11-3p. Check it out!

Event: Reworx Holiday Pop-Up Shop  (event link)
Location: 2nd level, 786 Chapel Street, New Haven CT
Time: December 16, 2014, 11-6pm
Cost: Free to check it out!

Happy July 4th, 2014 Weekend!


Are you one of the lucky people already on vacation? Or Are you half-daying it today? Lucky! I’m going to sneak away from LA for a couple days. Last year friends rented a house on Manhattan Beach and it was such a fun staycation. This year we are doing the same thing but in a new (surprise) location. Follow me on instagram to see my real-time photos and see if you can guess where I am!

I’ll be back to my old tricks on Sunday… in fact I have 2 wood bedside tables in the works. Now it’s time to make the drawers! Oh and I’ll be in Africa in 2.5 weeks?! Still so much to do…

1538458_350934385073536_1625486915_n (The view from behind)

DIY: Cleaning A Leather Love Seat

Once again, I’m working to revamp my blank canvas. I’ve been meaning to share this excellent Salvation Army find ($64). This leather love seat just needed a little tlc, and cleaning, to become the beauty that she is.

Isn’t she pretty? This couch clearly spent lots of time collecting dust in a basement of garage, so it needed a through cleaning but nothing that professionals needed to be called in for.

With some fast google searches, I figured out the best way to clean leather is a 50% vinegar/ 50% water solution… ingredients I happen to already own. Total cost to clean the couch: Zero dollars. The solution worked perfectly. It didn’t smell great while cleaning, but the solution took the grim and grease off with one wipe and the scent went away almost immediately.

I brought the vacuum into the garage and gave the inside of the couch a deep cleaning. If you’re really worried about thrift store furniture, you can even douse it in Raid before you bring it in the house.

It’s she so pretty? I got the map pillow and blanket from Ikea (crazy cheap) and the right side pillow from the Rose Bowl Flea Market. Since it was “damaged” (aka had a thread on it) I got $5 off! Doesn’t the couch look nice next to the gold side table. Love!

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My Blank Canvas

Yesterday’s DIY post, comes in the wake of one of my roommates moving out (all under good terms- she got engaged). She had the place fully furnished when I moved in, which means when she left she took all the furniture (as she should). This leaves me with a design challenge, and boy do I love those!

From the photo above, you can see she left some items and my other roommate bought a few items to add in. If the photo continued to the left you would see a big empty space where a big dining room table should fit. I spent the past week on craigslist and running around looking for furniture deals. I want to see all my options before I make any purchases.

The above photo is my blank canvas, and since I’m on a TIGHT budget you are about to see the steps in a fabulous/inexpensive re-do.

As of yesterday’s post, you can see I’ve already added some greenery to the bookcase (babysteps). Notice the new curtains? For $50 at Ikea, I got all the curtain gear and it’s worth the price.

Blog Central

I’ve been telling people about my “closet office” for a while now, and it’s about time I shared it with you. Personally, I think it’s genius. I have a very large closet which is only half-filled with clothes, the other half is an amazing workspace. The best part is when Im crafting at the desk and I need to take a break, I just shut the door and the mess goes away. When I’m ready to pick up the project again, I just open it up and Im right back where I left off. I save SO much time by not cleaning and then resetting. Plus the desk and chair (both Ikea) fit perfectly inside the closet, so closing the door is easy. As a blogger and freelancer, having a desk set-up is so critical but I don’t have the luxury of a traditional “office”. This set-up makes it so if I don’t want to think about work, I just shut the door. As a friend told me, when the closet is open it makes the room feel so much bigger. It’s so simple, I LOVE it!