Thursday Is The “Third-Day”

I hope you understand the title because it’s a great scene from Friends: “Monday, one-day. Tuesday, two-day. Wednesday, What?Where?Huh? Thursday, the third-day” – Joey Tribiani counting the days of the week.

I’ve been working on the Weekend Guide today and boy are there some fun things happening this weekend. Get ready LA! In the meantime I thought I would share this little gem. It’s a video from a Canadian show where in this episode the host follows a guide who has to tag bears for a living…  BEARS! (Don’t worry, they don’t hurt the bears.) The host is hysterical and the cubs are so adorable. Happy Thursday 🙂

Annual Tree Expedition

Another adventurous day in Denver! Today we slept in a bit so we could rest up for our annual Christmas Tree Search. Five cars full of people made the treck into the mountains each in search of the perfect Charlie Brown tree. We all get permits, of course, and arrived within the designated areas. We began our quest with some tailgating fun. Steve makes a mean veggie (and non veggie) chilli. People bring drinks, homemade desserts and thanksgiving leftovers. It’s a really special low-key tradition that we all really look forward to.

Once the food was digesting inside us, the tree hunt began. It’s all about finding the perfect tree while following the permit rules (can’t be too small or too big. Can’t be close to the road etc). While it is not a race… it totally is. After about 40 minutes of going deep in the woods, we found our tree.

We sawed it down and dragged it to the car like champions. Everyone gathers as trees start coming in. Before we knew it everyone was done and we were tying them to the roofs while saying our goodbyes. We will all meet back here in exactly a year where we will catchup and share more memories. The tradition lives on.

Tonight we are having an impromptu gathering for dinner and drinks. Tomorrow we are getting a tour of a new art museum before we leave for Los Angeles and our Denver thanksgiving trip comes to an end.