Weekend Guide: June 28 + 29 + 30

JUNE IS ALMOST OVER! LIFE IS PASSING US BY! Okay, enough of my freaking out about how fast 2013 is going. Make the most of your weekend, which reminds me… it’s time for the Weekend Guide!

Tonight, Friday June 28th Burbank is doing it’s Ladies Night Out, where the shops on Magnolia stay open late (6p-9p) with special deals. Also the road is lined with food trucks. It’s definitely become a big event for Burbank. Why not check it out and then hit up Tony’s Darts Away for boardgames and craft beer?


It’s time for Shakespeare! Shakespeare in the Park has started it’s summer season with She Stoops to Conquer starting at 7pm. Pack a picnic blanket, jacket and bug spray, then stop at Trader Joes on your way to Griffith Park. This is a fun outdoor free (donations welcomed) event.


If you’re looking to dance, AM + Shawn Lee (who played at the Hammer Outdoor Concert Series last night) are celebrating their cd release tonight at the Echo. Tickets are only $14 for a night of music. Why not get dinner at Sage and then check out the show/party.


On Saturday June 29th, at 11am Weird Al is doing a book signing at Children’s Book World on West Pico. Bring the kids!


In the afternoon visit Food Truck Heaven at Angel City Brewery. From 1-11p they will have Belly BombZ Korean, Mandoline Grill, Meet N Potatoes, PostcardCAS, Jogasaki Sushi Burrito, AROCKin Ice Shaved Ice, El Burger Luchador, and Surfer Taco.


After you get some food, check out this HPM Project kick-off event at Daily Dose from 6-9pm. They’re both downtown, so why not visit both events back to back.


If you find yourself in San Pedro this Saturday night, check out Shop American Crafted from 11a-8pm. It’s a free event with free parking. Expect live music, food trucks, beer + wine, and a concert in the evening.


On Sunday June 30 (last day of June already!) from 8am to 2pm a $3 admission price will get you access to a vintage market happening on Saco Street Downtown called Downtown Modernism. Believe it or not, Andy Dick will be hosting and there will be a DJ set by Annie Hardy.

Weekend Guide Sept 14 + 15 + 16

I’m sorry to say, this weeks Weekend Guide is sub-par. I’ve got so much going on and there aren’t a tremendous amount of events going on, so instead of my normal weekend guide it’s going to be abbreviated. Very abbreviated.  Here’s the haps:

On Saturday, Lobsterfest is happening at the Port of LA (San Pedro). Lobsters and live music, tickets are expensive but it’ll be fun. The Sunset Beer Company is having their 1 year anniversary with live music and food trucks on Saturday night. Barnsdall Art Park is doing their wine tasting night on Saturday. At 6:30pm, Poolside is performing at the Getty Center. Fun fun!

On Sunday, why not check out Jenny Holzer’s show at L&M Arts or Natalie Portman: The Musical.

This is all I’ve got right now. I’m super apologetic, but I’m out of town this weekend and still need to pack! Have an awesome weekend folks!


Weekend Guide July 27 + 28 + 29

Today has been a technology cluster-friggles! I think everything I own has decided to stop working and I’m just so glad it’s the weekend. This technology hubaloo is the reason for this late Weekend Guide. My email is on the fritz (never use yahoo mail as your main email, because this seems to happen more and more with them). I’m sad to say this is going to be a short one due to lack of accessing emails. At least from my memory, I can give you a few fun things. And I’m sure most everyone will be in watching the Olympic opening ceremonies tonight, as that’s always a big crowd pleaser. Let’s get to it!

FRIDAY July 27:
If you insist on dvring (or skipping) the Olympic opening games, there’s only one fun event I know of off-hand tonight. It’s a Grand Performances event called, Mystery & Legacy: The Music of Hawaii. Be sure to pack a blanket and stop into Trader Joes for some wine, bread, cheese and grapes if youre classy. The main event starts at 8p, but come early to claim a spot, relax and watch the sun go down.

On Slack guitar and vocals is George Kahumoku Jr. (four time Grammy winner). The will share music, stories, and culture with the crowd. If you’re going to skip the Olympics, this is the next best event happening tonight.



My favorite event of the year is happening on Saturday and Sunday this weekend: The Etsy Renegade Craft Fair. It’s all starting at 11am on Saturday and going until Sunday at 7pm. I love this event. There’s nothing like seeing artists coming together to sell their totally unique works. I often find my jewelry and tee-shirts at this event. They’ll have food trucks, crafts, and tons of unique items for sale. It’s held at the State Historic Park which is walking distance from the metro. Get there early to avoid the hottest hours. I’m so excited!

At 4pm tomorrow, The Warehouse in Echo Park is closing for renovations and holding a last hurrah. Be sure to stop in for food, drinks, discounts and a raffle. Why not stop in around 7p and after head across the street to visit the Sunset Beer Company. Remember when I went? 

If you’re more into Art Gallery openings, there will be a good one Saturday night at the William Turner Gallery in Santa Monica. Greg Miller and Alejandro Gehry will be showing off their work, which you can read about HERE.

This last Saturday activity is the Pancake and Booze Art Show downtown. It’s 8p-2am on both Friday and Saturday at Lot 613. It’s $5 for a night or art, pancakes, body-painting and music. I’ve been before, and it’s a very fun night.

SUNDAY July 29:

Now that Grand Park is opening (this weekend) they are doing Music In The Park from 11:30-3:30 on Sunday. Come celebrate the opening and participate in this Grand Performances event. Check out the link for other events happening there all weekend, like Dance Party Day! Exciting!

This is also your last day to stop into the Etsy Renegade Craft fair or you have to wait 6 months for their Christmas fair.

Unfortunately with my mail down, that’s all I’ve got for now folks. I hope it’s enough to fill out your weekend. If you want some more specific recommendations as far as fun things to do in Los Angeles, shoot me an email at lifeabsorbed@gmail.com. Hopefully that email is up and working. That’s all folks!

Weekend Guide July 20 + 21 + 22

Since the Weekend Guide is a “Do This Today” that covers the weekend, I’ll be back with that segment on Monday. Are you excited its the weekend? I’ve got so much to do this weekend and I’m grateful it’s here. I actually have a little art assignment I’ve given myself, which will help make the blog better, so check back for that in the next week or two. Alright, let’s get to it.

FRIDAY July 20:

Tonight at 6:30, Paul F Tompkins and Andy Daly will be performing in Dead Authors at UCB. Tickets are $5 and still available. Click HERE to make a reservation. Proceeds go to benefit 826LA, which is a great charity focused on helping students 6-18 with their creative writing skills. Come get your laugh-on!


This next event is more of a special occasion event, but Mt. Baldy is offering Sunset Dinners. This is a great birthday present for a loved one and a great gift for someone who “has everything”. The reservation is $10 (you’ll have to pay additional fees for the food) and includes the cost of a lift ticket. How fun to have a romantic dinner at the top of the mountain followed by stargazing? Men, take note. Click HERE for all the details and conditions.


Tonight from 7-7:30p, the MOCA Grand downtown is hosting L.A. Dance Project with  Benjamin Millepied. He and Amanda Wells will dance through the galleries where The Painting Factory: Abstraction After Warhol is on view.  Check out THIS Curve article about the event. Doesn’t that sound awesome? It reminds me of the rollerskating scene in LA Story, where they skate around the museum when the guards turn.



Bloomfest is happening downtown on Saturday from 2-10p. There will be live music, street art, food trucks, and vendors. Bring the family and come celebrate this community event. Check out their fun website for details and maps.


I almost don’t want to tell you about this because the cost of the ticket is in my opinion, too much, but Los Angeles seems to be abuzz about it so I’ll talk about it here. The LA Street Food Fest is happening on Saturday at the Rose Bowl. A $45 ticket gets you unlimited food and drinks from a ton of LA food trucks from 5-9p. There will be a DJ, so bring a blanket and layout on the lawn. If you’re a high roller and this is the night for you, get tickets HERE. At least partial benefits go to charity.


Pack up the blankets and picnic baskets to see The Winter’s Tale performed at 7pm on Saturday. It happens near the Old Zoo in Griffith, it’s free, and it’s put on by the Independent Shakespeare Co. Bring a jacket because it gets chilly when the sun sets.


The Rookie Road Trip is coming to LA on Saturday from 7-10p at Space 15 Twenty. It’s an art installation/DIY event. Why not stop in and check out out.


SUNDAY July 22:

Galco’s Soda Pop Stop is doing a soda tasting from 5-8pm. They are located in Highland Park, so maybe you could explore the secret stairs and then stop by for a soda refresher and some live music. What else is on York Blvd in Highland Park? The York!  Remember when I went? Why not stop there after the soda tasting?


The W Hotel in Westwood is doing movies in their backyard this summer. On Sunday at 7pm they are doing a FREE screening of Matchstick Men. Get there early to get a spot, because they aren’t taking reservations, unless you want to pay for a cabana.. but who wants to pay for a free movie? Check out SHOW: Me The Movies for all the details.


The Silver Lake Jubilee 2012

I’m about 2 weeks late on this one, but I still want to tell you about the Silver Lake Jubilee (aka Hipster Hoopla). I opted to only go on Sunday, which cost $20 (kinda pricy) and they had the option of Saturday and Sunday for $35 (kinda a better deal?) but I could only go Sunday. My friend Jamie came with me to enjoy the music of bands we’ve never heard of, eat food truck food and then watch some of my favorite comedians at the Il Cid stage. Here’s the event poster:

Since this event was pricy and neighborhood parking is a bitch and it was $10 to park in the event lot (not worth it) I decided to take the metro and then walk to the Jubilee.

As much as I complain about the high ticket prices I do like that they publicize where all the money goes. According to their website, this is the breakdown:

$10 Community Programs
$4 City Fees, Security and Insurance
$4 Adminisration
$1 Re-investment fund
$1 Marketing and Public Relations

I like to think the $10 is going toward the awesome events that I’ll get to write about for you all this year and not into someone’s pocket.

The event was stretched along Santa Monica (where is meets Sunset) and each end of the street had a big stage. The stages were far enough apart that you couldn’t hear the stage on the other end of the street. In between where a ton of food trucks/vendors and craft stands. There was also a smaller stage in the center of the line of food trucks where poetry was read all day. The comedy stage was inside Il Cid and went from 7-9p. The bands were constantly rotating on the stages and timed so that when one band finished that crowd would walk down to the other stage just in time to see a band starting up. It was timed excellently and meant that the crowd was always divided between two stages which prevented over crowding. It was very well organized and thought out.

The performance above was my favorite musical act of the day: Chasing Kings. This was my first time hearing them play (or even just knowing who they are) and I loved it. I loved it enough that when I got home I went to their website and downloaded their free sampler. That’s big for me, as I enjoy music but for me to go home and take the time to learn more about a new band means they must be pretty amazing. Check them out HERE. I’ve got my eye on them and I’ll let you know when I hear about them playing shows around LA.

The above photo is of the band The Mormons- Mobile Unit. Here is a video of them prepping for a different LA moving gig. I guess they couldn’t score any stage time, so they decided a stage wasn’t necessary.

The next band we saw worth mentioning was Lake. They were such hippies it was hilarious and they also have a really fun sound. I gotta give them credit for their music. They do this odd thing where they all change instruments (almost) between each song. They also sang a song which I am DYING to find. The song began like most songs do, somewhat ambiguous with lyrical analogies and as the song continued into the chorus we realized that they were all sexual metaphors. It was so funny because it was clearly a song meant to be taken seriously but the topic was just hilarious. If anyone knows the name of the song please email me at lifeabsorbed@gmail.com because I MUST know what it is.

The next band we saw was insane. Insane in a bad way. The above photo is of this insane band, Tearist. I don’t get it, I mean I really don’t get it. They were clearly experimental, which I get and respect, but there was no way that you could call what they did music. This band is a guy dj-ing and a girl just screaming nonsensically (and way off-key) in a way that just sounded like a mess. It hurt my ears worse than listening to mic feedback. I wish they warned us before the act came on stage. At least a warning sign that what we were about to hear was not meant for human consumption. It was so bad that Jamie and I ran out of there after one song and even way down by the other stage, couldn’t help but hear the noise ringing in our heads. I hate to say negative things, but that was the first time I wished I could un-hear sounds. I normally would link the band or attach a video of them, but then you would be tempted to listen to them, and you should NOT be hearing that. You really can’t un-hear it once you’ve heard them, and I love you too much to inflict that on you.

We saw more music that was all fun and we ate some greek food truck cuisine (yum). Then we went to Il Cid to get seats for the comedy show. I swear Chris O’Dowd was in the audience. You probably know him best as the male lead in Bridesmaids, but I know him from one of my favorite shows, The IT Crowd (Netflix it!).

Since the theater was small and I didn’t want to draw attention to myself, I didn’t get photos of the comedy acts. But I can give you some of the deets.

Iliza Shlesinger was hosting the comedy event. She’s an Emerson Alum and I saw her perform at a reunion comedy event here in LA last year (I’m not an alum, but I everyone I know is so I was invited). I think she’s an excellent stand-up and a great representation of women in comedy.

Natasha Leggero performed that night. She wasn’t a crowd favorite, but I saw her do almost the exact same set again at Comedy Bang Bang last week and she was excellent. The second time around it was such a hit, but the first time not so much. you just never know how a joke will land.

Brent Weinbach performed too. He also came to Comedy Bang Bang the following week and did the same set. I have to say I really enjoyed seeing the same set twice.

Moshe Kasher did an awesome set. He really killed it. I’ve seen him perform at Comedy Bang Bang in the past, and he’s always been fun to watch. He’s just so animated, which is a big contrast to Brent Weinbach who is completely deadpan in his act.

TJ Miller was headlining. I love TJ Miller. I saw him perform once with Pete Holmes, Harris Wittles and others in what can only be described as a damp basement-esque rec-room next to a junk car yard in Silver Lake. Seriously. As sketchy as that location was, it was one of the best shows I’ve seen in LA. All comedy should take place down a dark alley. Back to TJ- he based his whole set around his bikini body tee-shirt (where a woman’s body is spray painted on a shirt to make you look like you have that body). You could tell he did a lot off the cuff and he was a lot of fun. For those of you who don’t know TJ, here he is:

More comedians performed, but these were the highlights for me. When the comedy ended, the comedians stuck around to chat and drink out on the patio which was pretty cool of them. It was a little bit of a cluster-friggles (that’s my word for the f-word) trying to leave because they stopped letting people back into the main Jubilee event, which was only a problem because the shuttle pick up was on the other end of that closed off section. As much as the event itself was thought through completely, I think for 2013 they should rework the flow of how to allow people to leave at the end of the night. That would be my only event suggestion.

Golden Road Brewing Company

Sunday afternoon, Golden Road Brewery opened its doors to the public. Did you go?

Taken from their Facebook page.

I met up with my friends Amber, Adam, Michelle and Tom for a delightful tasting around 2pm. A $20 ticket to the brewery got you a glass with the logo to keep and 3 drink tickets. I started by exploring the compound which is tucked away on the west side of the train tracks by San Fernando Rd in Glendale. The brewery owns three large buildings (painted primary colors). I began by entering the building most north on the property. This warehouse contains the brewery vats and had a tasting station of one of the new Golden Road brews. Before I could claim one of my three drink tickets to this beer I had to explore all my options. I walked through a large open paved space which had 2 food trucks serving for the event.

I need to go get more!

I continued into the next building which was a large pretty bare warehouse. In here they had several beers on tap including sours, Avery sours to be exact. Rumor around the event was that Mr. Avery himself was attending the opening. Just outside this building was a beer truck with 5 additional beers on tap. I knew immediately where I would use my first ticket: Stone Smoked Porter with Vanilla Bean. So yummy, I couldn’t resist. The people working the event were great and so knowledgeable.

Before I could use ticket number 2, I had to explore the last building on the compound. This most southern building was closed off, but had a patio area that patrons were using as well as an open paved area with several more beers on tap. I decided to go with the Golden Road Hefaviesen, which was very good. I tend to like dark sweet beer, but the Hef was a refreshing change for me.

The event itself ran from 2-7p, and I had dinner plans so had to leave around 5. The three hours I was there for flew by. It had a great crowd, busy but you never had to wait long to get a drink. The spaces are so large that it was easy to spread out and my group of friends even snagged a table. I recognized some of the bar tenders from Tony’s Darts joking around and taking photos together. Tony’s is really a family of friends and seeing them celebrate the culmination of their efforts was special.

I actually went to Tony’s Darts Away last night and talked with one of the bartenders

Taken from their Facebook page.

about the event. She said she came late to the event and Tony himself sat with his employees and talked about his plans. Eventually the warehouse with all the vats will become the canning and bottling area. The third, most southern building will become a tasting room and restaurant. His goal is to have his beer served at all the bars around LA, and seeing how his empire has grown so dramatically in the last year, I doubt this goal will take very long to reach.

I’m looking forward to that tasting room opening, but in the meantime I have Tony’s. Ill keep you posted on any events like this that they have in the future. LIKE them on facebook and you can be updated directly.