Do This Today: Outstanding Art of TV Costume Design

exhibition-8th-annual-outstanding-art-of-television-costume-design (image via here)

Today visit the FIDM Museum downtown to see the opening of their exhibit Outstanding Art of Television Costume Design. Mary Rose (President of the Costume Designers Guild) is curating the exhibit. Expect to see costumes from your favorite nominated programs.

Event: Outstanding Art of TV Costume Design (event link)
Location: FIDM Museum & Galleries, 919 S. Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA
Time: Tuesday July 22, 2014, 10a – 4pm
Cost: Free!

Leisurely Sunday Brunch

Happy Sunday everyone! There’s nothing like a relaxing free Sunday to enjoy a leisurely girls brunch to help rewind the life batteries. If you haven’t visited LaMILL in Silver Lake, you are missing out. It’s pricy, but it’s definitely worth the cost as they are coffee experts. It’s also a hipster-actor-celebrity hotspot. I love coming here to people watch and today we saw (in addition to lots of hipsters in wild print adult onesies) Fitz (from Fits and the Tantrums) and an adorable actor from The League.

After a super fun brunch and successful fabric shopping trip downtown (near the fashion deal mecca Santee Alley), I am home baking up a quiche (see the recipe here) while breathing in the scent of apple spice to get me in the fall state-of-mind. Happy Sunday everyone! May your week ahead be mellow and positive!

“Lets Get Snappin’ and Crackin'” -B.C.

“Lets get snappin’ and crackin'” – Bill Cunningham

Bill Cunningham, New York
I’m watching this movie as I write to you. If you know me at all, you know I-Love-Old-People. So much. And this movie is all about Bill Cunningham and his life in New York as a photographer for the New York Times (he takes fashion photos on the streets of NYC). I want so badly to be his friend. Just to grab a coffee and play some dominos with him, that would be a fabulous morning.

Watching this movie makes me so happy with my impulse purchase today at the Bitchcraft Trading Post Summer Bazar in Atwater Village. It was $24 for this beautiful pair of shoes, which is the same price for a new pair of shoes (at Payless) and I’m happy the money could go toward these girl entrepreneurs and in return I get such a unique artistic pair of shoes. These shoes feel so architectural, I love them.

Shoes purchased from the ladies behind The Sailor’s Muse, designed by 9 West.