My Blogging Hiatus

I’m sure you’ve noticed that Ive been radio silent. I apologize as I’ve already broke one of my most important 2015 goals: to blog more. BUT my lack of blog posts is because of something good. I’ve been working like crazy trying to create a table that is handsome, lightweight, easy and cheaper to ship, and also one that I’m able to make without too much out of pocket cost and without too much time. These are a lot of goals to achieve in one product, but after a lot of hard work I’ve created, THE GERTRUDE! (for sale at BMeyer and at my ETSY shop)

IMG_0717 IMG_0721 11205954_1623329694545759_1333145070_n11205906_490494337781108_1206104683_n

The bed side/ couch side table fits a variety of needs and is an affordable solution to needing an extra surface even in a room tight on space. It can ship to anywhere in the continental US for $25 (such a good price) via UPS ground. I hope to also create a modular drawer for an additional price. There’s also a lot more I can explore with color and pattern. I’ve been really trying to focus my efforts on making 1 product that I can grow with.


The Gertrude side table also matches the Henry tv console. I’ve named these two pieces after my grandparents, as it’s only fitting that these two make the perfect pair (in real life and in furniture-land). Henry and Gertrude loved mid-century design and I think I got a bit of my design sensibility and interest in furniture making from them. Specifically from my Grandpa Henry, who would often custom make furniture for their house.

In addition to designing, drawing up plans, building, cost analysis and a boat load of other tasks related to making tables, I’ve also been spending time figuring out shipping, packaging, advertising and social media as these are big elements in running a successful (internet) shop. I’ve also been building inventory in the hopes of doing a pop-up shop, maybe getting a booth at some local fairs and even hopefully having some items for sale at my favorite New Haven shop: The Haven Collective on State Street. It’s a super adorable vintage shop, perfectly curated and very fairly priced (seriously, awesome deals to be had there).


Oh yea, and did I mention I also work full time at Meyer Wire. Whew, I’m pooped to say the least. This is why I’ve been radio silent on the blog front, and this is also why I need some more hiatus time from blogging. Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon. I just wish the days were longer!

Ok, off to Washington DC to deliver a B. Meyer Studio desk! Living the dream 🙂

DIY: I Heart California Art

You know I love Pinterest (check out my pins!), and I’m big into Etsy and the local art fairs. I’m also a cheapskate who loves to make my own art and adapt ideas in a way that works for my own tastes. I’ve seen a ton of “California love” artwork, where there’s a cutout of California and a heart over the Los Angeles (or San Francisco).. or really you could do this with any state and any city. If you read the blog you know I love Los Angeles, so this art is right up my alley.


So to start off, I found a map of California online, sized it to fit my frame and then printed it and cut out the state.


Since I just brought this chevron paper from Paper Source and had some gray + pink felt, my color combo was born. I love reusing what I have. I have recently been getting into sewing, so I thought I would try sewing felt into paper and it worked! It really worked!


I used a thick white embroidery thread around the outside (where I wanted the stitches to stand out) and then a red thin thread on the heart, where I wanted the thread to blend in.


Doesn’t it add a nice pop of color and pattern to my collection?


My art collection is growing! I like the felt “heart LA” with the larger print of “I heart LA” on the left. It’s a variation on a theme. See all the chevron paper I have left… I smell another future art project!

My Etsy Renegade Craft Fair Loot

As you know, I went to the Etsy Renegade Craft Fair over the weekend and I wanted to share some of my purchases with you. Love supporting local artists and this year I made bank. Here is a list of the vendors I shopped with. Unfortunately, I can’t find all of their names so if you’re the artist who made some of these pieces, please contact me! I love shopping in the discount bin, so several of these pieces were $5 or $10.

Necklace by Love Tree Nail
Map prints by Peaceful Traveler
The bottom right 2 prints by DKNG Studios
The left 2 prints by ???? Email me if you know who made these!
The wooden postcard by Cardtorial

I have no clue where I’m going to put these prints, but I’m thrilled with my purchases! Such great finds. Did you have similar luck at the fair? Tell me what you bought!

Etsy Renegade Craft Fair Summer 2012

Did anyone check out the awesome Etsy Renegade Craft Fair this weekend in LA’s Historic Park? I certainly did, as I look forward to this weekend every year. I’m not a big shopper but when I come to the Renegade, I let myself indulge. Normally I get a lot of my tee-shirts here, jewelry, and even just ideas. If you’re trying to save money, it’s a great place to come and be inspired. In my mind, many of these artists are living the dream. They create for a living and get to sell their own goods. This has ben inspiring to me, and I hope my life will be veering in this unconventional job/lifestyle soon. You’ll be the first to know when it happens.

The fair takes place on the green grass park in Chinatown (close to Dodger Stadium) with an excellent view of downtown. I got there right as it opened on Saturday at 11am, to avoid the crowds and get first dibs (if you will). It was hot, but not as bad as other years. Parking was pretty easy along the side streets. There was a great showing of tents and my favorite vendors came out for it.

Considering I got there early, there were still a good number of people. The nice thing about coming on Saturday is it gives you 24 hours to think about what you saw and if you really want to get something you have time to go back and buy it.

I love not only the goods being sold, but the booths themselves are so creative. This isn’t your normal craft fair and a lot of thought goes into the presentation/signage. I can also tell you that the more merchandise in your booth, and the more thought into presentation draws in a lot more patrons. I noticed this just walking around.

The photo below is of a tee-shirt booth I love called Gnome Enterprises. They’re a little pricy for me, but a few years back I bought the turquoise tee shirt with the fox on it and I get compliments on it every time I wear it. Truly, I wore it to work this past week in anticipation of the fair and I got several compliments.. even years after buying it. Fuzzy Ink is another favorite of mine, but I couldn’t find their booth this year. And of course I bought jewelry from Love Tree Nail. How could I not? My next post will be taking inventory of all my purchases and sharing some awesome vendors with you. I’m big into the “$5 bins” that they bput out in front of their booths. Lets just say I got a TON of great stuff for a cheap price.

There’s still time for you to stop into the fair. It’s going until 7pm tonight. Check it out, because it wont be back until December! Also, get one of the popsicles at there stands. I can’t find the name of the company anywhere. But this company rocks and has totally unique flavors. It was a very nice refreshing treat on a hot summer day.

Weekend Recap

Did you go to the Etsy Renegade Craft Fair?! I did, and knocked a ton of gift’s off my to-buy Christmas list. Unfortunately, my camera is still out of commission, so you’ll have to settle for cell phone pics for the next couple weeks of posts. Check out the website HERE for a recap from the event sponsors.

I wanted to highlight a few of my favorite vendors. You see, I go to this event twice a year and I can always count on certain vendors to be back with new merchandise and also some new booths I’ve never seen before. Graze organic is one of these new (or at least new-to-me) booths. They make 100% organic reusable sandwich + snack bags. “Disposable” plastic ziplock bags are convenient but TERRIBLE for the environment. Everyday people use these bags to pack their lunches and then they toss them out at the end of the day. Graze uses organic fabrics to create snack and sandwich sized bags that you can reuse and wash with your clothes in the washing machine. It’s such a great concept. The vendor had one of her first prototypes to show how long they last. It was a tad faded, but considering she’s washed it tons of times, it was in great condition. Check out their website HERE, order them for your family for Christmas and help the environment.

Of course my favorite tee shirt vendor, Fuzzy Ink, was there with a few new designs. And one of my favorite jewelry stands, Love Nail Tree. Another great Renegade fair down.

From the craft fair I went to a sushi-making party at a coworkers place along the Venice Canals. What a beautiful night there, and they’ve put Christmas lights out on all the bridges. I highly recommend a twilight walk along the canals.

After Venice I headed to Largo for Paul Scheer’s Sexy Christmas Show, but that event deserves it’s own post 🙂

Weekend Guide Dec. 9 + 10 + 11

I’m sorry this is coming to you SO late on a Friday! I thankfully finished my jury duty week without being called in. If that’s not a reason to celebrate, I don’t know what is. Unfortunately, I’m crazy busy so this will have to be brief.

FRIDAY Dec. 9th

Eames: The Architect And The Painter opens this weekend, and judging from the trailer (see below), it’s going to be awesome! So if you get a chance you better see it… why not tonight?

Tonight at 9p, Jonathan Richman (featuring Tommy Larkins) will be playing downtown at The Smell for $15 at the door. Check out The Smell’s website HERE. If you think you aren’t hip, go to the Smell. You will feel WAY less hip then everyone else there, but later when you tell people “I went to The Smell.. no biggie” they will think you are infinitely cooler than you are. Everybody wins!

SATURDAY Dec. 10th

I’m so happy to announce that my favorite event of the year is happening in LA this weekend: the Renegade Craft Fair. It’s happening on Saturday and Sunday and you can bet my bippy (whatever that is), that I will be there at 10am (when it begins) on Saturday morning. It’s a great place to buy unique gifts for your friends and you can get there on the Blue line (?) of the metro. The money goes to help artists struggling in a rough economy, and their work is beautiful. They have prints, jewelry, crafts, clothing, furniture, and everything else you could ever want. I’m getting to bed early to be fully ready for tomorrow. It’s like my Christmas morning!

After you’re done Christmas shopping you should sign-up through Thrillist for their Hollywood Craft Beer Crawl HERE, on Saturday from 1-6p. It’s happening all through Hollywood, which means you can take the metro red line. $25 tickets gets you 8 craft beers… 8! That’s a steal! Plus for those of you new to LA it’s a great way to meet new people.

At night the Devil’s Drive-In is showing Die Hard! So die hard Die Hard fans should check it out. Especially if you’re sick of holiday stuff.

SUNDAY Dec. 11th:

The Nerdist Writers Panel this weekend is AWESOME! Paul Scheer, Rob Cordrry, David Wain, Ken Marino, Rob Huebel, Curtis Gwinn, and John Stern are attending. Did you read that list, it’s practically a Wet Hot American Summer Reunion! Such a rare occasion, you must go. It’s only $15, and it’s a Meltdown Comics (an intimate venue), 5pm and get tickets  HERE.

And of course you can always check out the Sunday Renegade Craft Fair 🙂