Comedy Bang Bang- July 10, 2012

Last night I got my comedy on after a two week break. Oh how I missed thy comedy. Doug Loves Movies was not playing before hand, so it was just the regular Comedy Bang Bang show for me. I lucked out getting tickets too, since I was busy in Cape Cod on Friday I missed the Friday at noon ticket frenzy. I coincidentally looked at UCB’s website on Saturday and noticed it didn’t say “sold out” like it normally does, and bam! I got a ticket! Score!

Let’s get right into it, because it was really an all star line-up. Really an awesome show. The host of the night was Hampton who I’ve seen perform at Comedy Bang Bang before, and yet I can’t figure out his last name (it wasn’t annunciated when he was introduced). He was a very good host and got the crowd laughing right from the beginning.


Next up, Tom Papa. You probably know him best as the host of the Marriage Ref. I’ve seen him perform here before and he’s had plenty of success as a stand-up and actor. Are you ready for my crappy cell phone picture? I was right in the comedians eye-line all night, so my photos are crappy and taken as stealthy as possible. Also below is a clip from The Marriage Ref, enjoy!


Maria Bamford came out next. I saw her outside the theater while I was waiting in line, so I knew she was coming. She does so many different voices and characters which is a completely unique style that only Maria Bamford does. Some people aren’t into that, but I certainly am. She likes to convince her audience that she’s the equivalent of a crazy cat lady so you have to be onboard for that, but it’s her subtle nuances within the larger bits that get me. I can totally understand a first time comedy viewer being intimidated by her, but listen to her cd and try to see her several times live and you will love her. I promise you. She is a great representation of women in comedy.

I haven’t seen her in a while so all of her bits were new to me. Her running theme was suicide, which was a tad dark, but when a comedian can turn a dark subject into hilarity, they’re pretty dang good. And of course, my cell phone decided to freeze for her whole set, so I have no photos to show for it. ┬áMaria will be on Louie this season, so dvr it. I found this clip on youtube of Maria doing a similar bit she did last night, watch it!


After Maria came Marc Maron. He’s probably most known for his podcast WTF with Marc Maron, although he’s been in the stand-up world for a long time. Last night Marc talked about his Hawaiian vacation and even prepared material the gig. He’s great at off-the-cuff and his prepared stuff, so you can imagine a combo of the two is the sweet spot. Can you believe all they heavy hitters up first and in a row. Below is my bad photo and then below that is a clip of Marc recording his podcast live with special guest Amy Sedaris (who I would love to see!). Marc has live shows coming up in Los Angeles, check out tickets HERE.


Usually if Marc’s around, Eddie Pepitone isn’t too far behind and sure enough he was up next! He’s sometimes known as the Bitter Buddha and he’s been trying out new material all over LA. Remember when I saw him perform at the Super Serious Show just a couple weeks ago? Eddie was excellent and he did a lot of different material from that last show. I’ve actually seen Eddie at my gym and I must say he looks like his thinner and healthier in general. He also seems much more positive. Eddie, I like it a lot keep it up!


After 4 of my favorites, I’m actually glad the next comedian up was new to me because it’s fun learning about new (to me) comedians. Steele Saunders came out next. This Australian comic was very funny, although sometimes his accent made it tricky to catch every word, he still held his own. I can’t imagine having to follow those first four comedians and I think Steele Saunders was successful. He told a story about a mirrored wall at a concert venue where lots of the attendees were wasted, you can imagine the chaos that followed.


Next up, DAVE CHAPPELLE… I mean Jon Dore. Yup, he did that joke too. He was introduced as Dave Chappelle and then he came out from behind the curtain and you could hear the audience deflate. It was funny to see Jon enjoy the joke so much, as we were all the butt of it. Although, having to do a set after you got everyone hopes so high is quite a challenge. Of couse my cell phone failed again, so no image, but here’s a video of Jon Dore at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival 2010.


Last of the night was Pete Holmes. He’s great to go out on because he’s so high energy and by this time of night everyone was exhausted. Laughing really takes it out of you! Pete Holmes was great per usual. He was very interactive with the crowd and did material that was all new to me. Pete is so great and it’s worth giving his podcast, You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes, a listen. He’s also a cutie who has a quality which reminds me of John Ritter. He too has lost weight since I first started seeing him perform. Keep it up, it’s paying off! Alright, this is probably the worst of all the photos and Im embarrassed that this was the clearest photo I got of Pete. Also here’s a very funny batman video of Pete, which I was trying to act out for my friend the other day. It’s worth watching.

The Super Serious Show (June 21, 2012)

Greetings from Chicago! Get ready for the fastest comedy update ever. Last week I went to the Super Serious Show in LA with my friend Jamie. IT’s located at the Cafe Club Fais Do-Do in a Culver City adjacent neighborhood. Aka, it’s in the ghetto. Go with a friend, but be show to go because it’s an awesome venue for comedy. They offered half price tickets, so I got 2 tickets for $15 which includes free beer and wine.

The comedians were excellent, but due to time restraints I can’t go into details. They were all excellent. Baron Vaughn was a hilarious host and I’ve been quoting the bits from the night ever since.

The show happens once a month, with different comedians all the time. Look how artistic the stage looks (below). They also had the Border Grill food truck there, and I had lovely veggie tacos for dinner. It was a fun cheap night in LA!

Comedy Bang Bang: Tuesday March 6, 2012

Last night I got to attend Comedy Bang Bang at the UCB Theater in LA. I like to go a lot, but it’s popularity has grown the last 2 years and tickets are harder to get. Set your alarms for every Friday at noon (PST) and click on THIS website to get tickets, but know they sell out really fast. CBB is also a weekly podcast and now they are also developing it into a television show for IFC. They are currently filming and you can check out Scott Aukerman’s (Host) twitter feed for photos from the set.

This past Friday I was crazy-lucky and got ahold of two tickets to this weeks Comedy Bang Bang, which starts at 8:30p on Tuesday. Often times Doug Benson does a free live taping of his podcast in the hour before CBB. If you can make it through the long line to get in to the podcast show, this gives you priority seating for the CBB show later that night. My sister and I were lucky enough to make it in to the Doug Loves Movies Podcast at 7:30p. Doug always has cool guests, and I highly recommend seeing a live taping of the podcast as well as listening to it on itunes (or through his website).

Can you tell who the guests were, from my grainy cell phone pics? From left to right, it’s the host Doug Benson, Zach Galifianakis, Rachael Harris, the director of Rachael’s new film Robbie Pickering, and Jeff Garlin. What a hilarious group of guests.

You can check out the podcast when Doug posts it on his website. After Doug Loves Movies, we had to step out in the lobby to confirm our tickets for Comedy Bang Bang, where Bob Odenkirk walked past us. We could tell this show was going to be awesome. Once again, I apologize for the blurriness/graininess of these cell phone photos. I had an great seat in the second row center, which meant for great viewing, but made taking photos especially difficult. With such a small theater, the comedians often comment on audience members, so I do what I can to not to draw attention to myself.

Seth Herzog was the host for the night, so he does the opening act and then comes out between each comic to do little bits and introduce the next stand-up comedian. Most shows at UCB are improv shows and some skits, but Comedy Bang Bang is all stand-up. I didn’t record any of the nights show, but I did find this clip of Seth on youtube doing the same skit he opened with last night, but at a different event. It was hilarious. Also, I caught his pants.. or I should say, I got slapped by his pants when he ripped them off.

Jeff Garlin was up next.

A bearded Leo Allen hit the stage after him. Each comedian really killed it. Some weeks there are a few duds, but the audience was really feeling each comedian.

Next up, was Jena Friedman. She’s one of the few female writers that has been on staff on the Letterman Show (pretty impressive). I’ve never seen her perform before, and I’m glad I have now because she was excellent.

Jon Daly came out and did his set in character as a smoooooth jazz musician (who’s big in Japan). He actually played the saxophone really well. He invited 3 women on stage so he could “play their vibe”. And of course he picked one obnoxious girl who’d been talking to the comedians mid-act on stage all night. She was a terrible audience member. The best part was when she had no clue who Rick Santorum is. She made me embarrassed for women not just in her not knowing who Rick is, but because of her attitude and need for attention. Thankfully Jon Daly was so funny, that it was all worth it.

It was getting late and we still had three comedians to go. Kumail Nanjiani came out next. You might remember him from my post about Portlandia, where he performed with them at the Echo. Check out that post HERE.

Eddie Pepitone was up next. I’ve seen him perform many times (as he often does at set as part of Marc Maron’s live podcast taping of WTF). I’ve never seen him as funny as he was last night. He was on his game and the crowd was loving it.

Last up was Reggie Watts. He’s a comedy musician and also co-hosting the tv show Comedy Bang Bang with Scott Aukerman. Think of him at the Roots to Jimmy Fallon. He kept moving and putting his head down so images were hard to get.

He performed music that he was generating on the spot, with that green instrument/equipment of his. He’s so talented and getting to see him perform live was very cool treat. I’m eagerly anticipating the premiere of the Comedy Bang Bang show on IFC.

The show finished just at 11p, where my sister and I walked outside the theater and commented that we never saw Bob Odenkirk perform. The CBB live show not only brings famous/hilarious comedians to the stage, but it also brings their friends out to come “chill” in the green room. Throughout the show we could see comedians watching from the sidelines and see guests headed backstage. Just outside the theater we passed Rob Huebel and Jason Mantzoukas where talking with friends and probably just left the theater’s green room.

With all those comedians, I would call last night a giant success. My next comedy adventure is Largo this Friday night. Tickets are still available and you can get them HERE.