Secret Stair Walk #13: Laveta Terrace (Echo Park)

—  In 2012 I had the goal to do all 42 walks from my book, “Secret Stairs, A Walking Guide to the Historic Staircases of LA” by Charles Flemming. I was 10 walks shy of meeting my goal, but thats means I get to enjoy the Secret Stair walks in 2013! These posts are to (hopefully) convince you to buy the book and get out there to explore the secret stairs around LA. Enjoy!  —

I haven’t posted a Secret Stair walk in a while mainly because I don’t want them to end, so I’ve been savoring them. The Laveta Terrace walk #13 takes us through Echo Park. I parked up Echo Park Ave, which added a little bit to my trek.



There’s nothing like walking along Sunset on a Sunday. The textures, colors, and fonts are fun to explore.



This is where the stair walk begins. Up, up, up!





The next set of stairs was really fun and with a line of palms at the top, it felt like a scene in a movie.


Don’t mess with this guy.


Hills. Up, up, up.


Gates are just a suggestion, right?


From across the valley I saw this guy. I wonder what it is? A fancy jungle gym? Someones house?


This was my favorite part of this hike. It was hidden amongst the trees, but by exploring I got to see this awesome religious space in the Echo Park hills.


Look at how nice this space is?! And with the views… it feels so European.



What a pretty dumpster. Love the color.


Steep steps.


Flamingos on parade.


These steps lead to a little oasis above Sunset. What a nice surprise to take you out of the hustle and bustle of Echo Park.


On the way back to the car Siquica Sara guides you.

Secret Stair Walk #16: Allesandro Loop

—  In 2012 I had the goal to do all 42 walks from my book, “Secret Stairs, A Walking Guide to the Historic Staircases of LA” by Charles Flemming. I was 10 walks shy of meeting my goal, but thats means I get to enjoy the Secret Stair walks in 2013! These posts are to (hopefully) convince you to buy the book and get out there to explore the secret stairs around LA. Enjoy!  —

My most resect secret stair walk was in Echo Park, #16: Allesandro Loop. I did it in conjunction with walk #17 to really make an afternoon of it.


In quiet sunny Echo Park, you really get a great view of the city.




The road might end, but the path continues. I got to meet several nice people along this trek.


Down, down, down.


Graffiti fun. Local flavor.


Echo Park is colorful creative hillside. You never know what you’ll find.


The dogs above were adorable. When I stumbled upon them the little dog was curled laying on the larger dogs arms… dog spooning. It was the cutest thing. Of course when I paused to take a photo, they jumped up and ran to the fence barking. Their friendship is really sweet.


This was in the window above someones front door. Like a guard dinosaur.


More roaming through the hills.


The above home (and below, mailbox) are Paul Landacre‘s. He was a famous artist/printmaker/woodworker. It’s unfortunate this property is boarded up. I’m so curious to know what’s inside (signs everywhere say “do not trespass”).



Above is a fun/tacky gardenscape that’s taken over an Echo Park property. The gnomes and their castle.



I finished this walk passing by this home with a cat staring me down. Only after a few snap shots did I see there was another cat further back watching me, and then another cat on the stairs. They blended in so well, that before I knew it I was in front of MANY cats… all quietly watching me.

Weekend Guide October 12 + 13 + 14

Due to a bad/spotty internet and a rushed day at work, I’m going to have to give you the abbreviated version of the Weekend Guide. Sorry bout that, but there are some gems!

The weekend is the LA Podcasting Festival downtown. If you are like me and love podcasts (specifically the comedy ‘casts) come check out this event and meet the faces behind the voices. It’s all weekend, so check the schedule to see your favs.

Tonight there is an outdoor Grand Park movie screening of The Goonies with festivities starting at 5:30p. Pack up a picnic, hop on the metro and head downtown to watch this classic film. Over on the west side? Check out the Santa Monica’s Pier screening of Exit Through The Gift Shop.

Jesse Miller’s Talk Show is tonight at the Improv Lab, with special guest Martin Starr (Freaks and Geeks) and lots more. You’ll have fun and it’s only $5.

Do you have Space Shuttle fever? If you missed it flying across LA, don’t miss your chance to see it driven to it’s final resting spot at the California Science Center.

The OohLaLa Festival is happening this weekend around Los Angeles. This festival is a showcase of French bands playing all around LA. Check HERE for the schdule. At least if you can’t make any of the shows you can find them on itunes and get cultured. Oui Oui!

If you’ve never been to the Walt Disney Music Hall (like me), then their “Where The Wild Things” event this weekend might be the perfect opportunity to experience the LA Philharmonic. Tickets range for $18-$180, and check here for availability.

On Sunday from 11a -5pm the LA Antiques, Art and Design Show is happening at the Santa Monica Hangar. It’s a bit pricy ($20) but you’re supporting the arts and hopefully getting inspired.

Sunday night at El Cid is a new comedy show called “El Show!”. It’s a $10 suggested donation (it goes to the Livestrong Foundation), tons of comedians including the NYC based Dan Mintz, Trevor Moore, Eric Andrea, Kyle Mooney, Jon Dore… basically, you need to be there.

Weekend Guide October 5 + 6 + 7

Now that Im back as a workin’-stiff, I’m definitely counting down the days until the weekend and it’s finally here! My prayers have been answered! This is a fun Weekend Guide full of (free or cheap) festivals!

Weekend Guide September 28 + 29 + 30

This is painful to do… especially because there are some fun activities going on this weekend… but since I will be without internet all day, I have no choice. Your weekend Guide is going to be abbreviated and pitiful. I’m sorry. It’s painful to do this, but I don’t have a choice. Here’s what I’ve got:

Eat See Hear is hosting an outdoor screening of The Wizard of Oz tonight at the Santa Monica Pier. This series will continue all month and it’s called Front Porch Cinema at the Pier.

This weekend is the Italian Feast of San Gennaro. It’s an Italian food festival happening all weekend. Single-day passes are only $5! There are all sorts of events like bocce and bingo! There are some celebrity guests too. See if you can stop in any day this weekend.

If you need more comedy in your life, the Meltdown Theater is hosting Myq Kaplan and Micah Sherman’s album release. Starts at 8pm and tickets are $8 in advance HERE. These guys are awesome, so Im sure this will be a good time.

Carmageddon Saturday!!! Ahhhhh!

The Chinese Moon Festival is this weekend and Chinatown is celebrating! Check out the link for all the details.

The Warehouse in Echo Park has a re-opening celebration happening on Saturday at 7pm. Why not hit the store and check out other neighborhood favorites like Mohawk Bend? Maybe catch a show at the Echo?

I was going to tell you about a Beer Week Festival at Union Station, but I’m told tickets are no longer available. So scratch that… or see if you can talk your way in. IT’s a little pricy ($50), but if you love beer, it’s a don’t-miss.

My last Weekend Guide Event is sponsored by the Smithsonian Magazine and it’s Museum Day Live! Go to that link, and search for local museums that are participating. Get your ticket from the website, print, and off to the museum you go. It’s FREE! Museums can be expensive, so take advantage of this Sunday!