Mid-Week Fun

I’m playing a bit of catch-up on this glorious Good Friday off from work. I’m sitting in my home office (aka, my closet) blogging to you while listening to Full House (que the touching family moment music) on the tv and waiting for the dryer to finish. Is this not a classic day off? Don’t worry, when I’m done blogging I’ve gotta hit the road as I have a big day planned. Expect a few posts today as I have some catching up to do.

Last Friday I scored tickets to Comedy Bang Bang at UCB LA, and I attended this past Tuesday. Before Comedy Bang Bang, Doug Benson hosts a live taping of Doug Loves Music. Did I mention it’s free and you should go? I got in line at 7pm (it starts at 7:30) and the line was wrapped around the corner… crazy long. I was lucky and just made it into the theater before it hit capacity.

When I walked in I saw the director on the show I’m on, Greg Mottola. Greg’s a really great guy and a pleasure to work with. Seeing him attending this hip indie comedy show is no surprise to me.

Because I was so late, I had to sit indian-style (racist?) on stage directly under Doug Benson.

It was cool to be so close except I couldn’t see the guests sitting at the table.. also I completely lost feeling of the lower half of my body. The guests on the show were Kate Micucci (the Oates in Garfunkle & Oates), Edgar Wright (director), and Simon Pegg (Star Trek, Hot Fuzz).

All the guests were hilarious and seemed like cool people to just hang out with. It was a lot of fun.

After Doug Benson’s Show I got a good seat for Comedy Bang Bang. This show was also awesome, although I was having camera phone issues and couldn’t take pics for you. The headliners were Jen Kirkman, who I haven’t seen in a long time so that was fun, and Russell Brand. I’ve been lucky enough to see Russell BRand before, but I’ve never seen him do stand-up so this was new for me. I love when I get to see new comedians perform. It was a full cheap night of fun- I loved it! Tickets go one sale for next weeks show at noon today, get them HERE! Get your tickets!

Also this week, the India Jones Chow Truck (get it? Like Indiana Jones) came to my work. Yup, free yummy Indian food for the crew!

I got the shrimp frankie and the veggie curry. So good. Such a great work day surprise. Check out THIS link to see where they’re going next!

Plug: Don’t Stop Or We’ll Die

Before I tell you about Saturday’s activities, I need to promote one of my favorite bands, Don’t Stop Or We’ll Die. They are the guests on this weeks Comedy Bang Bang Podcast. The band is made up Harris Wittels (my comedy crush), Paul Rust (adorable), and Michael Cassady (crazy talented musucian). They are a comedy band that plays great music and they are so fun to watch perform. Their EPs are available on itunes for purchase and I recommend it.

I took this photo at a show they played in the back room of Meltdown Comics last year. One of my favorite songs are “Once In A While”, which I like to think is from the point-of-view of a NYC pet dog (although I don’t think it’s meant to be). I can totally picture the music video for that. I love blasting it in my car while loudly singing along. It’s a great pump-up song. My other favorite song of theirs is “Central Park”. These songs are less “funny” but I think they make really great unique songs, and the band performs them really well.

Okay, enough gushing for me. Go listen to the podcast HERE to hear more comedy and music from the band. They play shows around LA sometimes, and I’ll keep you posted on upcoming shows, as I intend to be there in the front row. I’ll leave you with their music video for their song “I Got A Perm For Our Camping Trip”.