Do This Today: LA Burger Week



This is probably the LAST thing you’d think I’d post about since I don’t eat meat, but since it’s a slow event day and this is a pretty big deal to some people in LA, I have to tell you about it. The Oinkster in Eagle Rock is holding their “Burger Week” this week, which means new crazy burgers each day. The photo above is the Pantera burger. Now sign me up when it’s a wee of veggie burgers! I’m probably the only person to ever say that statement.

Event: LA Burger Week at Oinkster (event link)
Location: Oinkster, 2005 Colorado Blvd, Los Angeles, CA
Time: Wednesday June 4, 2014 ALL WEEK!

Eagle Rock Music Festival 2012

Last weekend I hit up the Eagle Rock Music Festival in Eagle Rock (duh) on Colorado Blvd. They shut down the streets and really turned this $10 suggested donation party into a real block party. There was a stage for families, and booths for local businesses. The stores stayed open longer and this became a massive event with something for everyone.

You can see food trucks lined the closed off streets. The above area was away from the stages and was actually a break from the crowds… you can tell this was really a huge packed event, if the above was the “quiet area”.

The ducks came out for the event.

The sunset was the perfect backdrop to this festival.

So Many Wizards took to stage #5 Indie Rock (of 11 total) around 7pm. We had a lot of fun listening to them. We liked them enough that my friend bought their album and we even chatted briefly with the lead singer. He was very nice and they had very well designed merchandise. The designer in me was very impressed.

More pics of So Many Wizards (above).

The sun was setting and the crowds were growing.

Crowds and crowds of people.

On stage #7 Funk/Soul/Electronic, Chrome Canyon took the stage. I love this guy’s jacket/belt/leggings combo. This band had a sound similar to Chromeo.

I got this close up of the lead singer and had to share it.

We decided to visit the family stage (# 3) and see Glen Iris finish out a set. It was adorable watching the little kids running around dancing to their covers of classic songs. It was really sweet, the kids had a blast and the lead singer has such a melodic voice.

After a delicious dinner break at the vegan friendly Four Cafe, we made our way to the center of the giant crowd that formed around stage #1 for the performance of Daedelus. He’s a DJ who was spinning fun dance tunes and the crowd was loving it. It was packed with people dancing and having a really good time.

Daedelus looked like an Amish/Pilgrim DJ, which I love. I love when people look a certain way and then surprise everyone by being totally unexpected.

There was a speedy turnaround between Daedelus and the headlining act, Thundercat. The crowd got bigger and bigger, and mosh pits formed. We started to get claustrophobic and decided to check out the last performances on the other stages.

We went back to stage #5 (the indie stage) to see the “Special Guest Band” La Sera, who I coincidentally saw perform at the Silver Lake Jubilee back in May.

We moved to the last big stage (#7) before we headed home for the night. We got to see Peanut Butter Wolf and Black Shakespeare.

Thank you to Center for the Arts Eagle Rock for putting on this awesome festival and I look forward to the 2013 festival.

Secret Stair Walk #2: Eagle Rock

It’s about time I shared a secret stair walk with you! You know the spiel, it’s my goal to do all 42 walks from Charles Fleming’s Secret Stairs book in 2012, and you should buy the book and do it with me!

Now back to business… after making a much needed trek to the Container Store in Pasadena (which is so organized it’ll blow your mind), I needed a break from all my home organizing and decided to stop in Eagle Rock on my way home. This walk begins along Colorado Blvd. I’m not gonna lie.. it was a tad sketchy and Im pretty sure I saw a drug deal. But hey, if I wanted to play it safe I would be sitting at home right? Nope, not me. I was keepin’ it real.

One of the things I think about on these walks are all of my senses. This was a walk that began with a bad smell and after 30 minutes I was up in the hills with the aroma of flowers. Such a range of scents.

This dog was so photogenic, he deserved to make the blog. He also has a similar albino coloring (light nose) to my childhood dog Beeche (a bichon frise).

Higher into the hills I went. The homes were so charming. High, way-off in the distance is the rumble of the 134. You can see it following the edge of the mountain side from almost every point on this walk.

This neighborhood, while similar to other hilly LA area walks, had an indefinable quality to it. Most of the homes had pets. Many people were home and I could see the elderly home owners and hear their blaring tvs. I could also tell by the packed yards of many of the homes, hoarding is a problem in this neighborhood. I also came across a house with tons of hummingbird feeders, and the birds zooming in and out. It was really special. This neighborhood felt very real compared to some of the other walks I’ve done.

There’s a creativeness in this neighborhood and I saw many cars proudly displaying “I heart Eagle Rock” bumper stickers. I didn’t include photos of this (because I didn’t want to be creepy) but when I walked by a school yard with a group of ten year old boys, one of them yelled out “You’re awfully pretty… don’t worry, it’s the good kind of awful.” It made me smile.

Up hills and down hills. More and more stairs. I must say, for a walk that got off to a little bit of a rough start, where I could tell I was being watched, this walk turned out to be excellent. I love when that happens. When a neighborhood walk begins stereotypically to its rep, and by the end I feel right at home.

I was heading back toward the start of the walk, when a gentleman passed me and said, “I love when I see a person with that secret stair book”. We got to talking, as he knows Charles Fleming (the author of the walk book) and he gave me his card. This was Bob Inman, the author of another secret stair book: A Guide To The Public Stairs of Los Angeles. He was very nice and mentioned how he works with Dan Koeppel to organize the Parade of Stairs walks that take place throughout the year. If you are interested in doing group stair walks with great guides and other LA walkers, friend The Big Parade Los Angeles on facebook. They have their giant walk coming up, which unfortunately I will be in Hawaii for but thankfully they do training walks all the time. I can’t wait to join in the fun. It feels serendipitous that I met Bob Inman.. of all the possible walks and what are the odds that he is there as I walk by. This is also the 10th walk where someone talks to me who knows Charles. I must meet him.

Just after I talked to Bob I passed a rooster coup! This town is so full of surprises.

Of course I had to share with you at least one close up of the awesome graphics and textures along Colorado Blvd in Eagle Rock. Another very successful walk and a great dose of vitamin d.

Weekend Guide March 16 + 17 + 18

It’s St. Patrick’s Day Weekend! Tons to post about! Did you enjoy my Mountain Weekend photos? Are you loving the extra hour of sunlight at night? It’s given me tons of outdoor walkin’ time. Unfortunately, this weekend is supposed to be rainy so keep that in mind when you’re planning. Let’s get to it!

FRIDAY March 16th:

I know this is a bit out of the way, but from 11am- 8pm on Friday, Nucleus Art Gallery is showing it’s “Look At That: A Tribute To Dr. Seuss” exhibit in Alhumbra. It’s only on display until March 24th and time is clicking. If you have a free day you should check it out.

On Friday, JT Ross and Speedway are performing at Villains Tavern. If you miss it on Friday, no worries because they will be performing at Villains as part of their Saturday St. Patty’s Day festivities.. but more on that later.

At 8pm, the Echo Park Film Center is screening Chameleon with host and film creator Jon Jost. How cool is that? Get tickets HERE. Tickets are only $10, and they even offer a student discount. The Echo Park Film Center is also walking distance from Mohawk Bend, Masa, and Sunset Beer Company (which has food trucks out front on the weekends). Echo park is awesome, why not make a night of it?

SATURDAY March 17th:

Why not start your Saturday at drkrm gallery checking out their Ansel Adams exhibit? Unfortunately, due to predicted rainstorms, Pasadena’s LitFest is postponed until May 12th. Don’t worry, I’ll remind you in May, but be sure to cross that off your list for Saturday.



Since it’s St. Patrick’s Day on Saturday, it’s only fitting that I find you an Irish Pub in your ‘hood. I’ll begin with 2 big celebrations at Villans Tavern (Downtown) and Tam O’Shanter (Atwater Village). Villains has drink specials (see above) as well as live music. It should be a big celebration. At Tam O’Shanter, their party tent and live music starts at noon. They will be raffling off gifts and handing out freebies. They will even have an ale and sandwich bar! This bar also happens to be down the street from THIS LA Stair Walk. I smell a fun afternoon!

Casey’s Irish Pub (Downtown) is a hip bar having $5 deals. Friend them on facebook to get more updates on their deals. Maybe hop over to Public School when you’ve had your fill at Casey’s. Public School is having $4 Guinness pints, $5 Moylans, Jamison shots and cocktails, and $9 Irish Car Bombs.

Rock and Reilly’s Irish Pub in West Hollywood is having their 1st Annual Block Party. There will be tons of live music and I’m sure deals to boot. Starts at noon and goes until 10p.

In Hollywood, 25 Degrees has been serving up Guinness milkshakes all week. They’ll have deals on Saturday (although it’s not listed on their website). Check out their twitter updates for more deals and check out the milkshake photos!

If you’re on the west side, hit-up Rush Street to see their 2 story bar. It doesn’t look Irish, but it looks fun and will have an Irish brunch with green beer. What if you’re in the valley? Timmy Nolan’s in Toluca Lake is your place!

I’ve given you TONS of options, so hit up one or two… and make a day of Irish celebrations! The metro is your friend

SUNDAY March 18th:

Don’t feel guilty about sleeping in on Sunday. Sunday is the Hollywood Half Marathon. Plan on hitting a ton of traffic and blocked roads. Check out the map HERE to find out where to avoid, and where to stand to cheer on your friends.

Make the trek up to Santa Clarita where The Gentle Barn (featured on Ellen) will be having their Spring Festival which will also celebrate their rescuing of 4 new calves. The Gentle Barn is about rescuing animals from abuse, neglect or slaughter and also exposing animals to children who are at risk or have special needs. Check out their WEBSITE to learn more about the cause, donate, or volunteer.

At 2:30p on Sunday, Atwater Crossing (and 826LA) are hosting a family screening of Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life. The screening will be followed by a q+a with stars Ryan Simpkins, Betsy Brandt, writer/director Tamar Halpern, editor Maria Cataldo, composer Jordan Halpern, and animator Leila Fakouri. Tickets are $7 adults ($5 children) and will be paid cash only at the door. The film looks like an adventure-filled coming of age, cute, artistic film. Check out the trailer:

At 7pm, NELAart presents Just Deserts, an event that combines art and desserts. For $10 you get a dessert and a vote in your favorite artistic presentation and the money goes to support the artists. Everyone wins. Like them on facebook for updates on their art events.

One last thing I almost don’t want to include because it’s crazy expensive… but I know how people LOVE Grey’s Anatomy. On Sunday night at 8pm at UCLA’s Royce Hall, the cast of Grey’s will gather onstage to perform a live musical celebration called “Grey’s Anatomy: The Song’s Beneath the Show”. The money goes to support The Actors Fund. If you love Grey’s and are willing to shell out a pretty penny, you can get tickets HERE.

Just an FYI.. if you want Comedy Bang Bang tickets for next Tuesday, check out this link now to buy tickets! They’re on sale at noon!