Have you ever been to Perch?
I recently went for Friday night drinks when my uncle was in town visiting. It’s right off of Pershing Square (close the metro stop), and the perfect happy hour spot. The views of the city were incredible. The later you go (especially on a friday) the more of a nightclub it becomes, so expect lines. But if you arrive like we did around 7p-8pm, there was no waiting. We went right to the roof, I ordered a “Penicillin” cocktail and we toasted to the weekend. Put your feet up, enjoy the view on one of their comfy couches and if you’re lucky you’ll snag a spot near one of the fire pits.

Perch1 Perch2

Weekend Guide July 27 + 28 + 29

Today has been a technology cluster-friggles! I think everything I own has decided to stop working and I’m just so glad it’s the weekend. This technology hubaloo is the reason for this late Weekend Guide. My email is on the fritz (never use yahoo mail as your main email, because this seems to happen more and more with them). I’m sad to say this is going to be a short one due to lack of accessing emails. At least from my memory, I can give you a few fun things. And I’m sure most everyone will be in watching the Olympic opening ceremonies tonight, as that’s always a big crowd pleaser. Let’s get to it!

FRIDAY July 27:
If you insist on dvring (or skipping) the Olympic opening games, there’s only one fun event I know of off-hand tonight. It’s a Grand Performances event called, Mystery & Legacy: The Music of Hawaii. Be sure to pack a blanket and stop into Trader Joes for some wine, bread, cheese and grapes if youre classy. The main event starts at 8p, but come early to claim a spot, relax and watch the sun go down.

On Slack guitar and vocals is George Kahumoku Jr. (four time Grammy winner). The will share music, stories, and culture with the crowd. If you’re going to skip the Olympics, this is the next best event happening tonight.



My favorite event of the year is happening on Saturday and Sunday this weekend: The Etsy Renegade Craft Fair. It’s all starting at 11am on Saturday and going until Sunday at 7pm. I love this event. There’s nothing like seeing artists coming together to sell their totally unique works. I often find my jewelry and tee-shirts at this event. They’ll have food trucks, crafts, and tons of unique items for sale. It’s held at the State Historic Park which is walking distance from the metro. Get there early to avoid the hottest hours. I’m so excited!

At 4pm tomorrow, The Warehouse in Echo Park is closing for renovations and holding a last hurrah. Be sure to stop in for food, drinks, discounts and a raffle. Why not stop in around 7p and after head across the street to visit the Sunset Beer Company. Remember when I went? 

If you’re more into Art Gallery openings, there will be a good one Saturday night at the William Turner Gallery in Santa Monica. Greg Miller and Alejandro Gehry will be showing off their work, which you can read about HERE.

This last Saturday activity is the Pancake and Booze Art Show downtown. It’s 8p-2am on both Friday and Saturday at Lot 613. It’s $5 for a night or art, pancakes, body-painting and music. I’ve been before, and it’s a very fun night.

SUNDAY July 29:

Now that Grand Park is opening (this weekend) they are doing Music In The Park from 11:30-3:30 on Sunday. Come celebrate the opening and participate in this Grand Performances event. Check out the link for other events happening there all weekend, like Dance Party Day! Exciting!

This is also your last day to stop into the Etsy Renegade Craft fair or you have to wait 6 months for their Christmas fair.

Unfortunately with my mail down, that’s all I’ve got for now folks. I hope it’s enough to fill out your weekend. If you want some more specific recommendations as far as fun things to do in Los Angeles, shoot me an email at Hopefully that email is up and working. That’s all folks!

Do This Today: Sad People Talking (Comedy!)

Since I messed up yesterday’s “Do This Today” because of my silly day mix-up, I’m going to give you a bonus “Do This Today”. Keep in mind that Greg Proops is still doing his live podcast taping tonight, but as a bonus I want to share another comedy event that’s happening tonight.

Nola’s LA is hosting a $5 comedy night called Sad People Talking, tonight downtown. It’s hosted by Jay Weingarten with guests Dave Nieker, Grant Pardee, Kate Berlant, and Matt Braunger. The night starts at 9:30p and it’s $5 cast at the door. They will be offering a late night happy hour deal so come ready to laugh and snack.

The Weekend Guide March 23 + 24 + 25

Oh blog, how I’ve missed you! Next week’s blog posts will resume as normal. Work went from dull to insanity, and my exercise regiment has been kicking my but as well as soaking up all my time. I have a crazy full schedule this weekend, so expect some good posts every day next week. Lets get to it!

FRIDAY March 23

A friend of mine is in the band Beck Kramer’s Brother, which is a 90’s pop music cover band. They play all the hits from the 90’s, so expect to join in and sing along. They are playing at the Kibitz room at Canters Deli, tonight from 10:30p-2am. Friend them on facebook HERE and check out a video of them I found on youtube:

Friday night in North Hollywood means it’s NoHo Dine Out! 6-8p tonight. HERE‘s all the info. Enjoy the entertainment, hit up The Federal, and walk down Magnolia to visit the Republic of Pies. YUM!

UPDATE: I went to North Hollywood tonight hoping to visit the food truck fest, and unfortunately didn’t see any food trucks. And the normal lot it’s held in was filled with cars. I’m a bit confused, but it seems like this event didn’t happen tonight (or was in a different location?). Either way, visit the Federal and Republic of Pies. Also a new bar, Brick Yard Pub.

Tonight (and Saturday), the Pancake and Booze event is happening at Lot 613 downtown. It’s $5 for a night of drinks, pancakes, and art. It sounds awesome, and I went to the one last year, which was a good time. Here’s a video I took from their website:

SATURDAY March 24th

From 2:30p – 4:30p on Saturday, “Coyotes and Ticks and Rattlesnakes Oh My!” is happening in Simi Valley. Bring the family and learn all about the wilderness.

The Echo Park Film Center is doing an “Exquisite Corpse Stop Motion Animation Workshop”. RSVP HERE on facebook.

This weekend is also the L.A. Film and Music Weekend. Downtown at the Independent Theater, at 6pm they are showing a variety of films with a range of prices. Check out the link HERE for details.

SUNDAY March 25th

Sunday is supposed to be rainy, and one thing I’ve never done and always wanted to do is tour the Eagle Rock Brewery. They offer free tours on Sunday at 1p, 2:30p, and 4p. The Flat Iron food truck will be there!

Do you like donuts? The Around the Clock: 24 Hour Donut City event starts on Saturday and goes 24hrs straight into March 25th and coincides with the Christian Marclay LACMA event. Their donuts look yummy!

If it’s rainy, I’m going to check out the Japanese American National Museum which has a cool origami exhibit going on, that people keep telling me about. The exhibit is called Folding Paper The Infinite Possibilities of Origami. This exhibit looks so cool. My coworker told me they have a wedding dress made out of origami. I’ll report back!

Sorry this is so late but it’s full of good stuff. Enjoy!

ColLAboration: Winterfest @ The Belasco

This past Sunday I joined my friends Lindsey and Amber for ColLAboration‘s Winterfest at The Belasco in downtown LA. The event went from 12-5pm, and since Amber already owns 2 CoLAboration (which is basically your ticket in) all we needed to do was buy $5 beer coins (each coin gets you a glass full).

This was an awesome event. We all had such a good time. We got there just after noon and waited in a long but fast moving line. This was the first time we had ever been to The Belasco. The lighting was so low, most of my photos didn’t come out in focus, but click the link above for their website filled with nice looking professional pics. Here are my photos:

This photo was taken while waiting to get into the theater. The Belasco is right next to the Mayan Theater. We also bought our beer coins from Tony Yanow (owner of Tony’s Darts Away).

The theater was so well maintained. I got the feeling that when there aren’t any performances they use this space as a nightclub, but it was so much cleaner than a nightclub. Once inside, we made our rounds to all the different bars. There were 3 bar stations (?) inside the main theater, 1 bar set-up on the beer pong patio outside, and a side bar in a separate room (where they also served food). Amber and I each got 2 coins, so we had to use them wisely.

After scoping out all the options, I went with Lagunitas Cappuccino beer. I’ve been wanting to try it and now was the perfect opportunity. We brought our drinks to the beer pong patio to enjoy the beautiful Sunday weather. Eventually the place got more and more crowded and our tanning/drinking patio became the smoking patio (not fun for us non-smokers).

We went back into the main theater where they were showing a movie on three giant screens. I want to say it was Beerfest? But I have no clue. It was time for beer two around this time and we got into a line where they were serving The Bruery Chocosaurus Rye. Amazing. I mean with a name like that, you know it’s going to be delicious and dinosaursy. Try this beer if you have the chance.

Each bar had these bulletin boards. As they ran out of beer they would swap it for something else and change the board. This meant that a bar would change one, and tons of people would flock to that bar. You could tell which bar had the rarest beer because they also had the longest line. I know what you’re thinking, I paid money to wait in lines and be annoyed by smokers. Not at all. Waiting in the lines was really fun. We got to meet strangers who also love beer. Most people worked for bars, breweries, or home brewed. It was great to have conversations with new people who all have this common hobby. Such a collaboration! (titular moment)

We ended up staying for hours and buying more beer coins, of course. It was such a great way to spend a Sunday. Eventually we had to sober-up, so we said farewell to our new friends and walked over to Bottega Louie for their portobello fries and pizza. Yum. I’m eagerly awaiting the next (Spring?) ColLAboration event and will update on the details so you too can partake in the beer celebrations!