Do This Today: Doug Loves Movies / Put Your Hands Together


As it’s Tuesday, this would normally be Doug Loves Movies/ Comedy Bang Bang night at UCB. Doug Loves Movies is still happening at 7pm tonight (always free, so get in line early to get a seat) but Comedy Bang Bang has retired. In it’s place is “Put Your Hands Together” produced by A Special Records and hosted by Cameron Esposito. This is sold out, but they are good about fitting people in who are on the waiting list. Get there for DLM and get your name on the standby list for this show. Why not also put your name on the standby list for Before You Were Funny with Rob Delaney, Matt Walsh, and Casey Wilson. To see these three shows it’ll only cost you $10! Do it!

Event: The UCB Line-up (event link)
Location: The Upright Citizen’s Brigade, 5919 Franklin Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028
Time: 7:00p
Cost: $5 each show (DLM is free)

Doug Loves Movies (September 11, 2012)

It’s Comedy Wednesday, so it’s time for last nights wrap-up of Doug Loves Movies and Comedy Bang Bang which I saw last night at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles. Let’s begin with DLM:

Doug Loves Movies:

This weeks guests are David Huntsberger, Brendon Walsh, and Rory Scovel. It was especially fun seeing Brendon Walsh (it was my first time seeing him in person) and hearing his Price Is Right “You won a NEW CAR!” impression. To hear who won the Leonard Maltin game, you’ll have to listen to it on Friday HERE.

Just incase you’ve never heard of these guys…
David Huntsberger is a podcasting personality and stand-up comedian. I’ve seen him perform at Comedy Bang Bang in the past, and I’ve listened to his podcast with Tig Notaro, Professor Blast Off. He’s adorable.

Brendon Walsh is a well known stand-up comedian. He’s recording his newest album October 12th in San Francisco. He also has a podcast called Bone Zone.

Rory Scovel is a stand-up comedian who performs all over. I first got to watch him at Comedy Bang Bang a few months ago, then a few weeks ago for DLM, and now he’s back again! He’s hilarious and worth seeing live, if you can. You can get his new comedy cd Dilation, HERE.

Doug Loves Movies (August 14, 2012)

It’s Comedy Wednesday, so it’s time for last nights wrap-up of Doug Loves Movies and Comedy Bang Bang which I saw last night at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles. Let’s begin with DLM:

Doug Loves Movies:

This weeks guests are Alison Rosen, Todd Glass, Rory Scovel and Brian Bishop. It was a blast! I haven’t seen Todd Glass in person in a while, and he’s just so great. Rory Scovel, I first saw at Comedy Bang Bang several months ago and he and Todd have great charisma together. To hear who won the Leonard Maltin game, you’ll have to listen to it on Friday HERE.

Just incase you’ve never heard of these guys…
Alison Rosen is a radio personality who does the news on The Adam Carolla Show, and also has her own podcast called Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend. She’s also a journalist who’s been writing for years and probably contributed to every magazine/newspaper you’ve ever heard of (the list is very long).

Todd Glass has a podcast called The Todd Glass Show by Nerdist Industries. He’s a famous stand-up comedian who has two comedy albums: Vintage Todd Glass and Other Crap (2001) and Thin Pig (2009). If you haven’t seen him perform in person, do yourself a favor and add it to your to-do list.

Rory Scovel is a stand-up comedian who performs on Conan, Jimmy Fallon, and in other comedy specials. I first got to watch him at Comedy Bang Bang a few months ago, and haven’t stopped hearing his name since. You can get his new comedy cd Dilation, HERE.

Brian Bishop is most known in the radio/podcast world as Bald Bryan and makes appearances on The Adam Carolla Show podcast. He also runs The Film Vault. He’s also won money on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and won on Comedy Central’s Beat the Geeks.

This last photo was taken when the guests were picking who they were going to represent in the Leonard Maltin Game. Check out the podcast to find out the winner!

Comedy Wednesday: Doug Benson Loves Moves (July 24, 2012)

It’s Comedy Wednesday! Are you ready for your comedy post? Last night I was back to my usual tricks, hitting up Doug Benson Loves Movies at the UCB Theatre in Los Angeles. Doug Benson’s podcast taping is free and it’s first come-first serve, so get there early.

As usual, it started with Doug coming out and describing the gift bag and doing his rundown. And of course I took crappy cell photos.

This weeks guests are Rob Huebel, Kumail Nanjiani, and Thomas Lenon. These guys are the best and to have them all together in one room was a really fun time. Just incase you’ve never heard of these guys (because you’ve been living under a rock?)….

Rob Huebel you probably know best from his many movies. He started in comedy but probably his biggest “break” was in television with Aziz Ansari and Paul Scheer on Human Giant, and has since gone on to have some pretty meaty roles like in I Love You, Man, Children’s Hospital, What To Expect When You’re Expecting, and a zillion more. I’m sure you’ve seen/heard him a ton of times even without realizing it, be it in movies, tv, or commercials/voiceovers. Here’s a clip of him from a Children’s Hospital promo clip:

Kumail Nanjiani is probably the funniest person you might not know. I feel like he hasn’t had any lead/giant roles in projects but even with his small roles he steals the show. Kumail is such a relaxed comedian, who never seems nervous on stage whether he’s telling a story off the cuff, or doing standup. My favorite role of his, which I’ve talked about on the blog before, is his reoccurring bit on Portlandia. He hinted in the podcast that he’s going to have more fun with it in the upcoming season. Here’s a clip from season 1:

Thomas Lennon is a genius. He acts, writes and directs. He’s a triple threat. He got his big comedy start on The State and has since done a zillion projects (he’s Dangle on Reno 911!). He’s even in the new Dark Knight Rises as the doctor. He’s a very funny, talented man, who seems like a really nice guy even outside of all the “hollywood glamour”. When TMZ harasses him, he takes the time to be hilarious and do a bit, instead of getting annoyed. The clip I’ve attached here is him doing an interview for a local access show out of Chicago. Despite all of his success, he makes time for everyone. You can’t not love this guy.

Per usual, I’m not going to spoil last nights show for you, as you should listen to the podcast when it’s posted this Friday HERE.

Doug Loves Movies/ Comedy Bang Bang: June 19, 2012

It’s Wednesday, so it’s time for last nights wrap-up of Doug Loves Movies and Comedy Bang Bang which I saw last night at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles.

Doug Loves Movies:

This weeks guests are TJ Miller, Pete Holmes, and Jeff Garlin. Jeff Garlin is known on the podcast for being a side-tracker, who talks about everything other than what Doug wants to talk about: movies. Now take him and add in Pete and TJ who are hilarious and full of energy. Basically it was three people talking about anything other than movies and Doug banging a head against the table. It was hilarious (and bizarre) and you’ll have to listen to it on Friday HERE. I’ve never seen a DLM like it.

Just incase you’ve never heard of these guys…
TJ Miller (who I think is so funny and recently saw perform at the Silver Lake Jubilee) has a tiny but very funny role in the new movie Rock of Ages. Here’s a video of him performing just a week ago at Conan’s Chicago event, Just for Laughs:


Pete Holmes has a podcast called You Made It Weird. He’s very animated and full of energy. For some reason he reminds me of a young John Ritter. He often performs with TJ Miller or Kumail Nanjiani. I’m a fan of Pete’s and his podcast is worth a listen. Here’s a video of Pete also on Conan:


Lastly, Jeff Garlin was on. I feel like I see him all the time so you’ve probably read about him on here before. He’s on Curbed Your Enthusiasm and has performed comedy for 30 years. He was not in a great mood last night, and set a weird vibe for the podcast. Right out of the gate he was kinda rude to Pete Holmes, who did a great job trying to alleviate the tension. I just felt like Jeff had a negative attitude going into the show. He had just gotten a flat tire and probably had a shitty day but it was bringing down the podcast. He lightened up a little throughout the show but toward the end he said he was hungry and just sort of walked out. You’ll have to give the show a listen on Friday. It was definitely one of a kind. Oh, and Samm Levine came out to say hi.


Next up, Comedy Bang Bang!

Adam Cozen‘s was the host of the nights events. First up was Alex Koll. He did a great set and this was the first I’ve heard of him. I really enjoyed him. Here’s my crappy cell phone picture:

Here’s a video of Alex doing standup, which I found online:


Next up, Baron Vaughn. I’m actually going to see him perform this Thursday at the Super Serious Show. This was also my first time seeing him perform and I loved it. He was my favorite of the night and I can’t wait to see him again on Thursday. And of course my cell phone didn’t save the photo I took of him, but I did find this video of him doing Conan (found on youtube):


Jenny Slate came out next. She one of my favorite female performers and I saw her perform at Largo this past March. She is newly engaged and talked about that as well as her childhood. She was very funny. This is my crappy cell photo of her from last night:

Here’s a video of her, also on Conan (so many Conan videos today!):


Nick Thune, who is also performing at the Super Serious Show on Thursday, came out next. He did his usual guitaring with one-liners, with all new material. He also did a little crowd work, which I’ve never seen him do. Nick Thune is always great. I’ve seen him many times and never a rough set. Here’s my photo of him from last night:

Here’s a video of Nick:


Eric Andre came out knocking down everything onstage. He was sick of all his material and trying some new bits.

He was pretty funny and I’ve been meaning to catch him at the Satellite, where he normally does his monthly show. He also has a show for Adult Swim. Here’s an ad for it:


Last up was Andy Kindler. He was classic… Andy Kindler. He’s hit or miss to me, and last night I thought he was on his game.

And to mix it up, here’s a clip of Andy on David Letterman:

Ted & Gracie

I’m working on the Doug Loves Movies/Comedy Bang Bang post as we speak, but you know how I get distracted… I was reading a blog I love (The Comedy Bureau) and saw there is a web series called “Ted + Gracie” (a play on the 90’s sitcom “Ned + Stacey”, I’m sure).

You know I’m really into Yahoo’s web series “Burning Love” (which you need to watch), and this web series, “Ted + Gracie” is also really good. I only watched one episode so far, but it has Jena Friedman, who I saw do a great set at Comedy Bang Bang a while ago (check that post HERE), and she’s hilarious.

Their youtube channel has a bunch of episodes. Check it out and then check back here for my recap of last night’s Doug Loves Movies/Comedy Bang Bang. Coming shortly!

Doug Loves Movies/ Comedy Bang Bang: June 5, 2012

As I promised, here’s a wrap up of last nights Doug Loves Movies and Comedy Bang Bang. As you also probably guessed, my phone’s a piece of crapola. In the middle of Doug Loves Movies the screen decided to go black and not let me take anymore photos. I’m trying to fix it, but Ive been unsuccessful so far. This also meant I didn’t get ANY photos last night. Yes, I’m SUPER bummed. But both shows were great and I’ll do my best with online content.

This weeks guests are:

Photo taken by Doug Benson

1) Scott Aukerman (Comedian and host of Comedy Bang! Bang! airing this Friday on IFC). Did you know you can watch episode 2 of Comedy Bang Bang online already? Here’s a preview with Zach Galifinakis.

2) Jake Johannsen (stand-up comedian).
Here’s a video of him doing stand-up on The Late Show, which I took from his website

3) Tony Thaxton (Drummer in Motion City Sound Track). Here’s a video of him drumming I found on his youtube channel:

4) Sean Cullen (Comedian and his son Hamish joined on stage as well).

The show was a lot of fun, and the podcast should go up on Friday. Check it out to find out who won the Leonard Maltin Game! I can’t give away all the surprises 🙂 If you’re in LA and like Doug Benson, he’ll be doing a taping at NerdMelt Theater (aka Meltdown Comics on Sunset) on June 14. Tickets are $10 and you can get them HERE!

After a short break it was time for…

I was lucky enough to get tickets last Friday (you can get them HERE when they go on sale). The show as a whole was great and the audience was loving the comedians. Here’s the line-up!

The host was Pat Thornton. As he put’s it, he’s “sort-of a medium deal in Canada”. Here’s some of his stand-up:

After Pat did an opener, Andrew Orvedahl came out and killed it. He was hilarious. This was the first time I’d ever heard of him and I’m glad I got to see him perform. His comedy style is where he finds the funny in everyday things, which makes it super relatable and clever.

Next up, was a character named “Paulie Brimleotti” (I’m sure I spelled that wrong). I have zero clue who the comedian playing the character was, but the character was a take on Andrew Dice Clay and someone with a severe disorder. It was very topical. And unfortunately, because I don’t know the real comedians name and Im sure the character name is spelled wrong, I can’t find any videos on this guy.

After Paulie, Jeff Garlin came out! I’ve seen him a bunch of times, in fact he used to have a show on Sundays at UCB, which he talked about on stage last night. I guess when his Dad passed away on Halloween he had to miss a Sunday and UCB took away his Sunday time slot. It’s a sad story but Jeff made it so funny, and he still plays at Largo so you can catch him there once a month. Last night happened to be Jeff’s 50th birthday. I knew it was coming because his last LArgo show was his “50th Birthday Special” but last night was his real birthday. He came up with a bag full of dvd’s that he’d been given over the years and did his whole set handing out gifts to people in the audience. It was AWESOME, not just for the free stuff but he was so funny while he was handing the gifts out. I especially loved it because I’ve been re-watching all my Curb Your Enthusiasm dvds, and to see him right after watching that was cool.

This was a hard act to follow, but Adam Cayton-Holland came out and did an awesome set. HERE’s an interview he did with the AV Club. Here’s him performing at the Laugh Track Comedy Festival in Denver:

Natasha Leggero came out after Adam. She’s in the new web series Burning Love, which I LOVE. I just saw her perform at Il Cid during the Silver Lake Jubilee, and she did almost an identical set last night, but she changed it just a little in such a way that made it crazy funnier. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love seeing comedians perform the same set twice to see how they improve the jokes. Here’s the trailer for Burning Love. Watch the webisodes to see Natasha pantless through the series.

Brett Gelman came out next, and he had a whole devil act prepared but the mic didn’t work and I actually think seeing the act have issues was funnier than the act. Midway through the technical difficulties I wondered if it was part of the act because he was hilarious. It was one of those unscripted moments that’s funnier than what’s scripted. You can see Gelman in Eagleheart on Adult Swim, and listen to his podcast Gelmania.

Last up was Garfunkel and Oates! They sang three songs, all of which were new to me and I think 2 had never been performed in front of an audience before. One song was about how highschool Christian girls in the south found a loophole in the “staying a virgin until you’re married” rule… I’ll let you figure that one out. Another song was were one girl sang as someone who’s 29, and the other sang as the same girl only 2 years later called 29/31. So good. They performed a song called The Fade Away, about how women dump men by just slowly disappearing as if it’s a nice way to dump a guy. This was my sisters first time seeing them perform, and she loved them! Here’s Garfunkel + Oates singing 29/31:

Comedy Bang Bang: May 29, 2012

I’m taking a break from Hawaii posts to tell you about Comedy Bang Bang‘s live show last night at UCB in Los Angeles. I was lucky enough to get tickets last Friday (since they go on sale every Friday at noon) and see the show at 8:30p, as well as Doug Loves Movies free live podcast taping at 7:30p. You know my usual cell phone photo-taking issues, so only 4 of the 12 that I took actually stayed in the camera. I wonder where all those other pictures go? Hopefully Ill have a new phone within the next few months, which will greatly improve all my comedy posts. Oh well. So no photos of DLM. But Greg Proops was the guest with three other people (I’m so bad, I can’t remember their names). The podcast episode will be out soon, and I’ll have to update you.

Comedy Bang Bang was really awesome this week. The host was Chris Gethard (yup.. get hard) who is about to embark on a journey to Bonnaroo.

His goal is to get to Bonnaroo by using Americas help. With just a change of clothes, his cell phone and solar charger (and a camera crew following behind) Chris needs to get across the country. While his crew will be in hotels, Chris has zero money and is relying on twitter followers to help put him up. The crew following him is constantly editing the footage so that when he arrives at the show next weekend, he’ll have a video in his hand of his whole trip. He was nervous about it, but I think it’s genius. Watch this video made last night at UCB:

If you want to help Chris Gethard, tweet him #BonnarooGethard

The first guest was Dana Gould, always a classic. My cell phone failed me, so the photo of him didn’t save. But I did find this clip online of Dana doing part of a set that he did last night (about his father).

Next up was Gabe Liedman, who I’ve seen perform with Jenny Slate at Largo in the past. He’s hilarious and doing his cd taping at UCB tomorrow night! I’m SHOCKED that there are still tickets left. It’s only $5 and he’s awesome.. and your laughs will forever be memorialized on a cd. Plus Jenny Slate is opening for him. That’s pretty cool. Get tickets HERE. Here’s a video (I found on the internet and did not film myself) that you should watch. He did this bit last night and it rocked.

Here’s the crappy cell photo I took:

After Gabe, Brent Weinbach came up and did a set. I saw him this past Sunday at the Silver Lake Jubilee, and I wondered if I’d see him at UCB… sure enough I did! He did a very similar set to Sunday’s show. I actually enjoy seeing comedians do the same bits twice because you can see what parts they are reworking to get more laughs. It lets you look into how they’re bettering their craft. Here’s the crappy cell photo of him:

Here’s a video I found of him online (doing a bit that I saw him do last night):

After Brent, Jay Chandraskhar took the stage. He’s directed a bunch of big projects like Super Troopers, Beerfest and Arrested Development. He’s actually directed a show I worked on, Friends With Benefits. I had no clue he did standup, so it was fun seeing him perform. My phone wasn’t able to keep the photos I took of him.. grrr.

Here’s a video of him I found online (that I didn’t record):


Next up, Harris Wittels. He’s commented on this blog before (yes, that was my favorite day too) and I was lucky enough to get a ticket coincidentally the night he did a set at CBB. He basically did his foam-corner. Fans of the Comedy Bang Bang podcast know what I’m talking about. He read tweets and did some material that was new to me. Pretty great and always a crowd favorite. You can’t help but have a crush on this guy.

Okay, moving along… Rory Scovel was the closer. I’ve heard his name before but I don’t think I’ve seen him in person before. He was really funny and now on my radar to see again. Here’s another video I found online to give you a taste of what he’s like:

For those of you wanting more comedy this week, there are two very cool shows tomorrow night. The first is Eric Andre’s show at The Satellite in Silver Lake. Tickets are $12, doors open at 7 and the show’s at 8p. Brent Weinbach will be there, so if you missed CBB this week you can catch him there.

The second show tomorrow night is Maria Bamford (So funny!) at an event called Gallows Humor. Show starts at 8p and tickets are $5. The venue is Vlad the Retailer (new to me) at 4270 Melrose Ave in Los Feliz. Free wine and beer and a dj plus a line-up of comedians. You can bet money I’ll be there.

Mid-Week Fun

I’m playing a bit of catch-up on this glorious Good Friday off from work. I’m sitting in my home office (aka, my closet) blogging to you while listening to Full House (que the touching family moment music) on the tv and waiting for the dryer to finish. Is this not a classic day off? Don’t worry, when I’m done blogging I’ve gotta hit the road as I have a big day planned. Expect a few posts today as I have some catching up to do.

Last Friday I scored tickets to Comedy Bang Bang at UCB LA, and I attended this past Tuesday. Before Comedy Bang Bang, Doug Benson hosts a live taping of Doug Loves Music. Did I mention it’s free and you should go? I got in line at 7pm (it starts at 7:30) and the line was wrapped around the corner… crazy long. I was lucky and just made it into the theater before it hit capacity.

When I walked in I saw the director on the show I’m on, Greg Mottola. Greg’s a really great guy and a pleasure to work with. Seeing him attending this hip indie comedy show is no surprise to me.

Because I was so late, I had to sit indian-style (racist?) on stage directly under Doug Benson.

It was cool to be so close except I couldn’t see the guests sitting at the table.. also I completely lost feeling of the lower half of my body. The guests on the show were Kate Micucci (the Oates in Garfunkle & Oates), Edgar Wright (director), and Simon Pegg (Star Trek, Hot Fuzz).

All the guests were hilarious and seemed like cool people to just hang out with. It was a lot of fun.

After Doug Benson’s Show I got a good seat for Comedy Bang Bang. This show was also awesome, although I was having camera phone issues and couldn’t take pics for you. The headliners were Jen Kirkman, who I haven’t seen in a long time so that was fun, and Russell Brand. I’ve been lucky enough to see Russell BRand before, but I’ve never seen him do stand-up so this was new for me. I love when I get to see new comedians perform. It was a full cheap night of fun- I loved it! Tickets go one sale for next weeks show at noon today, get them HERE! Get your tickets!

Also this week, the India Jones Chow Truck (get it? Like Indiana Jones) came to my work. Yup, free yummy Indian food for the crew!

I got the shrimp frankie and the veggie curry. So good. Such a great work day surprise. Check out THIS link to see where they’re going next!

Comedy Bang Bang: Tuesday March 6, 2012

Last night I got to attend Comedy Bang Bang at the UCB Theater in LA. I like to go a lot, but it’s popularity has grown the last 2 years and tickets are harder to get. Set your alarms for every Friday at noon (PST) and click on THIS website to get tickets, but know they sell out really fast. CBB is also a weekly podcast and now they are also developing it into a television show for IFC. They are currently filming and you can check out Scott Aukerman’s (Host) twitter feed for photos from the set.

This past Friday I was crazy-lucky and got ahold of two tickets to this weeks Comedy Bang Bang, which starts at 8:30p on Tuesday. Often times Doug Benson does a free live taping of his podcast in the hour before CBB. If you can make it through the long line to get in to the podcast show, this gives you priority seating for the CBB show later that night. My sister and I were lucky enough to make it in to the Doug Loves Movies Podcast at 7:30p. Doug always has cool guests, and I highly recommend seeing a live taping of the podcast as well as listening to it on itunes (or through his website).

Can you tell who the guests were, from my grainy cell phone pics? From left to right, it’s the host Doug Benson, Zach Galifianakis, Rachael Harris, the director of Rachael’s new film Robbie Pickering, and Jeff Garlin. What a hilarious group of guests.

You can check out the podcast when Doug posts it on his website. After Doug Loves Movies, we had to step out in the lobby to confirm our tickets for Comedy Bang Bang, where Bob Odenkirk walked past us. We could tell this show was going to be awesome. Once again, I apologize for the blurriness/graininess of these cell phone photos. I had an great seat in the second row center, which meant for great viewing, but made taking photos especially difficult. With such a small theater, the comedians often comment on audience members, so I do what I can to not to draw attention to myself.

Seth Herzog was the host for the night, so he does the opening act and then comes out between each comic to do little bits and introduce the next stand-up comedian. Most shows at UCB are improv shows and some skits, but Comedy Bang Bang is all stand-up. I didn’t record any of the nights show, but I did find this clip of Seth on youtube doing the same skit he opened with last night, but at a different event. It was hilarious. Also, I caught his pants.. or I should say, I got slapped by his pants when he ripped them off.

Jeff Garlin was up next.

A bearded Leo Allen hit the stage after him. Each comedian really killed it. Some weeks there are a few duds, but the audience was really feeling each comedian.

Next up, was Jena Friedman. She’s one of the few female writers that has been on staff on the Letterman Show (pretty impressive). I’ve never seen her perform before, and I’m glad I have now because she was excellent.

Jon Daly came out and did his set in character as a smoooooth jazz musician (who’s big in Japan). He actually played the saxophone really well. He invited 3 women on stage so he could “play their vibe”. And of course he picked one obnoxious girl who’d been talking to the comedians mid-act on stage all night. She was a terrible audience member. The best part was when she had no clue who Rick Santorum is. She made me embarrassed for women not just in her not knowing who Rick is, but because of her attitude and need for attention. Thankfully Jon Daly was so funny, that it was all worth it.

It was getting late and we still had three comedians to go. Kumail Nanjiani came out next. You might remember him from my post about Portlandia, where he performed with them at the Echo. Check out that post HERE.

Eddie Pepitone was up next. I’ve seen him perform many times (as he often does at set as part of Marc Maron’s live podcast taping of WTF). I’ve never seen him as funny as he was last night. He was on his game and the crowd was loving it.

Last up was Reggie Watts. He’s a comedy musician and also co-hosting the tv show Comedy Bang Bang with Scott Aukerman. Think of him at the Roots to Jimmy Fallon. He kept moving and putting his head down so images were hard to get.

He performed music that he was generating on the spot, with that green instrument/equipment of his. He’s so talented and getting to see him perform live was very cool treat. I’m eagerly anticipating the premiere of the Comedy Bang Bang show on IFC.

The show finished just at 11p, where my sister and I walked outside the theater and commented that we never saw Bob Odenkirk perform. The CBB live show not only brings famous/hilarious comedians to the stage, but it also brings their friends out to come “chill” in the green room. Throughout the show we could see comedians watching from the sidelines and see guests headed backstage. Just outside the theater we passed Rob Huebel and Jason Mantzoukas where talking with friends and probably just left the theater’s green room.

With all those comedians, I would call last night a giant success. My next comedy adventure is Largo this Friday night. Tickets are still available and you can get them HERE.