Deer Tick @ the Echoplex

Bleeding Knees Club, Guards, and Deer Tick played a show last night at the Echoplex.Were you one of the 100’s of hipsters in attendance? 🙂 Did you enjoy the bands?

Deer Tick

I met up with my good friend Amber and her boyfriend Adam around 9p at Mohawk Bend (see previous post about MB HERE), just up Sunset from the Echoplex. We enjoyed some craft beer and then around 9:30 walked down to the venue. The show was sold out and by the time we arrived and we missed seeing the Bleeding Knees Club, but caught the beginning of the Guards set.

Crappy cellphone pic, taken by yours truly.

The Guards were really fun and had a great sound. Many of their band members have really long hair, which made for a fun visual (very “Cousin IT”) with their heads down looking at their instruments. They also had videos projecting behind them which was cool. I had never heard of them but enjoyed it enough to keep listening HERE.


Crappy cellphone pic, taken by yours truly.

Once they finished, there was a 30 minute break and then Deer Tick came on. My history with Deer Tick stems back to my RISD days (they are a Providence based band) and while I never got to see them back in the day, my college roommate was always talking about them. Amber was the only one in our group who had heard their music before, but we all really enjoyed their music. I even purchased a tee-shirt! The only part of the show that was questionable was when the lead singer would ramble to the audience between songs. Maybe die hard fans knew what he was talking about, but as a newcomer it was a bit confusing. I would happily see them again and had great time at the show.

To get more info about all of the bands (probably written by someone musically inclined, unlike myself) check out THIS.

Halloween Recovery

It’s already November and I’m still recovering from October! I’m so pooped from Halloween festivities, I need a day off from blogging to catch-up.

One tidbit: tonight, Deer Tick is playing at the EchoPlex ($13 tickets if you get them in advance HERE). Alright, Im pooped and it’s not even close to the end of the day. All of my Halloween details are coming tomorrow, I swear. In the meantime tell me what you did! Did you check out the WeHo Parade? Any cool costumes?