Do This Today: You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes


Did everyone have a nice long weekend? I’m very excited to share today’s Do This Today. Pete Holmes, of the soon to be Midnight Show with Pete Holmes (on TBS after Conan), is doing a live podcast taping in Los Angeles at the Troubadour tonight. Tickets are $15 (plus service fee) but check out this line-up: Anthony Jeselnik, Jason Mantzoukas, Kurt Braunohler, and newly added Sarah Silverman and John Mulaney! Stellar line-up! Ever since seeing David Cross live, John Mulaney has taken his place as #1 on my list of comedians I’ve never seen in person, and that’s about to change tonight. Do yourself a favor and come to this show. Happy Monday everybody!

Event: You Made It Weird With Pete Holmes (event link)
Location: The Troubadour, 9081 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069
Time: Monday July 8, 2013, 8pm
Cost: $15 (plus service charge)

The Blind Barber Secret Show 6/26/13

I know what you’re thinking, “It’s not Comedy Wednesday yet!” Well, I have a couple shows to share with you and given the holiday week, I figure I’ll start a day early. So for this week only, it’s comedy Tuesday and Wednesday. Expect a full Hot Tub comedy recap tomorrow.

I want to share a comedy show I went to last Wednesday called the Blind Barber Secret Show. It’s hosted by Grant Lyon and Andy Peters and happens at The Blind Barber in Culver City on the last Wednesday of every month. It’s a free show, but reservations are required (email Check out Grant Lyon’s website for more details.

The bar is a speakeasy which means entering through an active barbershop (The Blind Barber), where a door takes you from the bright white room of the barber shop into a pitch black hallway. The corridor opens up into an intimate bar with a handful of booths and small tables. I must apologize, as speakeasies are known for being dark, which meant the photos didn’t come out the greatest.


I ordered a $4 Lucky Buddha from their drink specials list. The bottle is in the shape of an actual Buddha, and is now a flower vase I keep in my kitchen 🙂 Always a crafter. Having come right from work, I also ordered from their extensive grilled cheese menu. The food was delicious and was priced right.


On to the comedy! Grant Lyon (host) opened the show with a hilarious bit about a texting snafu. You might remember me posting about him when he hosted Comedy Bang Bang last October. The host always has the hardest job in comedy shows, keeping the energy up between guests while only being able to tell quick jokes. Grant did an excellent job, with one of my friends deeming him funniest of the night.


The very funny Jimmy Pardo was up next. He’s the king of crowd work (which he does on Conan every day) and has a podcast Never Not Funny.


He was very funny, bringing up audience members to find the right person to take his quiz (about his days in a band) and win the $7 he had in his pocket.


Baron Vaughn was up next. He’s one of my favorites to see live around LA and it shocks me that he’s not commercially well known yet. He’s high energy and jumps from joke to joke. He just had his Comedy Central half-hour special you can check out here.


Ryan Dalton came out next. He’s currently acting in Sullivan and Son on TBS. He did a good bit about getting mean Christmas gifts (Rogain and teeth whitener).


Andy Peters co-produces the Blind Barber Secret Show and performs around town, although this was my first time seeing him in person. He was very funny, and high energy. Check out his website for videos of his standup.


Up next was Joe Prainowho I was also new to. He has a Daniel Tosh and Anthony Jeselnik style of bad-boy comedy. Check out video’s of his standup here.


Josh Comers (Conan writer) was up next. He was self-depricating and very funny. Check out his standup and videos at his website.


The last act of the night was also the only female of the night. Laurie Kilmartin (also a Conan writer) had an excellent set. She talked about being a single mother and dating life in LA. She also wrote a book called “Shitty Mom, The Parenting Guide For The Rest Of Us”.

Everyone, check out The Blind Barber Secret Show on the last Wednesday of every month. I had a blast and recommend it… and it’s FREE!

Check out the It Gets Worse Project by Dave Waite and Grant Lyon:

The Midnight Show with Pete Holmes

It’s about time Pete Holmes got his own show! Well, he’s got a pilot (for TBS) which is step one to getting your own show, and considering Conan is backing him, that must feel pretty amazing.

Yesterday, I attended the live taping of The Midnight Show with Pete Holmes in Conan’s Studio at Warner Brothers. Since I’m funemployed, I thought this would be a fun FREE thing to get me out of the house and it was an excellent decision. I went alone (because everyone I know is at work at 4pm on a Tuesday) and did my fair share of people watching. Pete definitely attracts a male audience with the average age of 23 (I would guess). Since everyone goes to these things with friends (and I mean that- everyone), and me being a single ticket, it meant I got pushed up to the front to fill a prime single seat. I was sitting high enough to see over the cameras, but on the first row of the section (along the aisle), so plenty of leg room. I was sitting in the friends and family section and even recognized last week’s host of Comedy Bang Bang (Shawn Pearlman) sitting 5 seats down from me.

Get excited for this show! I’m not going to give away details, but expect stand-up, video sketches, and celebrity interviews. My favorite sketch of the night was a video of Pete doing a James Bond themed commercial for Smirnoff Vodka… very Vitameatavegamin (I Love Lucy). I was choking, I was laughing so hard.

There’s still a chance for you to attend the live taping! Click HERE to reserve FREE tickets to another taping (there are 2 more!). And Pete, if you are reading this: I’m 26, single and I love a funny man.