Holiday Cards: Embossing

My holiday cards have officially been sent (finally!) so I feel it’s safe to talk about them. One style of card that I love is embossing. My family would make these when I was growing up, so I associate Christmas with embossing. After Thanksgiving (black-friday, cough-cough) Michael’s was having a 50% off sale on stamps, so I found a classy yet simple holiday-fall looking stamp and a new Chrsitmas card was born. I already owned the following needed to make this card: cutting mat, brown 8.5X11″ paper, embossing stamp pad, printer access, copper embossing powder, embossing heat gun, metal ruler, accent paper (in this case red card stock).

Once you find the perfect stamp, design a template on the computer that says “Happy Holiday’s in a fun font (check out dafont for ideas). I decided to make a postcard, which meant I could fit 4 cards on a standard 8.5X11 piece of paper. Print your design onto the brown paper. Use the stamp on the embossing pad and stamp it on all four spots on the paper. An embossing pad is like a giant glue stick, so when you stamp and then use the embossing powder, it sticks to the pattern of the stamp.

I own several embossing powders, but I found the copper had a hint of red that gave it a Christmasy vibe. It also stood out on the brown paper. So pour the power over the stamped areas, and then collect the excess powder because it can all be reused.

The paper should look like this (below). Heat up the embossing gun (mine is Martha Stewart brand and it works well). I like to use the heat gun under the paper which then melts the copper powder into a solid. Sometimes the heat causes the paper to warp, but since we are mounting it after, it’s not a big deal. Be safe with the heat gun. You can smell the paper burning while embossing, so be sure to keep the heat moving around the page so you don’t burn the paper or start a fire.

The melted copper powder creates a solid raised pattern matching the stamp. Next cut out the postcards.

Cut out the accent color for the postcard. Once completed, you get a special homemade card that looks classy and unique. Write your greeting on the back of the postcard and then toss in the mail! Warning: Embossing is addicting and you’ll want to make cards to celebrate every occasion.

I have several other designs I’ll unveil this week. Even if you don’t like my patterns, hopefully it’ll inspire you to try something new.