Cape Cod: Sandwiches in Sandwich + a Biking the Canals

One day trip we did while in Cape Cod, was lunch in the adorable town of Sandwich (spot A on the map) and then a long bike ride up and down the Cape Cod Canal (spot B on the map).

We got a sandwich to go at a local shop and brought it to some benches along Shawme Lake.

What a great snacking spot, am I right? A turtle swam near us while we ate. Truly a delight.

After our food break we decided to walk around the town of Sandwich. We walked along their Main Street looking at cute shops. They have a surprising number of renovated churches.. that still look like churches.. but aren’t churches. It’s a little odd. As I sang to my parents, it looks like “we’ve got trouble, right here in River City!” You probably don’t get that reference, because you’re normal and I’m weird.


After our walk around town it was time to get to the Cape Cod Canal to get our bike-on! We parked on a side lot along the Scenic Highway, Route 6, closer to the Sagamore Bridge side.

We ended up biking almost the entire length of the canal and back. We thought the rail-bridge was where the path ended, but according to the maps, we could’ve headed just a tad more south ending at the Maritime Academy. Oh well. We still got a great workout that day.

While we were doing a photoshoot next to the Sagamore Bridge, a tanker(?) came through, so I had to share.

The Bourne Bridge looked pretty similar to the Sagamore bridge.. and I was getting tired, so I didn’t take as many photos. I did snap this shot of the rail-bridge (below), dressed in it’s holiday best.

Great exercise, beautiful weather, and free activities make for an awesome day.

Cape Cod: Falmouth and Woods Hole

While in Cape Cod this past week, we decided to spend the day getting lunch in Falmouth along the adorable Main Street and then drive a little further to the bike trail that leads down to Woods Hole.

Below is Main Street in Falmouth. We parked in the public (free) lot just behind Main St., by the Falmouth Chamber of Commerce which has a lovely public restroom. This cute downtown center has plenty of food options for dine-in or take-out to brig to the beach. They also have cutesy stores, so plan time to do a loop along the drag. 

While headed to the place we want to grab lunch, I noticed this “Obey” street art sticker. Even Cape Cod has street art, very cool.

Beautiful right?

We decided to grab a bite at the cute Pop Kitchen. We had a delicious meal, but the only complaint was that the food took a long time to come out. I’m not sure if they are short staffed or need a bigger kitchen, but on yelp a few reviewers had the same problem. I highly recommend this place if you have time for a leisurely meal. We were anxious to hit the road to start biking, so our patience was lacking.

The decor is very different from the other more gourmet looking options on the street. It was kitschy and fun, like a main street brunch place should be.

Next stop, Nobska Lighthouse!

There isn’t much parking here, but if you can grab one of the four spots, you can climb the hill to the lighthouse and see some gorgeous views. Also, across the street is a little path leading down to a bench and then further on to the beach.

We jumped back in the car to get to our last car destination, the bike path near Woods Hole. We were able to park right along the path, which happened to be right next to the water. What a view! Exercise and getting to look at that? Only on vacation!

Here’s me in my goofy helmet.

We biked down to the center of Wood Hole, where they have their own cute little downtown. We parked our bikes and explored. In the summer time the bridge in town goes up every hour.

Woods Hole has a fun aquarium (small but all about local marine-life) which unfortunately closed by the time we got there. But we did get to see the seals they keep in an inclosure out front. We spent a while walking around town until the skies turned dark and we decided to bike back.

By the time we got back to the car, the clouds had lifted and we took a break to dip our toes in the water. What a delightful day in Cape Cod.

Hawaii Post 9: Crossing Food Off The List

To catch you up to speed:
Post 1: The Hilton Waikoloa
Post 2: Waikoloa to Hilo
Post 3: Hilo to Volcano Village
Post 4: Volcano Village to Kona
Post 5: Kona to Maui
Post 6: Lahaina + Trilogy Boating Excursion
Post 7: Ziplining + Maui Brewing Company
Post 8: The Road To Hana

This is my LAST Hawaii post, I swear, and it’s a shorty.

On our last day, we spent it relaxing by the beach and buying goodies to bring home to our ¬†friends but we also had one last indulgence: food. I know what you’re thinking, we ate so much already what could we possibly add to the list? Oh boy…

We started our day by visiting the Gazebo Restaurant which was only a mile away from our condo. It’s right on the water and exactly like it sounds, a gazebo. It’s a favorite amongst everyone in the neighborhood and expect a line. But the best things in life are worth waiting for right?

It started raining while we were waiting in line to get in, and they had a special Gazebo umbrella stand with giant umbrellas waiting for us. That’s one think about Hawaii, one thing it’s raining and the next it’s perfect weather. You never know. Our day started rainy (it’s like Hawaii knew we were leaving!) and then ended up being a great last beach day.

After a tasty sandwich at the Gazebo, we walked across the sand to Napili Beach to enjoy our last swim. The water was so warm I couldn’t resist. And a sea turtle stopped by too. After a couple hours we left the beach to check into where my sister was staying for the remainder of her trip. While my friend and I had to head back to LA to face reality, my sister extended her trip through Memorial Day weekend. This meant that we had a place to wash off after our beach day, which worked out really well for us.

Now what time is it? Time for dessert! We decided to have dessert before dinner on our last day. If you think that sounds piggy, well it is. We stopped into Kimo’s (a Young House Love recommend) and caught their happy-hour drink specials and shared a massive macnut “hula pie”. It’s point “B” on the map. Yummy and huge so definitely share.

Now that dessert was out of the way, we made room for dinner. We stopped into Cool Cat Cafe where my sister and I split a veggie burger and our friend got a salad for the plane. We weren’t starving (obviously) but we knew we wouldn’t get to eat for another 8 hours.

We said our goodbyes to Lahaina, and she replied with a rainbow. Don’t worry, we’ll be back.

Hawaii Post 7: Ziplining + Maui Brewing Company

To catch you up to speed:
Post 1: The Hilton Waikoloa
Post 2: Waikoloa to Hilo
Post 3: Hilo to Volcano Village
Post 4: Volcano Village to Kona
Post 5: Kona to Maui
Post 6: Lahaina + Trilogy Boating Excursion

After yesterdays boating adventure, it was time for a beach visit. Originally we had grand plans to wake up at 3am (I know, ridiculous) and drive all the way to Haleakala to catch the sunrise. I’m sure this would have been amazing, but it just didn’t make sense because of where we were staying it would take 4-5hrs just for a 10 minute sunrise. Not worth our time this trip (although when I go back, I’ll make sure I get to see it). Instead we decided to hit the local beach, Napili Bay (point “B”).

The sand was so soft that it made for a great laying-out beach as well as snorkeling. At noon we went to Skyline Eco Adventures (near point “C”) to go ziplining! It was my first time. I didn’t bring my cell phone or camera because I didn’t want to lose either, although in hindsight it would have been okay to use a cell phone for photos. Sadly, there are no pictures of this excursion. If you click on the website link above you can see photos on their website of the lines we went down. What a cool experience and our guides Kevin and his partner in crime (who’s name I can’t pronounce or spell) were hilarious. You could tell they love their jobs and working with travelers. We did 8 (?) zips and ate lunch at a treehouse like structure overlooking a valley. They had a veggie option for me which was a tasty sandwich. They even give you a free water bottle and drinks and dessert when you finish. I highly recommend this company. They were a little more money than some of the other options, but provided food and a ton more zips! It’s the best bang-for-your-buck.

After ziplining we explored Whaler Village (also near point “C”) before heading back to our condo to get ready for dinner. It reminded us of the Grove, to put it in LA perspective. It’s also surrounded by large high-rise hotels and resorts so it’s very touristy. It was fun to walk through, but we didn’t stay too long. We drove up north of our condo to see the Ritz, but it wasn’t very open to the public so instead of catching the sunset there, we stopped back at Napili Beach.

After sunset we realized we never stopped in at the Maui Brewing Company. Since we saw the Kona Brewing Company on the Big Island, it only seems fair to see Maui’s. We knew we wanted to have dinner in Lahaina (at Cheese Burger in Paradise which was recommended by Young House Love)so we just stopped in for one drink. I ordered their coffee/coconut dark brew Coconut Porter. I love it.

Then we ate at Cheese Burger In Paradise (point “D”) while listening to a singer. The photo was good. Nothing fancy but a fun place to eat on the second floor overlooking Lahaina.

Of course we stopped back in a Ululani’s for another dose of shaved ice.

Can you tell we’ve eaten and ton on this trip? And indulged in so many tasty treats? It’s so hard not to with so much unique food in Hawaii. You can bet now that I’m back, it’s diet-city!

Hawaii Post 6: Lahaina + Trilogy Boating Excursion

To catch you up to speed:
Post 1: The Hilton Waikoloa
Post 2: Waikoloa to Hilo
Post 3: Hilo to Volcano Village
Post 4: Volcano Village to Kona
Post 5: Kona to Maui

We decided to spend all of our Maui time based out of a two bedroom condo in Napili/Kahana (point “A”). We stayed at Kahana Sunset where they rent these condos out, which are filled with amenities and a great deal for your money. We had two balconies, two bedrooms, and an ocean view. The property had a pool and private beach front. We were able to do laundry (in our unit) as well as cook meals. It cost the same price as a hotel but gave us so much more. Plus we were able to save money and meals and laundry access meant we could wash our beach towels and pack fewer clothes (saving on luggage checking fees). We were less than a mile from the gorgeous Napali Bay and a 15 minute drive north of Lahaina (a cute downtown area). I would gladly do this again.

Our first day in Maui was spent sleeping in, shopping for food and supplies for the rest of our trip, and lounging on the beach. After such a busy time on the Big Island it was nice to relax and enjoy paradise. That night we watched the sunset from our balcony.

Then we drove down to Lahaina to experience the “nightlife” (aka get dessert). Everything in Hawaii closes early, but at least this strip of shops and galleries stayed open a little later. Almost every night we would end up walking the streets here enjoying ourselves.

There are so many art galleries here that it was fun to window shop.

We HAD to get shaved ice and according to Yelp, we had to do it at Ululani’s Hawaiian Shaved Ice. This is a Hawaii must-do. They take a scoop of mac nut ice cream and pile shaved ice on top. You pick 3 flavors from a massive list, and they add the syrup on top. Once you eat through the ice, the ice cream takes on hints of flavor from the syrup. It’s awesome. Go here!

From there we went home because the next morning we had to get down to Maalaea Harbor Road where our Trilogy Boating Excursion would begin at 8am. If you come to Maui you have to do one of these scuba/boating adventures. It’s one of the highlights of our trip and Trilogy treated us like kings. We underestimated the time it takes to get to the harbor so we were a few minutes late and FRANTIC that they left without us. Instead of being fussy with us for holding up the boat they were extremely nice and casual about it. They took time to get to know everyone on the boat. They referred to us as the “LA Girls”. The group wasn’t that big, so it felt more intimate.

They fed us so much food. Fresh fruit and coffee and then the hot cinnamon rolls came around! After we did some snorkeling off of Molokini (which was so cool because the water was crystal clear) they fed us a fruit salsa with chips. The next diving spot was on the Kihei coast where I swam with a sea turtle! The waves were large which meant visibility wasn’t the best and it also made it easy to get off course but it was worth it to sea the turtles.

After the turtle spot they served up lunch, which for me (a pescetarian- a vegetarian that eats fish) was a veggie burger patty with rice and salad. It was very filling and they came around with seconds for everyone. And I stress that they came to us. They were so accommodating and worked hard to give us an awesome boating experience. The Captain of the boat was Brett (hilarious), and Mark (?) and his son Logan (super hot) where in charge of keeping us happy and helping the guests who were new to snorkeling. Dave (?) ran the Snooba program (which cost more so we didn’t do it). If I go back and do it again, I would request these guys, they were so amazing.

After lunch we took a sailing ride along the west edge of Maalaea Bay and relaxed. The suns heat dried us off and we got to talk to the crew about how they ended up in Hawaii and what they recommend we do on our trip. They also passed out vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce and offered beer for an extra couple bucks.

At 2/2:30p we docked in the harbor and our cruise had come to an end. Me made the drive back to our condo where we washed up and laid out on the deck.

That night we got dolled up and went to Mala (a mile north of downtown Lahaina). We all ordered fancy drinks and watched the sunset. This restaurant is right on the water (as you can see in my photos) and we got a table right out on the deck. We indulged in a tuna poke appetizer (a must for Hawaii) and I ordered a fish burger a my meal. We all loved the food and the view. This was a splurge night for us, as it is pricier than the places we had been going to, but when you’re on vacation sometimes it’s fun to get dressed up and have a fancy night.

Hawaii Post 1: The Hilton Waikoloa

The trip begins with the three of us (me, my sister, and our friend) landing at the outdoor airport in Kona (The Big Island) late at night. We stepped off the plane to breathe in the fresh air of this cool (tiny) airport, walk down the steps and right over to the taxi stand. All outside. We clearly aren’t on the main land anymore.

We rented a car because our Big Island journey involves a looping trip around the island. Split three ways, the price of having a rental car is totally worth it. We then drove to the Kona Walmart. This is also a must-do if you are traveling in Hawaii on a budget. We didn’t want to check ny bags (because of the fees) so we bought liquids and beach stuff here. We then stopped at Safeway and bought food for lunches/snacks for the trip. Do this. Food in Hawaii gets really expensive. For example expect to spend $6+ dollars just on your morning coffee. After loading up on food, drinks (for do-it-yourself happy hours), and beach mats/coolers we made the 20 mile (30 minute drive) to The Hilton Waikoloa Village.

We had three nights at this hotel. The first night we got in so late that we just crashed. Plus it gets so dark here that you can’t see more than ten feet from any lights. For example, the drive to the Hilton was all along the ocean but we couldn’t see any of it. This post is dedicated to our time in Waikoloa, which was spent entirely at the resort. This place is Disneyland. When we arrived they gave us a list of classes (some free and some cost extra) for our time at the hotel. We then took the tram to our hotel room. You heard me right, tram. This resort is so large that there are three modes of transportation: tram, boat, or walking.

Every morning I would leave the room at 7a just to explore the grounds while it was peaceful and quiet. It was fun to see the resort wake up, and there’s always something new to see. Here are my pictures from the trip.

There are several pools (with slides!) and the fun of this place is exploring and stumbling upon something new. They have everything from manmade pools to a massive lagoon and bay perfect for snorkeling and seeing wildlife.

They have tons of birds walking around, 2 “talking” birds in their lobby, and flamingos. The lagoon has resident sea turtles you can swim with. Oh yeah, and freakin’ DOLPHINS! DOLPHINS! You can swim with the dolphins for an extra fee, although watching them is free and I did plenty of that.

Each day we indulged in happy hour… which basically made the fancy drinks a normal price. And we figured out a way to hit two happy hours at two of the bars within the resort.

A big thing here, and all over Hawaii, are the sunsets. People flock to the lookout points to see the sunset, although you had a great view from anywhere here. At the resort, a boy blows the conch shell at sunset and runs around lighting all the tiki torches. It’s a really fun event to watch. Plus the torch lighters are pretty handsome.

These are the boys we had for our two sunsets. The second one actually said “How you doin'” to us mid-run.

Lastly, I want to share these photos. The first shows you how grafitti works here. All along the highway there tons of black rocks (from the volcano) which means that with white rocks people can spell messages. All along the main road/highway are these messages. It’s funny the lengths people go to write messages in rocks. The second picture I took while eating dinner at the cantina within the Hilton. This is one of the boat docking stations and we enjoyed watching it from our table.

This isn’t meant to be a Hilton ad, but it was a great “vacationy” way to begin our adventure. This was the only resort part of trip and it was nice to see a variety of places along the journey. This resort offered deals (as it was there off season) and of course the longer you stay the cheaper each night becomes. They also offer food packages that we didn’t get. We ate at the cheaper restaurants within the resort, made our own breakfasts, had leftovers for lunch, and sometimes made our own happy hour drinks. Thats why the first stop at the local Walmart is an important stop. We each splurged on the Hilton coffee ($6-7) every morning because it was so delicious we couldn’t resist.

Next up, we leave the resort and get to see the real Big Island. From Waikoloa to Hilo.