Weekend Find

Is everyone having a nice weekend? I had to share an awesome weekend find. While walking with my friend in Toluca Lake, we came across a box of free records. I glanced through not expecting to want any and stumbled upon 2 really cool covers. They were free so I thought, why not. I took them both and stopped at Urban Outfitters on the way home and got two 12″X12″ frames for $20. Now for $20 I have two new pieces of art. How cool is that? The photo above is over my favorite one. Moral of the story is get outside, go for a walk and only good things will come of it.

ALSO, tonight Neil Hamburger and guests Nick Thune, Body Stevens, and Kenny Strasser are playing at The Satellite in Silver Lake. Tickets are only $8 and this is a very cool venue. If I didn’t already have plans I would 100% be there. Get your tickets HERE.