Hot Tub Comedy Artwork



At last weeks Hot Tub comedy show Kurt and Kristen told us about Carl in NYC who came to all their shows. Now that the show’s in Los Angeles, Carl sent Kurt and Kristen a letter filled with “gifts”. Kurt took a picture of the audience and Carl selected an audience member (via text from NYC) to open the presents. Carl sent a random collection of photos and drawings. The photos were passed around to the back of the room… where I had my spot, so I kept one.

I bought the gold dotted vellum from Paper Source for $1.25, and I love it. The colors go well with my wall of artwork, and for sentimental reasons I don’t mind having a photo of a curtain framed in the mix. Also on the back of the photo Carl signed it and drew a little picture.

To see tons of photos and read about last weeks Hot Tub comedy show, check this out.