Hollywood Hills Girls Night/ Blackout

On Saturday night, after a day of rock climbing, my good friend Lindsey invited me and several other friends over for a
girls night at a home she was house sitting. Wine, pizza, Apples 2 Apples, and good friends make up for a perfect night so of course I was in.

Even the girly dogs were enjoying our girls night. How cute is she!

This photo is me acting out the Apples 2 Apples card, aka taking bizarre photos of hands. Well, in this case I was documenting a nice nail polish job… but I was still bizarre.

In the middle of our merriment, the power (and lights) went out to the sound of us all gasping. It had the true making of a horror film. 6 girls, house sitting in a giant home in the hills, when the power goes out and murder strikes! Okay, well no one got murdered. In fact, this house was the best place to lose power because the homeowner had so many candles and a fire pit outside, which we had already lit.

It was so eerie and cool. With the moon out and the views looking down into Beachwood Canyon and into Hollywoodland, it was so special. Beachwood Canyon was the only section without power, and we could see all the neighbors lighting candles creating a little glow around the neighborhood.

It felt like we should of had a talk with the unliving, although we didn’t. Movie night had to end (for obvious reasons), but our night didn’t as we chatted and drank wine which made for a fantastic night with mood (candle) lighting.

We toasted marshmallows and talked through the night.

The views out on the patio were unbelievable. And the night was a success. I stayed over at the house… so next up is my adventurous Sunday in Hollywood.

Manic Monday

It’s Monday again and after a busy day I’m starting to plan out my blogging for the week and it’s going to be gooood. Thank you to Golden Road Brewery for posting about my blog on Saturday and for my new readers, welcome to Life Absorbed. Get ready for a post about Saturday night in Hollywood and my Sunday Tibetan meal followed by Chinese New Year celebrations.

So did you go to any of the events listed in my weekend guide? No? Fear not, many of the coolest events are happening all week (aka Pacific Standard Time exhibit and Chinese New Year celebrations).

Since today was a “Manic Monday” (titular moment), I’ll have to leave you with this until tomorrow. After a few showers on Saturday morning the sky cleared and it ended up being beautiful. I bought a 6lb medicine ball at Big 5, and took a walk while carrying/tossing the medicine ball. I highly recommend it and it gave my arms a great workout.

I walked a few times this weekend and as you can tell from the pictures the sky was so pretty. On one of my walks I even bumped into Andy Garcia, who was very nice and polite. You never know what could happen on a walk.