Do This Today: LA Beer Week

la-beer-week-committee (photo from website)

I’m SO sad that I didn’t give you a Do This Today yesterday. It was go-go-go all day, so hopefully you found something fun todo. I’ll have to make it up to you.

Well it’s LA Beer Week. They had their big reception downtown at Union Station this past Sunday, but the fun continues with bars around LA hosting special events. Tonight Beechwood BBQ + Brewing is taking over Tony’s Darts Away in Burbank. Golden Road is hosting a panel discussion with Tomm Carroll. Click HERE for the list of breweries and bars participating!

Event: LA Beer Week (event link)
Location: All over LA
Time: Sept 19-29th, 2013

Do This Today: St. Paddy’s Day Stout @ Tony’s Darts Away


Are you ready for St Patrick’s Day? Tony’s Darts Away is doing an all weekend celebration! Expect a lot of porters and stouts (my favorite) and even oysters presented by the Oyster Boys. On Saturday at 5pm, the Oyster Boys will be in the house serving $2 oysters. Here’s the rundown copy and pasted right from there event. I can’t wait:


ALL WEEKEND we will offer specials including:
• Beer bread made from Old 38 Irish stout & Irish butter
• Oyster Mushroom ceviche (v)
• Chocolate Stout Pudding
• Corned Beef or Seitan (v) & Cabbage w/red potatoes
• The Incompetent Shepherd’s Pie (v)
And substitute a bun on any sausage for a choice of:
• Champ: Irish style mashed potatoes with butter & scallions
• Colcannon: Irish style mashed potatoes with bacon, onions, & braised cabbage) (vegan available)

Taplist to include:
• Ballast Point Victory at Sea Imperial Porter
• Alesmith Speedway Stout
• TAPS Balinese Stout
• Bear Republic Big Bear Stout
• Firestone Walker Walker’s Reserve Porter
• Hangar 24 Chocolate Porter
• Anderson Valley Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout
• Highwater Brewing Campfire Stout
• Island Brewing Co. Starry Night Stout
• Ventura Surf Brewery Oil Piers Porter
• North Coast Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout
…and more to be announced!

Event: St. Paddy’s @ Tonys (event link)
Location: Tony’s Darts Away, 1710 W. Magnolia Ave, Burbank, CA
Time: 12p – 2am
Cost: FREE to get in and tons of deals!

Do This Today: Fat Tuesday at Tony’s Darts Away


Today is Fat Tuesday! For people who don’t celebrate the religious aspects, you can still celebrate the FOOD aspect! Tony’s Darts Away in Burbank is doing a special Fat Tuesday menu including Okra hush puppies, Salmon Burgers, Artichoke Po’ Boys + Oyster Po’Boys, cajun sweet potato fries and kings cake(photo above)! If you’ve never been to Tony’s you should know they have boardgames and you can even bring your own. You’ll love it!

Event: Fat Tuesday @ Tonys (event link)
Location: Tony’s Darts Away, 1710 W. Magnolia Ave, Burbank, CA
Time: 12p – 2am
Cost: FREE to get it and dishes are $6-$10.75

Umami Burger

If you live in LA, then you’ve either been to or heard of Umami Burger. As a vegetarian, I can’t say I’ve thought much about it. In fact, my vegetarian friends said the veggie stuff that Umami has to offer is limited and not very good. Well, I decided to put it to the test. I went with two coworkers to the Umami Burger on Cahuenga by Space 1540.

The space itself is well designed and includes a large outdoor patio for sunny LA days. This isn’t your typical fast food burger joint.

After seeing only one veggie option on the menu, I asked the server about it and she said that in addition to that one item they offer any of the other burgers with a portobello mushroom substitute for the patty. If you don’t like mushrooms, then the menu would seem limited, but as a mushroom lover that meant I had a ton to choose from. I ended up going with the Earth Burger. It was a mushroom and edamame patty with white soy and truffle aioli, ricotta cheese, onions, lettuce and a tomato. I got a side of sweet potato fries which came with a garlic dipping sauce. Wow. This meal was awesome. I’m SO glad I decided to give Umami Burger a chance. I’m also curious to try one of the portobello burgers.

I’m sure you’ve heard tons of people rave about this place, but as a vegetarian I also found this burger restaurant delicious.

Weekend Guide March 30 + 31 + 1

Woo hoo! It’s Friday and time for the Weekend Guide! Do you have mega millions lottery fever? What would you do with 640 million dollars? In case you are one of the zillion people who don’t win this weekend… here are some cheap ideas for an awesome weekend in LA!

FRIDAY March 30:

Tonight from 6-9pm, Burbank is having Ladies Night Out which is when the shops stay open late and food trucks line the street to allow a night out of fun for Burbankers. I would suggest hitting this event and then heading down to Tony’s Darts Away for some fresh brews.

I know it’s technically not April yet, but tonight is First Friday at the Natural History Museum. Get there early because this event is always packed. Matthew Dear and Songodsuns are performing. Anthony Valdez and Eric J. Lawerence will be spinning in the DJ Lounge. Tickets are sold out but at 5pm they are selling tickets at the door, only $12! For an awesome night… that’s a great price.

SATURDAY March 31:

I know I’ve told you all about the Pacific Standard Time events that have been going on all year, but we are approaching the conclusion. As part of the celebration, on Saturday 20 museums are offering free admission. FREE ADMISSION! That’s such a good deal! You better take advantage of it! Check out the full list of museums involved HERE.

Do you want to see MORE art? The Brewery ArtWalk is open twice a year from 11am- 6pm and one of those times happens to be this weekend. To check out their website and see some of the art that will be displayed, check out this LINK

What? That’s not enough art for you and you want even MORE?? Well here it is! Maximillian Gallery has an exhibit opening from 6-8pm. The topic is street art in their New Urban Voices exhibit. They even have a street art blog (HERE) describing shots of graffiti from all over LA.

SUNDAY April 1:

On Sunday the Barnsdall Art Park is having an art sale from 11am to 4pm. That neighborhood is really cool. Come for the art and stay for the tour, sunshine, and views!

Neraby, from 12-5pm Royal T is holding a Recollection: Vintage Swap and Shop event. Guests are supposed to bring 3 items for the “swap rack” and expect to find some killer steals.

Now get outta work and have a nice weekend!

February 14th 2012

I, like most human beings, am not a fan of Valentines Day. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bitter and sad about it, I just have never had a romantic Valentines Day and therefore I see it as just another day. Maybe that sounds sad, but I really don’t mind. This year I bet you can guess where I spent my Tuesday February 14th… Tony’s Darts Away.

My good friends Lindsey, Michelle and her husband Tom joined me for an awesome night of tasty food, great beer, and Apples 2 Apples. Tony’s had a special Valentine’s Day menu which featured cupcake/beer pairings and beer floats. I began with my usual vegan apple sage dog (with vegan aioli, cheddar cheese, and frizzled onions- try it and you’ll love it), and Michelle ordered us the special truffle oil tater tots which came with a garlic based sauce. Unbelievable. I really hope this becomes a staple for their menu, and it gives their sweet potatoes a run for their money.

Despite it being the craziest night of the year to go out to a restaurant, we got a table without waiting too long and snagged the Apples 2 Apples box (which is their most popular game). We played for a while, and Michelle swept up. She could read us all like a book. Around 9:30p, it was time for something off their special Valentines Day dessert menu. Lindsey and I decided to split a “S’more” beer float. They used a dark stout with a scoop of chocolate gelato, which made it a smokey chocolate flavor. Michelle and Tom split the cupcake/beer paring of a coconut cupcake and the IPA beer they picked to go with it (the name escapes me). This combo was so tasty, we all had to try it. If you took a bite of the cupcake and had the flavor of coconut in your mouth, then took a sip of the IPA, it tasted like Malibu rum. We couldn’t believe how much it effected the flavor of the beer.

It makes me wonder if there are other flavor pairings that can really alter/enhance the flavor of the beer. Well I loved this menu and I hope it comes back for more than just February 14th. Hope you all had a lovely night last night. I know I’m a tad out of order in posts because I haven’t caught you up on last weekend yet, but it’s coming! Up next, Magic Castle!

ColLAboration Winterfest: Cancelled

I feel it’s my civic duty to let you know that ColLAboration Winterfest (which I wrote about HERE) is cancelled because of the wind storms the other night. I’m as bummed as you are and hopefully it will be rescheduled very soon. I found this out because I went to Tony’s Darts Away last night and saw this sign. But I am getting ahead of myself, let me start from the beginning.

After work I decided to hit up the Toluca Lake Open House on Riverside which is always a fun community event. While I was waiting for friends to get out of work and join me, I walked long Riverside to taste free goodies the restaurants were giving out and got a glimpse of santa and some real snow. When I reached Priscilla’s Gourmet Coffee (which was giving out free hot chocolate) I ran into my friend Jamie. We got our hot chocolates and were catching up when a group of older (40’s?) men walked by, one of which said to Jamie “I’ll take that” gesturing to her drink. She shook her head saying “this is mine” and he jokingly was still insisting on having her drink. Then a man in the group said “Kato Kaelin is trying to steal hot chocolate!” and they all laughed. And yes, this man was Kato Kaelin. It was a random funny moment from the night. After that I continued walking along Riverside to meet up with Lindsey and we got to explore more of the holiday open house. It was a good time.

From there we continued on to Tony’s Darts Away where when I went up to order they handed me back the mustache that I had left on the table last Tuesday night for their Movember event (more about that HERE). Only at Tony’s do they remember who you are and save things for you… man, that place is awesome. It was packed there last night with people playing board games (as it should be).


I was going to update about another LA Walk, but that will have to wait. I had so much fun tonight at Tony’s that I must explain it. Yes, that’s right, after 1 month of no-beer-turkey-trot-training, I’m back at Tony’s Darts Away in Burbank! Since I am facebook friends with Tony’s, as you all should be (HERE), I knew that they were having a deal on drinks for a cause. Tonight if you have a mustache and order off their specialty menu, they donate a $1 to a prostate cancer charity. Keep in mind, men with beards have a great advantage. Anywho, Amber and I decided to go and she found $2 mustaches at a local costume shop. Seeing as the money goes to a good cause, we just HAD to go to Tony’s ;). They were celebrating Movember which is all about growing mustaches in support of fighting prostate cancer.. check out the website HERE. A TAPS rep was there giving out free samples of TAPS Stout (super strong but yummy).

I think Amber would be okay with showing you this. She donned the “Scoundrel” which had lovely curves and I donned the “Partyboy” which made me look like my name was on a sex offender list somewhere. I had to tell you about this cool event and hopefully there are Movember events happening in your neighborhood. Check out the Threadless T-Shirt Challenge!