Do This Today: TJ Miller @ The Pleasure Chest (Comedy!)

Have you ever seen comedy in a sex shop? TJ Miller is headlining “Performance Anxiety” at The Pleasure Chest in West Hollywood tonight at 8p. It’ll be a fun night, for sure.

Event: Performance Anxiety 
Location: The Pleasure Chest, 7733 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90046
Time: 8pm
Cost: FREE Beer, FREE Parking, FREE Comedy
FIY: There will be live music here every Thursday in September, so come back next week if you miss it tonight.

Comedy Wednesday Bonus!

I had to do an extra bonus comedy post today, because I want to tell you about HBOgo’s new line of videos called “Digital Shorts”. They are basically HBO’s mini web series’, and they’ve got 4 shows that comprise this category. Two of those shows have comedians I am very excited about (as they are UCB’ers).

Brody Stevens: Enjoy it!
If you follow Zach Galafinakis on twitter, you probably saw him posting last night about Body’s new show on HBO. Those two are bros (Brody’s in practically all of Zach’s films). But you heard right, Brody Steven’s has a short-form series (Brody Stevens:Enjoy it!) on HBO so you can watch him all the time. It seems like you can only see previews on HBOgo (which I can’t add on this site), so click HERE to see clips!

Garfunkle and Oates:
You’ve read about them on my blog before (they are hilarious and very tallented) and now they have their own show. That’s right Garfunkle and Oats has a collection of videos so now the world can share in their comedy music. Here’s a video Riki Lindhome (the blonde of the duo) posted on her youtube account.

The Weekend Guide May 25 + 26 + 27 + 28

It’s Weekend Guide time!! I know I couldn’t give you one last week (which I feel bad about) but I’m sure you did awesome things all on your own. And now that I’m back it’s in time for a massive 3-day Weekend Guide. Score.


Tonight, per usual, the LACMA is doing Free Jazz Fridays. Come take a listen to this weeks performer, Ernie Andrews, and maybe stop by the Stark Bar for a drink (not free).

Burbank is doing another one of their “Ladies Night Out” which means food trucks, later hours, and a fun Friday night. Why not go, and then walk down Magnolia and check out Tony’s Darts Away.


I hope you like movies, because summer in LA means outdoor (and indoor) movie events! Lets start with the Echo Park Film Center (which does year round movie events). On Saturday they are going to screen the Artur Aristakisyan’s documentary Palms. On facebook it says it starts at 8am… but I find that hard to believe. I’m sure it’s supposed to be 8pm.

Looking for something a little more mainstream? The Drive-In is showing The Goonies, which is one of my favorites. Cinespia which hosts the cemetery screenings is showing Sabrina (another classic). And if that isn’t enough to choose from, Street Food Cinema is showing Napoleon Dynamite. Get tickets for that HERE. All these films are cheap and great group events. Pack a picnic basket or even just a blanket and get some food truck goods.


T.J. Miller is hosting another Hangover Sunday Matinee at the Silent Movie Theater on Fairfax. He’ll be screening The Bank Dick. Tickets are $12 and doors open at 11am for a brunch on the back patio. TJ is very cool, so you’ll enjoy this.

Tony’s Darts Away is hosting an event called Books and Brews: The Sriracha Cookbook from 12-9p. Their menu items will be based off the recipes, so if you like it hot check out Tony’s on Sunday.

Speaking of food, the JW Marriott downtown (Across from LA Live) is doing Blues and BBQ on Sundays all summer long. Check out the info HERE.

On Sunday night Neil Hamburger (Natasha Leggero, Brody Stevens, and John Roberts) are performing at the Satellite at 8pm. It’s a cool venue in Silver Lake and tickets are just $8! Such a god price for all those comedians. Get tickets HERE.


LACMA is having it’s Free Museum Day (presented by my nemesis, Target). Come check it out! You can bet I’ll be there. They have a Vanity Fair exhibit going on right now featuring Annie Leibovitz work. Did I ever tell you about the time someone gave me her notebook while I was working. Yeah, it was awesome. I gave it back to her of course, but it was so cool.

When you’re done with the LACMA check out the Satellite for free music all night! It’ll be sweet. Come listen to Caught A Ghost, Busy Living, True Loves, Dirty Murdered Birds etc.

Now enjoy! It’s summer! I leave you with a link to animals being adorable. I’m not normally into cute things but this is pretty funny, 35 Animals That Need Your Help.

I completely left off an awesome event happening this weekend… infact it’s starting right now! It’s the Silver Lake Jubilee! Bands, food trucks, comedians, crafts and more! It’s $35 for a weekend pass or $20 for a day pass. It’s kind of alot, but if you make the day of it it’s a good deal.

Weekend Find

Is everyone having a nice weekend? I had to share an awesome weekend find. While walking with my friend in Toluca Lake, we came across a box of free records. I glanced through not expecting to want any and stumbled upon 2 really cool covers. They were free so I thought, why not. I took them both and stopped at Urban Outfitters on the way home and got two 12″X12″ frames for $20. Now for $20 I have two new pieces of art. How cool is that? The photo above is over my favorite one. Moral of the story is get outside, go for a walk and only good things will come of it.

ALSO, tonight Neil Hamburger and guests Nick Thune, Body Stevens, and Kenny Strasser are playing at The Satellite in Silver Lake. Tickets are only $8 and this is a very cool venue. If I didn’t already have plans I would 100% be there. Get your tickets HERE.