How Brilliant People Spend Their Day


I’ve been slammed with work these days, and it seems like I eat/sleep/breathe work, which kills my creative spirit. Thankfully I know change is in the air and that this current schedule won’t be mine forever (more on that later this year). I saw THIS ARTICLE online about how brilliant people spend their time and I find it fascinating. So for fun, I made a pie chart of my current life. Im clearly not brilliant, but it’s fun to compare schedules with the greats. Obviously weekends are different than midweek, and I do different things each night, but I would say this sums up my average day:


Isn’t that pretty sad? Depressing. Hopefully later today I’ll update with my dream schedule of how I spend my time. But hopefully now you understand a little more of why I have to skip blogging some times or why posts go out late. In 4 months my schedule will be completely different and I’m excited for the change.

How does your pie chart compare to the brilliant people in history? Are you more of a Beethoven or a Freud?