Weekend Guide: Two Roads Brewing Co. Igor’s Dream


On Saturday January 24th, check out Two Roads Brewing for their release of their new Imperial Stout! It’s aged in rye whiskey barrels, and if you are a stout lover like I am, it’s gonna be goooood. If you go in the mooring, hit them up for breakfast, or come around noon when the beer is released and grab lunch at the food trucks coming: Bodega and Firehouse Grill. Should be a fun Saturday!

Event: Two Roads Brewing (event link)
Location: Two Roads Brewing, 1700 Stratford Ave, Stratford, CT 06615
Time: Saturday January 24, 2014, Open at 10a bottles available at 12p

Do This Today: Blue Point Brewing Takes Over Dive Bar


It’s officially winter without all the jazziness of Christmas. It’s cold and you better warm up by checking out Dive Bar tonight in West Haven and tasting some of Blue Point Brewing Co’s limited selections. Blue Point will be taking over Dive Bar tonight, so CT beer lovers, get your boots on and head over.

Event: Blue Point Brewing Company takes over Dive Bar
Location: Dive bar, 24 Ocean Ave, West Haven CT
Time: January 6, 2015
Cost: Free to go, but the beer will cost ya’

Do This Today: Artists On Tap @Angel City


Check out Art Walk tonight in Downtown LA and stop into Angel City Brewery and Public House. It runs tonight through July 7th (so you have extra time to see it), but the grand opening is tonight and it’s sure to be a fun time. Plus it’s during Art Walk!

Event: Artists on Tap at DTLA Art Walk (event link)
Location: Angel City Brewery, 216 South Alameda Street, Los Angeles, CA
Time: Thursday June 13, 6-10pm
Cost: FREE!

Do This Today: The Super Serious Show


Come check out The Super Serious Show tonight! Tickets are $10 and include free wine from Cube Cafe, free beer from Eagle Rock Brewery and free drinks from Aqua Hydrate. The Urban Overn food truck will be parked out back, so come early to get some food free beer and a great seat. Tonight It’ll be featuring Paul F. Tompkins with Andy Haynes, Bobcat Goldthwait (legend!), Dave Anthony, Dr. Brown, Little Esther, Red Bastard and videos by Britanick. I’ve been to this show and it’s a very fun night.

Event: The Super Serious Show (event link)
Location: Cafe Club Fais Do-Do, 5253 W. Adams Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90016
Time: Thursday Feb 21, 7pm
Cost: $10 presale (get tickets here!) includes free beer and wine
FYI: This neighborhood is sketchy, but the event is awesome. Bring a friend and check it out.

Do This Today: Comedy Bender


If you’re new to this blog, I love comedy. I love the Pub at Golden Road. What happens when those two things come together? It’s called Comedy Bender and it’s happening tonight at 9pm. Tonights comedians include Rick Shapiro, Heather Turman, Jake Weisman, Asterios Kokkinos, Sofiya Alexandra, Lizzy Cooperman, Sam Obied, and Dave Sirus. Goldens beer selection is massive and their menu is super delicious, so come ready to eat and laugh.

Event: Comedy Bender (event link)
Location: Golden Road Brewing Co., 5430 San Fernando Rd. West, Los Angeles, CA
Time: 9pm
Cost: Free
FYI: Golden has a free parking lot and tons of close parking!

Do This Today: The Super Serious Show


Come check out The Super Serious Show tonight! Tickets are $10 and include free wine from Cube Cafe, free beer from Eagle Rock Brewery and free drinks from Aqua Hydrate. The Mandoline Grill food truck will be parked out back, so come early to get some food free beer and a great seat. Tonight It’ll be featuring Jimmy Pardo with Andres du Bouchet, Beth Stelling, Jon Dore, Levi Macdougall, Ron Fuches, and videos by Jonah Ray. I’ve been to this show and it’s a very fun night.

Event: The Super Serious Show (event link)
Location: Cafe Club Fais Do-Do, 5253 W. Adams Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90016
Time: Thursday Jan 17, 7pm
Cost: $10 presale (get tickets here!) includes free beer and wine
FYI: This neighborhood is sketchy, but the event is awesome. Bring a friend and check it out.

Tubing the Kern River

This past weekend I was invited to rapids/lazy river that is the Kern. My last experience with the Kern River was 2 years ago, when my boyfriend at the time and I joined a meetup group to experience a whitewater rafting adventure. Doing these type of meetups (through meetup.com) are awesome. You get to meet a group of cool people who also live in Southern California and want to experience adventure. It’s like a weekend at summer camp, and when you leave you’ve made life friends. This first trip is where I met Amber (who I’ve written about here before and who was also on this trip) and many others I still keep in touch with. If you want to explore the outdoors but don’t have anyone to do it with, join these trips. They are often lead by super experienced guides who want to teach you, so newbies are very welcomed.

This trip, almost exactly 2 years later, was less of a whitewater rafting trip and instead a tubing adventure. This past winter Southern California got very little rain/snow in the mountains and this river is powered by that melting snow. You can imagine, the water was very low.

We camped at the Frandy Campground, which is a great place to stay. It’s right along the river, so if you drive up the road and get into the water you can end at the campsite (where you have another car waiting to pick-up the other car). It’s a lot of coordinating to make sure the pick-up/drop-off works out.

Here you can see the challenge of getting the tubes to the launch site. The Frandy
Campground has a very powerful pump, which makes blowing up tubes fast and easy. But this also means you have to bring them to the river blown up. The photo below was taken by a member of our group. This was also a successful ride with the tubes. We had one drive where they all came undone in the street. Oh well, we did your best.

The next two photos were also taken by people in our group. I was too worried about my camera to bring it since it’s not waterproof. Their GoPro’s got some great shots! You can see the river is perfect for lounging…

…and then it gets rocky and wild! That’s me folks, and I LOVED taking on the rapids in the tube. So much fun. And yes, I did fall out once, but it was worth the bruises.

After a Saturday full of tubing (we did 2 long runs) we washed up and decided to take a tour around the cute little town of Kernville. It’s not very big so it didn’t take long at all, but there’s something really fun about a small town. And you know how I love to walk.

See, it’s like a ghost town! Doesn’t it look like a movie set? I should mention that my car registered it was 112 degrees at high noon on Saturday. It probably averaged around 100 for the weekend. This meant you needed to be in the water because the bathwater temperature of the river felt so refreshing. I mention this now, because the above photo of the “ICE” sign was taken when we would have loved to pour it over our heads.

A western easily could shoot here. Swap the cars for horses and maybe we’d catch a glimpse of John Wayne.

We stopped in what looked like a tiny gift shop, which ended up being quite large as it just kept going and going. “Howdy,” says the bear.

That night we had a celebratory dinner at the Kern River Brewing Company. If you like dark beer, try their Class V Stout. Quite tasty!

This was the place ot be on a Saturday Night and you could tell the locals love this bar/restaurant. They even had live music. You can see below, Jacqueline Taylor (a mother of two) was raising money to audition on American Idol in Oklahoma. She was a fine singer but I don’t get why she couldn’t audition in LA. It’s a three hour drive away, which is basically a half a tank of gas away. She was trying to raise $3000 (?) to get to Oklahoma. Why? Well, good luck to Jacqueline. Maybe you’ll be the next American Idol.

I had to add this photo, as all of the food we served in bowls, so we had a table full of bowls. I got the fish tacos with a side of the cheesy garlic fries. It was I’m sure high in calorie, and totally worth it. The fries were especially tasty. After getting such a workout on the river (hand-paddling takes a lot of arm work) this was a nice celebratory meal.

It’s campfire time!!

We played The Cards Against Humanity (like I played in Chicago) and I tied for first place. I must have a sick mind. We played while wearing headlamps. I’m sure we looked like geeks but we had a blast. And of course, no camping trip would be complete without s’mores!

I had such a great trip and I hope to do many more activities with this group of people. Maybe even some canyoneering! Getting out of LA was so easy and camping is so cheap once you own the gear (which I do). It’s shocking to me that this was my first camping trip of the year and I hope to go on more this summer. This was also on my list of goals for the year, so already I’m crossing things off. At the end of the month I’ll take another look at that list of goals, since 2012 is flying by!

Cape Cod Beer Tour

If you’ve been following my Chicago trip, it was time to move along and instead of heading back to Los Angeles I continued on to the East Coast. The next and final leg of my trip is a week spent in Cape Cod, MA with my parents.

There will be four installments detailing great day trips you can take around the Cape, but the first starts with one of my favorite things, a brewery tour. Hyannis is home to Cape Cod Beer. On Saturdays and Tuesdays in the summer they do brewery tours. Since it’s basically one room, it was less of a tour and more of an open house with a lesson all about how beer is made. I loved it! Each round of describing the brewing process came with a dixi cup taste of their unique brews. Did I mention it’s all FREE! Given that it was the week of the 4th of July (the busiest week on the Cape) it was a full house.

See all the people? I love that it was packed, because it means people are interested. It was a lovely day, which means these people all had to forgo a morning of beaching to attend this. It was also 11am, so an early hour for free beer samples.

Above is the woman giving the lesson on beer. She really knew her stuff and based on a comment she made, I think she’s married to the owner.

This whiteboard is where they keep track of the vats and the brewing process.

One interesting thing she brought up is that the most expensive part of selling the beer in the packaging of a 6 pack. Not only do you have to print the labels for the bottels but also the cardboard container that holds the beer. They do a lot of their business via kegs in local establishments. This is cost effective and better for the environment. I never really thought about the money and time that goes into creating a 6-pack verse a keg, which doesn’t even have a label nd gets reused.

For you home brewers, their gift shop has more than just stickers and tee-shirts. They also have ingredients for you to make your own. How many breweries encourage you to make your own? Not many. Cape Cod Beer isn’t looking to take over the world, infact they want to only stay local, and you can tell they do it because they love it! They also care alot about the community. Check out their website to see a list of all the events they have going on this summer.


I was going to update about another LA Walk, but that will have to wait. I had so much fun tonight at Tony’s that I must explain it. Yes, that’s right, after 1 month of no-beer-turkey-trot-training, I’m back at Tony’s Darts Away in Burbank! Since I am facebook friends with Tony’s, as you all should be (HERE), I knew that they were having a deal on drinks for a cause. Tonight if you have a mustache and order off their specialty menu, they donate a $1 to a prostate cancer charity. Keep in mind, men with beards have a great advantage. Anywho, Amber and I decided to go and she found $2 mustaches at a local costume shop. Seeing as the money goes to a good cause, we just HAD to go to Tony’s ;). They were celebrating Movember which is all about growing mustaches in support of fighting prostate cancer.. check out the website HERE. A TAPS rep was there giving out free samples of TAPS Stout (super strong but yummy).

I think Amber would be okay with showing you this. She donned the “Scoundrel” which had lovely curves and I donned the “Partyboy” which made me look like my name was on a sex offender list somewhere. I had to tell you about this cool event and hopefully there are Movember events happening in your neighborhood. Check out the Threadless T-Shirt Challenge!

Golden Road Brewing Company

Sunday afternoon, Golden Road Brewery opened its doors to the public. Did you go?

Taken from their Facebook page.

I met up with my friends Amber, Adam, Michelle and Tom for a delightful tasting around 2pm. A $20 ticket to the brewery got you a glass with the logo to keep and 3 drink tickets. I started by exploring the compound which is tucked away on the west side of the train tracks by San Fernando Rd in Glendale. The brewery owns three large buildings (painted primary colors). I began by entering the building most north on the property. This warehouse contains the brewery vats and had a tasting station of one of the new Golden Road brews. Before I could claim one of my three drink tickets to this beer I had to explore all my options. I walked through a large open paved space which had 2 food trucks serving for the event.

I need to go get more!

I continued into the next building which was a large pretty bare warehouse. In here they had several beers on tap including sours, Avery sours to be exact. Rumor around the event was that Mr. Avery himself was attending the opening. Just outside this building was a beer truck with 5 additional beers on tap. I knew immediately where I would use my first ticket: Stone Smoked Porter with Vanilla Bean. So yummy, I couldn’t resist. The people working the event were great and so knowledgeable.

Before I could use ticket number 2, I had to explore the last building on the compound. This most southern building was closed off, but had a patio area that patrons were using as well as an open paved area with several more beers on tap. I decided to go with the Golden Road Hefaviesen, which was very good. I tend to like dark sweet beer, but the Hef was a refreshing change for me.

The event itself ran from 2-7p, and I had dinner plans so had to leave around 5. The three hours I was there for flew by. It had a great crowd, busy but you never had to wait long to get a drink. The spaces are so large that it was easy to spread out and my group of friends even snagged a table. I recognized some of the bar tenders from Tony’s Darts joking around and taking photos together. Tony’s is really a family of friends and seeing them celebrate the culmination of their efforts was special.

I actually went to Tony’s Darts Away last night and talked with one of the bartenders

Taken from their Facebook page.

about the event. She said she came late to the event and Tony himself sat with his employees and talked about his plans. Eventually the warehouse with all the vats will become the canning and bottling area. The third, most southern building will become a tasting room and restaurant. His goal is to have his beer served at all the bars around LA, and seeing how his empire has grown so dramatically in the last year, I doubt this goal will take very long to reach.

I’m looking forward to that tasting room opening, but in the meantime I have Tony’s. Ill keep you posted on any events like this that they have in the future. LIKE them on facebook and you can be updated directly.