Comedy Bang Bang (August 22, 2012)

It’s Comedy Wednesday! This week Doug Love Movies didn’t happen before Comedy Bang Bang, which was prefect because I got to see the Pete Holmes pilot taping without missing anything. If you want to go to Comedy Bang Bang, check out THIS website on Friday at noon when tickets go on sale. They sell out almost instantly so get’em if you can, and at $5 a ticket, it’s the best price in town.

John Chavo?? was this weeks host. I can not for the life of me find his name on the internet, which means I’m spelling it probably way wrong. I don’t feel too bad, as he wasn’t my favorite comedian. If anyone knows his name, please let me know!


Sean O’Connor (his website) was up next. He was new to me and very funny. He’s currently working on Shaq’s new show and told the hilarious story of him getting suspended for 1 month from his Catholic high school for shooting “gay porn” in order to pick up chicks. Yeah see, hilarious. Follow him on twitter @seanoconnz.


Brent Weinbach (his website) was next on the line-up. I’ve seen him several times and tonight he did all new material (to me). He also showed this NSFW video.. it’s super NSFW even the censored version. Follow him on twitter @BrentWeinbach.


Baron Vaughn (his website) was my favorite comedian of the night. I’ve seen him many times and his show is always different. He’s so natural on stage, his comedy style makes you feel like he’s a friend telling you a story. I saw him walk past me outside UCB, so I knew he’d be performing and right then I knew it was going to be a great night. Follow him on twitter @barvonblaq.


Dave Anthony (his website) followed up next. He was very funny and told a story about his son and an unfortunate babysitting scenario involving his 3 year old son, his neighbors 3 year old daughter, and “big penis!”. Good stuff! Follow him on twitter @daveanthony.


Chris Fairbanks (his website) came out next. This was my first time seeing him perform. I thought he was excellent. You could tell all the comedians were trying out material and a little jittery, and I think that had to do with the audience having low energy. That being said, everyone was still so fun to watch and Chris was great. Follow him on twitter @chrisfairbanks.


Andy Kindler (his website) was the last comedian of the night. He had a lot of energy, which is always good for the last comedian of the night. He was great and will be performing with Marc Maron, Todd Glass, Neil Hamburger, and Nick Kroll at the Improv on Saturday. Get tickets HERE (use coupon code KIND, although they might be out)  Follow him on twitter @andykindler.

The Super Serious Show (June 21, 2012)

Greetings from Chicago! Get ready for the fastest comedy update ever. Last week I went to the Super Serious Show in LA with my friend Jamie. IT’s located at the Cafe Club Fais Do-Do in a Culver City adjacent neighborhood. Aka, it’s in the ghetto. Go with a friend, but be show to go because it’s an awesome venue for comedy. They offered half price tickets, so I got 2 tickets for $15 which includes free beer and wine.

The comedians were excellent, but due to time restraints I can’t go into details. They were all excellent. Baron Vaughn was a hilarious host and I’ve been quoting the bits from the night ever since.

The show happens once a month, with different comedians all the time. Look how artistic the stage looks (below). They also had the Border Grill food truck there, and I had lovely veggie tacos for dinner. It was a fun cheap night in LA!

Comedy Bang Bang: May 29, 2012

I’m taking a break from Hawaii posts to tell you about Comedy Bang Bang‘s live show last night at UCB in Los Angeles. I was lucky enough to get tickets last Friday (since they go on sale every Friday at noon) and see the show at 8:30p, as well as Doug Loves Movies free live podcast taping at 7:30p. You know my usual cell phone photo-taking issues, so only 4 of the 12 that I took actually stayed in the camera. I wonder where all those other pictures go? Hopefully Ill have a new phone within the next few months, which will greatly improve all my comedy posts. Oh well. So no photos of DLM. But Greg Proops was the guest with three other people (I’m so bad, I can’t remember their names). The podcast episode will be out soon, and I’ll have to update you.

Comedy Bang Bang was really awesome this week. The host was Chris Gethard (yup.. get hard) who is about to embark on a journey to Bonnaroo.

His goal is to get to Bonnaroo by using Americas help. With just a change of clothes, his cell phone and solar charger (and a camera crew following behind) Chris needs to get across the country. While his crew will be in hotels, Chris has zero money and is relying on twitter followers to help put him up. The crew following him is constantly editing the footage so that when he arrives at the show next weekend, he’ll have a video in his hand of his whole trip. He was nervous about it, but I think it’s genius. Watch this video made last night at UCB:

If you want to help Chris Gethard, tweet him #BonnarooGethard

The first guest was Dana Gould, always a classic. My cell phone failed me, so the photo of him didn’t save. But I did find this clip online of Dana doing part of a set that he did last night (about his father).

Next up was Gabe Liedman, who I’ve seen perform with Jenny Slate at Largo in the past. He’s hilarious and doing his cd taping at UCB tomorrow night! I’m SHOCKED that there are still tickets left. It’s only $5 and he’s awesome.. and your laughs will forever be memorialized on a cd. Plus Jenny Slate is opening for him. That’s pretty cool. Get tickets HERE. Here’s a video (I found on the internet and did not film myself) that you should watch. He did this bit last night and it rocked.

Here’s the crappy cell photo I took:

After Gabe, Brent Weinbach came up and did a set. I saw him this past Sunday at the Silver Lake Jubilee, and I wondered if I’d see him at UCB… sure enough I did! He did a very similar set to Sunday’s show. I actually enjoy seeing comedians do the same bits twice because you can see what parts they are reworking to get more laughs. It lets you look into how they’re bettering their craft. Here’s the crappy cell photo of him:

Here’s a video I found of him online (doing a bit that I saw him do last night):

After Brent, Jay Chandraskhar took the stage. He’s directed a bunch of big projects like Super Troopers, Beerfest and Arrested Development. He’s actually directed a show I worked on, Friends With Benefits. I had no clue he did standup, so it was fun seeing him perform. My phone wasn’t able to keep the photos I took of him.. grrr.

Here’s a video of him I found online (that I didn’t record):


Next up, Harris Wittels. He’s commented on this blog before (yes, that was my favorite day too) and I was lucky enough to get a ticket coincidentally the night he did a set at CBB. He basically did his foam-corner. Fans of the Comedy Bang Bang podcast know what I’m talking about. He read tweets and did some material that was new to me. Pretty great and always a crowd favorite. You can’t help but have a crush on this guy.

Okay, moving along… Rory Scovel was the closer. I’ve heard his name before but I don’t think I’ve seen him in person before. He was really funny and now on my radar to see again. Here’s another video I found online to give you a taste of what he’s like:

For those of you wanting more comedy this week, there are two very cool shows tomorrow night. The first is Eric Andre’s show at The Satellite in Silver Lake. Tickets are $12, doors open at 7 and the show’s at 8p. Brent Weinbach will be there, so if you missed CBB this week you can catch him there.

The second show tomorrow night is Maria Bamford (So funny!) at an event called Gallows Humor. Show starts at 8p and tickets are $5. The venue is Vlad the Retailer (new to me) at 4270 Melrose Ave in Los Feliz. Free wine and beer and a dj plus a line-up of comedians. You can bet money I’ll be there.