Quick Getaway


Hi All! I’ve taken tomorrow off work and will be jet-setting off to Cape Cod to spend some quality weekend time with my family. I doubt a Weekend Guide will happen, but hopefully I’ll get a “hello” in there over the weekend. Happy early Labor Day Weekend everybody!

DIY Bon Voyage Party Decorations

As you just learned, my sister As Her World Turns just moved out of Los Angeles to embark on an endless trip around the world. We were sad to see her go, but excited for her, as this has been something she’s talked about since we were kids. There’s no way she could leave without us throwing some kind of Bon Voyage (and coincidentally, Birthday) celebration.


She chose the venue of Cafe Gratitude in Larchmont Village. You can see above, Kelocity and I made map party hats, goodie bags, map pennants, stamp+map confetti and more!


The balloons were cheap and so easy to get from Vine America. They have so many color options and even had globe balloons! To make the map party hats I just collected a variety of fun map images online and printed them onto 11X17 paper. I made a hat prototype to get the cone shape and then traced that shape onto all of the map papers. I bought elastic string for like $1.50 at Michaels. Once you get the cone shape and cut two holes for the elastic it was helpful to staple the string in place in addition to the knot. None of the hats ripped during the party and it made for some fun photos.


The map pennants were made with some yellow yarn and triangles cut out of some AAA maps. The scrap pieces of map were turned into confetti with my circle cutter (which I used in THIS art project). I also cut out stamps as more table confetti. Lastly, I made little colorful picture holders to fit my polaroid film. These images fit perfectly in a little moleskin sketch pad. The pad was passed around and people took photos and wrote notes to my sister wishing her a safe trip. It’ll be a nice little memory that she can carry around and look at when she’s missing home.

Around The World She Goes!


I am not the only blogger in the family, and my travel blogging sister (As Her World Turns) embarked on a long journey at 11pm at LAX last night. Check out the link to her blog and you can follow her journey as she spends the next 10+months traveling the globe. She also worked in television for many years on the soap opera Young and the Restless (she’s an Emmy winner!). She quit her job, sold her condo, her car, and most of her belongings so all she owns are some goods in a storage unit and whatever is in the bag on her back. Is that an adventure or what?!

I will have posts this week showing her bon voyage celebration (great tips for DIY party decorating). Check out the link to her blog and you can follow her journey as she spends the next 10+months traveling the globe.