Clue #5… so close!

You’ve seen clue #1clue #2clue #3, clue #4… and we are SO close to the big reveal, so I thought I’d share some out-takes:

I didn’t realize I would end up on camera.. so I was not exactly dressed up- I didn’t even have my contacts in! Oh well… the final photos are still being edited, so more on that later. People were asking for an update, so I had to share. All photos courtesy of Erica Meyer. Contact me if you want her for your own shoot or event. I’ll have more on her when I post the final photos.

Clue #4

You’ve seen clue #1clue #2, and clue #3… now it’s time for sneak peak #4!

It’s all coming together and I’m starting to get really excited!

The above photo gives you a peak at my work space, aka my office/closet. It’s genius, but more on that another time.