My Birthday Week


I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I’ve been pretty quiet this week. While I’m no longer in Africa, I’m still technically on vacation. This week (cough Tuesday) happened to be my 28th birthday. I know, I’m so old I fart dust. It’s been a fun week of celebration.

On my actual birthday my friend Jess and I drove down to Westport, CT to explore. We took the Merritt Parkway out there (so pretty), hit=up West Elm (well, because it’s West Elm), and then meandered back along the coast. We even stopped off and found Martha Stewart’s former property (Turkey Hill, Westport). We stopped at beaches to walk around, and I got a tuna sandwich at Oscar’s Deli.

(Wandering around Westport, CT)

(The PEZ Visitors Center)

See, such a pretty day! We also stopped into the PEZ Visitors Center in Orange. How cool is that?! That make and package PEZ in CT and they built a beautiful visitor’s center, with games, puzzles, and a find-the-7-dwarfs pez dispensers to win a free pez holder and candy. IT’s a game everyone plays and wins. The price is $5, but comes with a coupon to use in the gift shop as well as the free pez at the end of the visit… it felt like we got back the $5 we paid. I highly recommend stopping in there!

For a special birthday dinner my parents and I went to Geronimo in New Haven. It was a great meal and the restaurant atmosphere/decor is a lot of fun. My mom made me a special birthday cake and then I crashed. I’m still on Africa time!


Yesterday I trekked into New York City on a Metro-North train. Met my friend Lily for lunch and then my friend Diana joined me for a walk along the river and High Line visit. I love that place, and they keep expanding it! It’s so fun at sunset to just walk above the city, free of cars.

Then Dot, Diana, Sally, Lily and I had a fabulous dinner at En Japanese Brasserie. Dot took the photo of me at the top of the post. These girls are the best 🙂 I took a sleepy ride back to CT last night and have been working all day today.

I hope to have some Africa posts up soon, I’ve just got a packed schedule here as you can see above. I’ve also got some friends and family to see while I’m on the east coast.  I promise things will be back to normal soon enough.

Happy Birthday Life Absorbed!

(photo taken from HERE)

That’s right folks! Today I’m 1 year old. It’s gone SO fast and it’s especially fun to look back and see where I was 1 year ago. It’s been a magical year for me. Getting to do all these fun activities around Los Angeles and then getting to share them with you. I can’t tell you how much happiness I get from all aspects of writing this blog. The encouragement from friends and from the blogging world is really fantastic. The new people I’ve gotten to meet in the last year has been a treat. And I like to think I’ve provided some sort of service to the community that my 9-5 job isn’t providing. Keep being awesome LA! And keep providing plenty of fun cheap adventures for me to go on. Here’s to another great year, CHEERS!

It’s my Birthday

It’s August 19th, which means it’s my birthday (not LA’s birthday which is October 4). I’m another year older and another year wiser. I dread my birthday usually, but this year hasn’t been so bad. I’m not reaching any kind of landmark birthday, so according to Patton Oswald, I shouldn’t even be celebrating it. In fact I’m barely celebrating. I usually drink wine alone, and take a cry-bath (that really is tradition) but this year doesn’t seem like a cry-bath year. This year, along with last year, has been fantastic and worthy of a little celebrating.