Do This Today: American Craft Beer Week

(Photo by Erika Bolden)

I love craft beer. There, I said it. This week happens to be American Craft Beer Week (in my house I call it “Friday Night”). Tonight Ladyface Alehouse has Archived Ales on tap. Select Beer Store is being taken over by Stone Brewing. West 4th & Jane is having Sam Adams Brewery Night trying out 4 rare brews of theirs. The Surly Goat is having Firestone Night. Wades Wines is doing Stone Brewing Rare Vertical Tasting (through Sunday- and this place is awesome). City Tavern will be doing 9 selections of Drake’s Brewing. Little Bear will be taken over by Avery Brewing at 6pm. How cool is this? One of these places has to be in your neighborhood. Check it out!


Boneyard Bistro: Stout Night

Stout Night

As Beer Week continues, I found myself at Boneyard Bistro on Tuesday night for their Stout Night. As a stout fan, I couldn’t pass it up. As a human being, I was exhausted. But sleeping is for the dead, and Im thankful I joined Amber for a lovely beer tasting at Sherman Oak’s Boneyard Bistro. I tried the Nectar Ales Black Xantus and the Bear Republic Old Baba Yaga which were 4oz for $4. It was a great way to try new brews without going overboard in price or quantity. The Zantus was amazing and so full of chocolate and cherry flavor that I had to take my time drinking it. The Yaga was very strong and had a coconut flavor, this too was a sipper for me. Did you go? What did you get? Is there one on the list I should try?

The past 2 weeks have been fabulous, trying new beers and exploring new bars with good prices. The final event will be happening this Sunday at Union Station (take the metro!) and tickets are $45. That’s a bit costly for me, but beer lovers won’t want to miss the over 70 local breweries that will be serving up at the event.

Although beer week is coming to an end, that doesn’t mean awesome beer events have to stop. Hopefully you tried some new brews and have some new favorite bars. If you’re still jonesing for a cool beer event, you don’t need to wait long. On Saturday October 29th Drink and Hunt LA is hosting a boozy Halloween scavenger hunt. Check out the link and get your $25 tickets through Thrillist for a deal.

Taken from Thrillist’s website