Catching Up… Hollywood Farmers Market

I’m going to assume everyone watched the Super Bowl and/or Puppy Bowl so we aren’t even going to chat about that. I’ve had such a crazy week last week that I’m not even caught up with last weekend, let alone this week. So let me take you back in time.. back to Sunday January 29th. To catch you up to speed, check out where I left off HERE.

So it’s Sunday morning and I’m waking up with my good friends Michelle and Lindsey in a gorgeous home at the top of Beechwood Canyon. There’s nothing like sipping coffee on a patio with good friends on a sunny Sunday overlooking the canyon. If I lived here, I would do this every morning.

Eventually we all had to go our separate ways, and as I had a free Sunday to get a few errands done, I decided to walk down to the Hollywood Farmers Market and explore Beechwood and Hollywood. Coincidentally, my Sunday goal was to do a walk from my Secret Stairs book and there happened to be a Beechwood Canyon walk in my book (Walk #34).

At this point my phone and camera batteries were dying, so photos had to be kept to minimum to reserve power. The walk down the canyon was extremely winding and therefor so much longer than it looked. Don’t get me wrong, I had all day to be out in the sun so I loved every second of it. I soaked up the vitamin D. Eventually I made it down the hill and into Hollywood where the Farmers Market was in full swing.

This was a packed market with all sorts of booths. They had fruits and veggies, fresh seafood, flowers, honey, and activists walking around trying to to get their messages out.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get photos of this, but at the end of the market is Hennessey and Ingalls (art bookstore), and a Umami Burger located at Space 1520. This is like a hipster outdoor shopping mall complete with live dj. It’s a small courtyard, but packed with hippy goods and peddlers. I’m so bummed I didn’t get any photos of this, although I have a rule about taking photos in religious spaces and this was clearly Hipster Mecca. I had to respect that.

Since I had just done the hike down the hill, I needed some protein so I stopped into Caffe ETC and got a tuna sandwich and a coffee.

They had a yummy looking gelato case, but I had to pass in order to keep my girlish figure 😉

I didn’t buy anything at the market but headed back on my way up the hill. I even ran into an actor/coworker of mine in Beechwood Canyon. I also caught some pics of cool graffiti, something Hollywood has a ton of.

I met up and did Beechwood Stair Walk #34 which was a bitch, but awesome, a good workout and I was surrounded by beautiful homes with canyon views. It was a great walk and I like to think I got a (nonexistent) tan.

There were a ton of stairs, and this set was my favorite because of the plaque. You’re going to have to buy the book and do the walk to see all 861 steps that I saw.

I HAD to include this picture, because mid walk I came across this crushed up Four Loco can which has been banned in LA (and all the US?). I like to think someone goes on Secret Stair walks chugging Four Loco and rocking out on a Sunday. This person might be my soulmate… or a crazy person. Either way, I approve.

Walking L.A. by Erin Mahoney Harris

Did everyone have an amazing weekend? How beautiful was LA’s weather?! It’s so hard to believe it’s January. You all better have been out enjoying it.

I must announce that Erin Mahoney Harris (writer of Walking L.A.) liked Life Absorbed on facebook today. This is huge for me, as friends of mine could tell you that this book has been my bible for the last 12 months. For new readers to the blog I must explain that in 2011 I came up with a list of new year resolutions with my number one goal of completing all 38 walks from her book. I completed them all and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. It got me to explore LA, it helped me lose weight, it reconnected me with old friends and helped me start new friendships, and it changed how I live my life. I know you’re probably thinking Im giving too much credit to a book, but by setting that as my goal it really got me through a rough time by keeping me focused. It opened my eyes to how I was living my life and made 2011 my best year. So Erin Mahoney Harris, I thank you for making 2011 awesome. For those of you who don’t own this book, buy it (HERE). And if you are interested in following my 2012 goal, purchase Secret Stairs by Charles Fleming (who was inspired by Erin’s book) and L.A. Bizarro by Anthony Lovett and Matt Maranian. While I doubt I’ll visit every place in the L.A. Bizarro book by the end of 2012, I do hope to finish all 42 walks from Secret Stairs by the end of the year.

Teaser for upcoming posts this week: I went ROCK CLIMBING! A spooky girls night up in the Hollywood Hills! Exploring Beechwood Canyon (Secret Stairs #34)! And this Thursday I will try trampoline dodgeball!