Sunday Afternoon



I’m very hopeful this next week I’ll be back on track and also updating you on all the posts I’ve been wanting to write. This weekend has been all about relaxing and getting back in the zone for my new project starting Monday. And also focusing myself on future Bethany. I recently watched The Secret on Netflix and yes, I’m hooked. I consider myself a pretty positive person, but this is all about focusing on what you want, asking the universe for it, and believing you’ll get it. Now I totally understand the doubters but isn’t life better when you’re focused on the good in life? Part of The Secret is visualizing what you want by making a vision board. My next step is to make this board and I’ve been constantly thinking about what I want. It’s a fun exercise and I recommend it.

I also took this Sunday to do a little Beach Yoga with Brad and work on some art projects (photo above in-process) while trying to say low-stress and getting ready to start my new job tomorrow. Oh and I also finished this lovely necklace holder for my friend Tamar. When my Blog Shop is launched, this will be one of the items. You like?


Beach Yoga With Brad

This past weekend two friends and I decided to check out beach yoga in Santa Monica. We decided to take a Saturday morning class through Beach Yoga with Brad. There’s no pre-registering necessary, so we carpooled down to Santa Monica together and went to Marine Street and followed it out to the ocean edge were Brad was preparing for the day.


When we arrived there were only a handful of people which eventually filled out into a large (but un-intimidatingly large) group. Brad is very nice and offered up sunscreen to people who forgot theirs. He’s a music conductor too, so he has a booming voice and excellent rhythm.


Since his “yoga studio” is relatively endless on the beach, he can support a lot of people and we could also really spread out. The class we attended is from 10:30-Noon on Saturday and is a $10 donation. Being extra long meant that the last series of restful poses were held longer than in an average hour long class. These poses are my favorite so I was glad we spent so much time doing them and meditating. With the waves crashing and the light breeze it was a perfect day.

We ended up extending our stay long after class finished. It was a glorious way to spend a Saturday. I’m hoping the zen feeling lasts all week.

(Image taken from Yoga With Brad’s facebook page)

Here you can see I made Brad’s facebook page for the day (it’s not flattering, so don’t look too closely). If you’re interested in trying beach yoga, definitely friend “Beach Yoga With Brad” on facebook to learn more about his class. It’s great for all levels of yoga and there’s no need to be intimidated. You should do it!