The Blind Barber Secret Show 6/26/13

I know what you’re thinking, “It’s not Comedy Wednesday yet!” Well, I have a couple shows to share with you and given the holiday week, I figure I’ll start a day early. So for this week only, it’s comedy Tuesday and Wednesday. Expect a full Hot Tub comedy recap tomorrow.

I want to share a comedy show I went to last Wednesday called the Blind Barber Secret Show. It’s hosted by Grant Lyon and Andy Peters and happens at The Blind Barber in Culver City on the last Wednesday of every month. It’s a free show, but reservations are required (email Check out Grant Lyon’s website for more details.

The bar is a speakeasy which means entering through an active barbershop (The Blind Barber), where a door takes you from the bright white room of the barber shop into a pitch black hallway. The corridor opens up into an intimate bar with a handful of booths and small tables. I must apologize, as speakeasies are known for being dark, which meant the photos didn’t come out the greatest.


I ordered a $4 Lucky Buddha from their drink specials list. The bottle is in the shape of an actual Buddha, and is now a flower vase I keep in my kitchen ūüôā Always a crafter. Having come right from work, I also ordered from their extensive grilled cheese menu. The food was delicious and was priced right.


On to the comedy! Grant Lyon (host) opened the show with a hilarious bit about a texting snafu. You might remember me posting about him when he hosted Comedy Bang Bang last October. The host always has the hardest job in comedy shows, keeping the energy up between guests while only being able to tell quick jokes. Grant did an excellent job, with one of my friends deeming him funniest of the night.


The very funny Jimmy Pardo was up next. He’s the king of crowd work (which he does on Conan every day) and has a podcast Never Not Funny.


He was very funny, bringing up audience members to find the right person to take his quiz (about his days in a band) and win the $7 he had in his pocket.


Baron Vaughn was up next. He’s one of my favorites to see live around LA and it shocks me that he’s not commercially well known yet. He’s high energy and jumps from joke to joke. He just had his Comedy Central half-hour special you can check out here.


Ryan Dalton came out next. He’s currently acting in Sullivan and Son on TBS. He did a good bit about getting mean Christmas gifts (Rogain and teeth whitener).


Andy Peters co-produces the Blind Barber Secret Show and performs around town, although this was my first time seeing him in person. He was very funny, and high energy. Check out his website for videos of his standup.


Up next was Joe Praino,¬†who I was also new to. He has a Daniel Tosh and Anthony Jeselnik style of bad-boy comedy. Check out video’s of his standup here.


Josh Comers (Conan writer) was up next. He was self-depricating and very funny. Check out his standup and videos at his website.


The last act of the night was also the only female of the night. Laurie Kilmartin¬†(also a Conan writer) had an excellent set. She talked about being a single mother and dating life in LA. She also wrote a book called “Shitty Mom, The Parenting Guide For The Rest Of Us”.

Everyone, check out The Blind Barber Secret Show on the last Wednesday of every month. I had a blast and recommend it… and it’s FREE!

Check out the It Gets Worse Project by Dave Waite and Grant Lyon:

Do This Today: Art F*ck (Free Comedy)

Tonight at 9pm, there is an awesome (FREE) comedy line-up performing at the Downtown Independent. They’ll have Maria Bamford, Baron Vaughn, Josh Fadem, Ryan Singer, Hampton Yount, Barbara Gray, and Eric Lampart with host Matt Ingebretson.

Event: Art Fuck (facebook event)
Location: The Downtown Independent, 251 S. Main St, Los Angeles, CA
Time: 9pm
Cost: FREE!

Do This Today: Dog Day After Work (free comedy!)


There is a new comedy show happening once a month called Dog Day After Work. It’s a free show at a brewery. So head there after work, grab a cold one and prepare to laugh. Baron Vaughn (one of my favorites) will be there. It’s hosted by Rick Carmona, with guests Baron Vaughn, Ali Wong, Michael Grinspan, Scott Boxenbaum, Claudia Cogan, Marianne Sierk, and Jon Daly.

Event: Dog Day After Work (event info)
Location: LA Brewing Company, 750 S. Broadway, Los Angeles CA
Time: 7:30p
Cost: FREE!

Do This Today: Sad People Talking (comedy!)

Since I was away for all the fun comedy shows last night, sadly there is no Comedy Wednesday post to share with you today. But I will make the Do-This-Today comedy themed! Come see Baron Vaughn (hilarious!), Beth Sterling, Brandon Vaughn, Brock Wilbur, and Chris Thayer!

Event: Sad People Talking (event website)
Location: Nola’s, 734 East 3rd St, Los Angeles CA 90013
Time: 9:30p
Cost: FREE (just mention or bring a flyer, or it’s $5)
FYI: They have a Late Night Happy Hour!

Comedy Bang Bang (August 22, 2012)

It’s Comedy Wednesday! This week¬†Doug Love Movies¬†didn’t happen before Comedy Bang Bang, which was prefect because I got to see the Pete Holmes pilot taping without missing anything. If you want to go to Comedy Bang Bang, check out THIS website on Friday at noon when tickets go on sale. They sell out almost instantly so get’em if you can, and at $5 a ticket, it’s the best price in town.

John Chavo??¬†was this weeks host. I can not for the life of me find his name on the internet, which means I’m spelling it probably way wrong. I don’t feel too bad, as he wasn’t my favorite comedian. If anyone knows his name, please let me know!


Sean O’Connor¬†(his website) was up next. He was new to me and very funny. He’s currently working on Shaq’s new show and told the hilarious story of him getting suspended for 1 month from his Catholic high school for shooting “gay porn” in order to pick up chicks. Yeah see, hilarious. Follow him on twitter @seanoconnz.


Brent Weinbach¬†(his website) was next on the line-up. I’ve seen him several times and tonight he did all new material (to me). He also showed this NSFW video.. it’s super NSFW even the censored version.¬†Follow him on twitter @BrentWeinbach.


Baron Vaughn¬†(his website) was my favorite comedian of the night. I’ve seen him many times and his show is always different. He’s so natural on stage, his comedy style makes you feel like he’s a friend telling you a story. I saw him walk past me outside UCB, so I knew he’d be performing and right then I knew it was going to be a great night.¬†Follow him on twitter @barvonblaq.


Dave Anthony (his website) followed up next. He was very funny and told a story about his son and an unfortunate babysitting scenario involving his 3 year old son, his neighbors 3 year old daughter, and “big penis!”. Good stuff! Follow him on twitter @daveanthony.


Chris Fairbanks (his website) came out next. This was my first time seeing him perform. I thought he was excellent. You could tell all the comedians were trying out material and a little jittery, and I think that had to do with the audience having low energy. That being said, everyone was still so fun to watch and Chris was great. Follow him on twitter @chrisfairbanks.


Andy Kindler (his website) was the last comedian of the night. He had a lot of energy, which is always good for the last comedian of the night. He was great and will be performing with Marc Maron, Todd Glass, Neil Hamburger, and Nick Kroll at the Improv on Saturday. Get tickets HERE (use coupon code KIND, although they might be out)  Follow him on twitter @andykindler.

The Super Serious Show (June 21, 2012)

Greetings from Chicago! Get ready for the fastest comedy update ever. Last week I went to the Super Serious Show in LA with my friend Jamie. IT’s located at the Cafe Club Fais Do-Do in a Culver City adjacent neighborhood. Aka, it’s in the ghetto. Go with a friend, but be show to go because it’s an awesome venue for comedy. They offered half price tickets, so I got 2 tickets for $15 which includes free beer and wine.

The comedians were excellent, but due to time restraints I can’t go into details. They were all excellent. Baron Vaughn was a hilarious host and I’ve been quoting the bits from the night ever since.

The show happens once a month, with different comedians all the time. Look how artistic the stage looks (below). They also had the Border Grill food truck there, and I had lovely veggie tacos for dinner. It was a fun cheap night in LA!

Doug Loves Movies/ Comedy Bang Bang: June 19, 2012

It’s Wednesday, so it’s time for last nights wrap-up of Doug Loves Movies and Comedy Bang Bang which I saw last night at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles.

Doug Loves Movies:

This weeks guests are TJ Miller, Pete Holmes, and Jeff Garlin. Jeff Garlin is known on the podcast for being a side-tracker, who talks about everything other than what Doug wants to talk about: movies. Now take him and add in Pete and TJ who are hilarious and full of energy. Basically it was three people talking about anything other than movies and Doug banging a head against the table. It was hilarious (and bizarre) and you’ll have to listen to it on Friday HERE. I’ve never seen a DLM like it.

Just incase you’ve never heard of these guys…
TJ Miller (who I think is so funny and recently saw perform at the Silver Lake Jubilee) has a tiny but very funny role in the new movie Rock of Ages. Here’s a video of him performing just a week ago at Conan’s Chicago event, Just for Laughs:


Pete Holmes has a podcast called You Made It Weird. He’s very animated and full of energy. For some reason he reminds me of a young John Ritter. He often performs with TJ Miller or Kumail Nanjiani. I’m a fan of Pete’s and his podcast is worth a listen. Here’s a video of Pete also on Conan:


Lastly, Jeff Garlin was on. I feel like I see him all the time so you’ve probably read about him on here before. He’s on Curbed Your Enthusiasm and has performed comedy for 30 years. He was not in a great mood last night, and set a weird vibe for the podcast. Right out of the gate he was kinda rude to Pete Holmes, who did a great job trying to alleviate the tension. I just felt like Jeff had a negative attitude going into the show. He had just gotten a flat tire and probably had a shitty day but it was bringing down the podcast. He lightened up a little throughout the show but toward the end he said he was hungry and just sort of walked out. You’ll have to give the show a listen on Friday. It was definitely one of a kind. Oh, and Samm Levine came out to say hi.


Next up, Comedy Bang Bang!

Adam Cozen‘s was the host of the nights events. First up was Alex Koll. He did a great set and this was the first I’ve heard of him. I really enjoyed him. Here’s my crappy cell phone picture:

Here’s a video of Alex doing standup, which I found online:


Next up, Baron Vaughn. I’m actually going to see him perform this Thursday at the Super Serious Show. This was also my first time seeing him perform and I loved it. He was my favorite of the night and I can’t wait to see him again on Thursday. And of course my cell phone didn’t save the photo I took of him, but I did find this video of him doing Conan (found on youtube):


Jenny Slate came out next. She one of my favorite female performers and I saw her perform at Largo this past March. She is newly engaged and talked about that as well as her childhood. She was very funny. This is my crappy cell photo of her from last night:

Here’s a video of her, also on Conan (so many Conan videos today!):


Nick Thune, who is also performing at the Super Serious Show on Thursday, came out next. He did his usual guitaring with one-liners, with all new material. He also did a little crowd work, which I’ve never seen him do. Nick Thune is always great. I’ve seen him many times and never a rough set. Here’s my photo of him from last night:

Here’s a video of Nick:


Eric Andre came out knocking down everything onstage. He was sick of all his material and trying some new bits.

He was pretty funny and I’ve been meaning to catch him at the Satellite, where he normally does his monthly show. He also has a show for Adult Swim. Here’s an ad for it:


Last up was Andy Kindler. He was classic… Andy Kindler. He’s hit or miss to me, and last night I thought he was on his game.

And to mix it up, here’s a clip of Andy on David Letterman: