Leisurely Sunday Brunch

Happy Sunday everyone! There’s nothing like a relaxing free Sunday to enjoy a leisurely girls brunch to help rewind the life batteries. If you haven’t visited LaMILL in Silver Lake, you are missing out. It’s pricy, but it’s definitely worth the cost as they are coffee experts. It’s also a hipster-actor-celebrity hotspot. I love coming here to people watch and today we saw (in addition to lots of hipsters in wild print adult onesies) Fitz (from Fits and the Tantrums) and an adorable actor from The League.

After a super fun brunch and successful fabric shopping trip downtown (near the fashion deal mecca Santee Alley), I am home baking up a quiche (see the recipe here) while breathing in the scent of apple spice to get me in the fall state-of-mind. Happy Sunday everyone! May your week ahead be mellow and positive!


The Newsroom: Episode 1

Last night The Newsroom premiered! Did you watch it? More importantly, did you love it? As you probably know from pior posts (like THIS one and THIS one), I worked on the show. Last night I got to proudly watch and then also see my name in the credits (normal tv doesn’t show all the credits). Well, incase you missed it, HBO has put it temporarily on youtube so you can see episode 1!

Scott Aukerman has been tweeting about it. It feels awesome to have my comedy hero tweeting about a show I worked on.

I also want to share that I spent last night at a coworkers house celebrating the debut and I made a fun themed dessert to match. Once you watch the episode above (do it!) you’ll see that it has to do with a terrible event that happened in 2010, the oil spill. Since making Newsroom themed cupcakes just seemed impossible, I decided to focus on the oil-spill part of the show. My first thought was dripping chocolate! I decided to start with your standard vanilla cupcakes (I used the box mix because that’s how I roll).

Next, I used the Magnolia Bakery frosting recipe which I found HERE. My mom has their cookbook, so we use their frosting recipe and it’s always a winner.

The ingredients went from this…

to this…

Doesn’t that look yummy? I decided to do vanilla cupcakes to represent the sand, blue icing to show the ocean (or in this case, the Gulf) and then I put a swedish fish on each cupcake. My oil spill idea was to take the chocolate that drips on and then solidifies on top of each cupcake. That did not work as I hoped, so the theme ended up being “the gulf pre-oil spill”. Oh well, they tasted delicious. In hindsight I should have had chocolate jimmies as a back-up plan. Live and learn.

PS. In episode 1, my name is written on the whiteboard in the conference room scene 😉


So last night I decided to try something new and actually make a recipe from the magazine Real Simple. I subscribe to this magazine, which means every month I read about a lot of recipes I never have time to try making. I also love to read the blog Smitten Kitchen, which posts new recipes and amazing photos of the cooking process. Yesterday I had time to buy ingredients and actually cook, so NO EXCUSES! I woke up early to get all my ingredients from Trader Joes, and started making my Baked Barley Risotto with Butternut Squash around 5pm that night while listening to Christmas music and indulging in a chocolate stout (also from TJ’s).

The one thing this article leaves out is the time it takes to peel, cut, and dice all the different veggies. I jazzed up the recipe by adding in mushrooms, which also took a lot of time to cut up. But I do believe they added in a nice flavor.

Other than the mushrooms I followed the recipe to a T. It all came out delicious and while the recipe said it makes 4 servings, I willbe set for lunches and dinners for the week. No human being should eat 1/4 of that giant casserole dish full of risotto in one sitting. My final shot isn’t as pretty as the magazine photos, but it’s pretty tasty!

Find the recipe in this month’s Real Simple (I suggest buying it also for the holiday gift ideas) or online HERE.