Do This Today: Cardboard Box Office

enhanced-buzz-3733-1387742973-21 (The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou)

Happy Christmas Eve-Eve everyone! Today’s “Do This Today” is checking out THIS link. Buzzfeed posted this great piece about a couple with a newborn who moved from New Zealand to Sydney. They had a bunch of boxes and though it would be fun to make classic scenes from famous movies with the left over cardboard boxes. Check out their website Cardboard Box Office. They’re so clever!

Puppy Love

I’ve been away all weekend dog sitting for the cutest little puppy, and neglecting you, the cutest little blog. I have to share this with you:

Is there anything happier than a dog playing fetch? She is awesome and now I’m returning to my regular animal-less life. (Except for my roommates cat Pepper, but she hates me and doesn’t count.)

By seeing this photo above, it also means my cell phone starting taking pictures again. Woo hoo!

And I’ve been leading up to the biggest news of all: friend of Life Absorbed, Kelocity, had her baby! See baby Adele Khalifa HERE!