Happy Wednesday

I’m sorry this week has been so lacking in the blog world. This past weekend was rainy, so I did my taxes and stayed in (other than on St. Patty’s). I’ve been getting back into extreme exercise in preparation for my Color Run. There’s still time to sign-up! It’s a traveling event, so check the schedule to see when it’s happening near you.

For those of you in the comedy-know, you’ve probably already heard, but yesterday Aziz Ansari (NBC’s Parks and Rec and awesome stand-up comedian) posted his new 1-hour stand-up special, Dangerously Delicious, on his website and it’s for sale for $5. He paid for the whole thing himself, which means he pockets 100% of the sales, which is why he can sell it for so cheap ($5!!). Louis C.K. did this, and Aziz is following in his footsteps. Check out THIS link to get the special!

I have a crazy weekend ahead, so I’ll have a ton to update you on next week. I promise. Happy Wednesday!

Comedy Bang Bang Nativity Pageant

Today (exactly 20 min ago) 2011 Comedy Bang Bang Nativity Show tickets went on sale (get them HERE). I have gone 2 other years when it was held at the UCB Theatre in LA. The money goes to the LA Food Bank and they often do an Ebay auction to raise funds. This year they moved out of the UCB Theater to a much larger venue in Hollywood, so tickets are much easier to get and a lot more money can be raised in ticket sales to go toward the LA Food Bank. GO TO THIS EVENT! $30 is NOTHING to see this many comedians in one place. At UCB it was awesome being in a theater packed with comedians. Really something special. Im interested to see how this works in a larger theater. Below are photos from previous years:

Nick Thune

Don’t Stop Or We’ll Die with Scott Aukerman

Paul Scheer and Bret Gelman (as the dudes from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure) and Jon Daly as Santa

Paul Rust and Martin Starr

Weird Al saving Christmas

Sarah Silverman

Tom Lennon

Adam Scott in his Party Down attire

Nick Kroll and Paul F. Tompkins

Aziz Ansari

Harris Wittels as “The Butler”

These were maybe half of the amount of comedians that performed at the 2010 Comedy Death Ray Christmas Show. I had to end these pics on my comedian crush, Harris Wittels. Swoon.