DIY Bon Voyage Party Decorations

As you just learned, my sister As Her World Turns just moved out of Los Angeles to embark on an endless trip around the world. We were sad to see her go, but excited for her, as this has been something she’s talked about since we were kids. There’s no way she could leave without us throwing some kind of Bon Voyage (and coincidentally, Birthday) celebration.


She chose the venue of Cafe Gratitude in Larchmont Village. You can see above, Kelocity and I made map party hats, goodie bags, map pennants, stamp+map confetti and more!


The balloons were cheap and so easy to get from Vine America. They have so many color options and even had globe balloons! To make the map party hats I just collected a variety of fun map images online and printed them onto 11X17 paper. I made a hat prototype to get the cone shape and then traced that shape onto all of the map papers. I bought elastic string for like $1.50 at Michaels. Once you get the cone shape and cut two holes for the elastic it was helpful to staple the string in place in addition to the knot. None of the hats ripped during the party and it made for some fun photos.


The map pennants were made with some yellow yarn and triangles cut out of some AAA maps. The scrap pieces of map were turned into confetti with my circle cutter (which I used in THIS art project). I also cut out stamps as more table confetti. Lastly, I made little colorful picture holders to fit my polaroid film. These images fit perfectly in a little moleskin sketch pad. The pad was passed around and people took photos and wrote notes to my sister wishing her a safe trip. It’ll be a nice little memory that she can carry around and look at when she’s missing home.

DIY Kleenex Box Cover

Lately I’ve been noticing how many product labels are in my life and I’ve also noticed that I’m drawn to products that have excellent packaging.. or no labels at all. When looking at the brand logos around my bedroom, I noticed that the boring kleenex box design was standing out. Knowing I have some left over scraps of paper from other crafts, I thought I could make an easy fix.


Kleenex makes an awesome tissue, but in old-school dulls-ville packaging.


Once I found the right pattern (chevron) I traced the box and with a little double sided tape, it was good to go.




Since it’s not waterproof, this is only a short term solution. If you wanted one that will last you, you can always decoupage a plastic tissue dispenser. My plan for this box is to use it as a little mini trash can once it’s out of tissues. Once it gets kinda dirty I’ll just toss it out, and I can do it again on another box (with a different paper pattern).



Pixel Art: The Final Product

Last week, I was pinning on Pinterest when I stumbled upon this gem (see the left image below). That pixel art watercolor inspired me to attempt my own pixel art over this past rainy Los Angeles weekend.



I started by finding an image that had a color scheme that I really like and that matches a lot of the colors in my house. I took that into photoshop, where I created an 8 pixel by 10 pixel version. I set each pixel to be and 1″X1″ square, making the artwork an 8″X10″ piece (a good size for a standard frame). I printed it out, and that’s how I got the image at the top right of this post.


Next, I had to collect the supplies. I wanted this to be a VERY cheap craft project and thankfully paint chips are FREE! I brought my pixel print out to Lowes and Home Depot and collected a variety of paint chips to match so I had plenty of color options. Instead of cutting out squares, I decided to jazz it up by buying Martha Stewarts 1″ circle cutter for $10 (plus I used a 15% off coupon at Michael’s to get this). This tool is so awesome. It cuts perfect circles like a hole punch.


I was able to do this whole project assembly in under an hour while also watching netflix. It was super easy I promise you. After cutting a bunch of 1″ circles I played with my original color template to make sure I was following my pattern. Thankfully since it’s my own creation, I was able to adjust the colors as I went with it. After playing around it became…


This! You can see I didn’t match it exactly, but it was great to have the color print out as a guide to help with the gradients.


Then I slid my color guide with circles to the side, laid out my t-square ruler along some nicer paper, and one by one doubled sided taped each circle onto the nice paper. I was not very fussy about measuring exactly where each dot should go, and just eye-balled it. I kept the ruler along one side, just to make sure I wasn’t crooked.


Finally, I got a cheap frame from Aaron Brothers (gotta love their buy-one-get-one-for-a-penny sale!). Doesn’t the final piece look really great? It adds a lot to my artwork collection and it was so cheap/easy to produce. This frame sale also means I now have another frame to fill. My mind is in creative overdrive!

Cheap Art Project for a Rainy Saturday


I have MANY do-it-yourself projects in the works, and although they are cheap projects they all involve a little seed money. For this upcoming rainy weekend, I gave myself the challenge of doing an almost-free art project. I found the image on the left from pinterest and thought pixel art could be fun. Then I found an image to blow up and become the image on the right. I also made a square viewfinder out of some scrap paper. My plan is to either use magazines or paint chips to generate the artwork above. The white viewfinder is to isolate the color square making it easier to find a color match. I also numbered each tile, so when I find the color to match I can label it on the backside, so I dont end up with a giant pile of random multicolored squares. I already own the glue and paper to mount it on, and paint chips are free! I also love that instead of a frame it’s hanging via old-school metal clip (something I don’t already own, but cheaper than a frame!). I’ll have to share the final product with you next week.

“The Big-Ass Book of Bling” Book Launch Party!

On November first, my friend Lindsey and I hit up Mark Montano‘s book launch party for The Big-Ass Book of Bling at the Craft and Folk Art Museum. Party time! I highly recommend launch parties (as that usually means, free booze live music and a guaranteed awesome night) and I highley recommend a visit to the Craft and Folk Art Museum (along Wilshire’s museum row).

There was an awesome open bar with vodka provided by Alaska Distillery.

I bought the book, as I love crafts and it’s right up my ally.

You can see above there was a glittery craft table where guests were encourage to craft. It’s hard to tell from these photos, but most of the guests were wearing tons of bling and wild outfits. It was quite the scene. Plus they were giving out ring pops at the door (how clever is that?!) so everyone had dyed lips and giant candy rings on.

I didn’t realize this when I RSVP’d for the event, but the lovely Meiko was the musical guest. She played 3 or 4 beautiful songs for the crowd.

Check out her music HERE!

My friend Lindsey and I had to pose by the event wall. What a fun night.

It would be pathetic of us to visit the Craft and Folk Art Museum and not actually see the galleries, so we took a break from the event to explore. They had a glasswork exhibit (above) and a tattoo exhibit (below).

The tattoo exhibit was really fun. Even as a non-tattooed person, I still really enjoyed the graphics.

I really enjoyed this tattoo parlor set-up, where different tattoos are projected onto your body. So clever.

After exploring, I HAD to talk to Mark and have him sign my book. He was insanely nice and took time to talk to everyone. He’s so friendly, positive, and excited about crafts.

The goodie bag! I love event swag… and I especially love CRAFT event swag. Fiskars scissors- what a gift! All this for attending a free open-to-the-public party. This was my “Do This Today” for November 1st, and a great example of how there are free fun events happening all over Los Angeles every night. All you have to do is go!