Do This Today: “Velvet Paintings for your Inner Nerd”

Today’s “Do This Today” is take a visit to Gallery 1988. They opened a new exhibit at their Melrose location this past weekend, which I didn’t get to post about due to my technical difficulties. But it’s not too late! ┬áThe show name is “Velvet Paintings for your Inner Nerd” by Bruce White and judging from their online gallery it’s awesome. Do you know the character above? It’s none other than Jeri Blank (Amy Sedaris) from Strangers With Candy. Genius. He has plenty of others all on sale. Be sure to stop by Gallery 1988 anytime from 11a-6p today.

Event: Bruce White’s “Velvet Paintings for your Inner Nerd”
Location: Gallery 1988, 7020 Melrose Ave
Time: 11am- 6pm
Cost: FREE
FIY: The exhibit runs from July 27th- Aug 15, so be sure to see it before it’s gone!