Do This Today: Dog Day After Work (free comedy!)


There is a new comedy show happening once a month called Dog Day After Work. It’s a free show at a brewery. So head there after work, grab a cold one and prepare to laugh. Baron Vaughn (one of my favorites) will be there. It’s hosted by Rick Carmona, with guests Baron Vaughn, Ali Wong, Michael Grinspan, Scott Boxenbaum, Claudia Cogan, Marianne Sierk, and Jon Daly.

Event: Dog Day After Work (event info)
Location: LA Brewing Company, 750 S. Broadway, Los Angeles CA
Time: 7:30p
Cost: FREE!

Comedy Wednesday, Sept. 26, 2012

I’m mixing it up this week and instead of my usual Comedy Bang Bang, I ventured to a new venue on Melrose for Melgard Mondays. This was a totally new venue for me. There were maybe 20 people in the audience? This is a challenge for any comedian. Even if we were all laughing very hard, it still sounded empty. The show started a little behind schedule (around 8:30p). They had the headliners go first (as I imagine they had other shows to get to afterword).

First up: Maria Bamford.

Rory Scovel came up next.

And then this happened… as Rory wooed the 65+ year old couple in the front seats.

Jake Weisman was up next.

Ahmed Weinberg, who co-organizes the show every Monday, was up next. I really enjoyed him, and he was new to me.

Thai Rivera came out next. He reminded me so much of the character Scott Thompson does on Kids In The Hall, Buddy Cole. Click here to see the skits Im talking about.

Joe Dosch came out next. Funny stuff!

Ali Wong did a set, and she’s just so unexpected, in a fun way. When she talks, her voice and character are so different from the way she looks, it makes her set really unique.

Raj Desai was the last comedian of the night. I’ve heard his name around town, and it was great seeing him in person. As he was the last of the night he had to deal with 2 woman on their second pitcher of beer. They were supportive and not heckling, but they kept inserting themselves into his act. It had funny moments, but it was distracting as Im sure the rest of the audience felt the second-hand embarrassment that is normally reserved for watching Michael Scott on the Office.

It was a fun night of free comedy in a tiny venue. Some of my favorite shows have been in hole-in-the-wall joints with 20 audience members, so you should definitely give it a chance.