2012 Quarter Year Reflections

It’s that time of year! Now that it’s April 1st, we’ve all made it through a quarter of 2012. Didn’t it go crazy fast? Remember when I posted about THIS, where I discussed all my 2012 goals? Well now that we are done with a quarter of the year, it’s time to check that I’m not forgetting any resolutions. This is the best way to stay on top of your goals, so that come December I don’t have to do 30 secret stair walks. I do this more for me than for you, but you should recap your goals for the year, so in case you’ve fallen off track you can hop back on.

Life Absorbed’s 2012 Resolution List

– Complete all 42 walks in “Secret Stairs, A Walking Guide to the Historic Staircases of LA”
By the end of today I’ll have done 9 walks. In order to be up to speed I should be at 10 walks… so that’s really close. When my work goes on hiatus soon, I’ll start doing these walks midweek and probably blow through a bunch. I’m just proud of myself for being (close to) on track.

– Go rock climbing!

– Do at least one “monster” walk in 2012. Use my new “Car-Free LA” book to find a good really long walk and make a day of it.
This will happen soon, I just need to find the right path to take. My walking friend was just saying how she can’t wait to do another epic walk with me… I should start planning.

– Resume hikes from my hiking book!
I’ve done so many now. Even going to Big Bear let me cross a couple of the list. I’m really happy with the time I’ve put into hiking as I’ve done a bunch from my book this year. My next big weekend of hiking adventures will be Palm Springs!

– Go camping!
I’m waiting for spring/summer for this. I bought a new light-weight sleeping bag so I’m ready for hiking camping adventures. Did I mention I’m working my way up to climbing Mt. Whitney in August? 🙂

– Hike (or ski) Mt. Baldy.
I actually was just on Mt. Baldy yesterday to go tubing (more on that later this week), but I still have a Groupon to take the lift up for a hike. I’ll do this later in Spring. It was crazy cold up top and not ideal hiking weather for me.. yet.

– Go back to Catalina!
I just got an email this week that the ferry line who I bought a groupon from, has gone out of business. This makes me sad for many reasons. This also means a Catalina weekend is on the back burner for now. although it would be a great challenge and prep for Mt. Whitney if I go back and do the same camping weekend from last year. Maybe in early summer.

– Keep filling my nights and weekends with fun activities, even if it means being tired the next day. It’s worth it!
I’ve been doing more workouts lately, as I have the Color Run in April and then Hawaii right after that. Exercise has dominated my week nights, but I think that’s okay as eventually it’ll become more of a balance. I’m also saving money for Hawaii, and night walks are free. Ya can’t beat that price!

– Visit Hearst Castle.
When Mom and Dad visit we will go… which I hope happens this year. They keep putting it off.

– Go cross-country skiing for the first time.
My Big Bear trip was all about skiing until we found out there wasn’t enough snow to even open the trails! How’s that for global warming! They extended the groupon dates, which means I have all of next winter to give cross country skiing a try. Who knows, maybe in December of this year I could still work that out.

– Go white-water rafting.

– Go kayaking.
I’m DYING to do this. I’m aching to kayak, and hopefully it will happen this summer. If not in LA, then in Cape Cod.

– Try yoga.
I NEED to do this.

– Try spinning.
And this.

– Make new recipes to last during the week.
I’ve been trying to be healthy and save money which equates to cheap fast meals. I’ve been lacking in the cooking department for some time.

– Go to Chicago to visit my good friends and see a new city.
Fingers crossed, Ill get to do this in the summer time. Even if it’s just a long weekend I need to get out there.

– Keep up my nightly walks. An hour a day does so much.
I’m keeping up with this! Several times a week.

– Try new bars, restaurants and museums from my “L.A. Bizarro” book. (As Amber pointed out to me, we don’t have to see any of the porn-esque stuff and that is agreed).
Since saving money has taken a front seat, I’ve been doing less from this book but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been going out and trying new places. Just last Saturday I went to the new Brickyard Pub.

– If someone says, “try this hike with me” or “lets do this sport” or any other physical activity, say yes!

– “Grow a Pair!” In 2012 I need to face the little fears. I successfully faced giant fears in 2011, so this should be easy right?
This one is always a constant battle for me. This resolution is the reason I do these updates. It’s a great reminder that I need to always be pushing myself and not allow any excuses. Grow a pair, Bethany!

– As a part of “Growing A Pair”, I’m going to go on dates in 2012.
I’m confident enough to admit in a public forum that this hasn’t happened yet in 2012. I’m okay with it and don’t want to force it. Maybe in 2013 I’ll try online dating but as of 2012 I’m not ready for that. I’ve been proud of my openness about it all, it just hasn’t happened yet. Baby steps.

– And of course I will work hard to maintain you, Life Absorbed. I wish I had started you last Jan. 1st, so now I must make up for lost time.
Yay! This has been a success. I hope you all enjoy the blog as much as I enjoy writing it!

I have a few added goals for the year that I call my secret resolutions, because Im worried I wont have time for them in 2012. One of which is taking a knitting class to successfully make something (I’ve already bought a “how to knit” book!). Let me know if you know of a great beginner knitting class!

Alrighty, enough with the reflections now on to secret stair walks!