Sunday, January 14, 2018

Look at me, following though with my blogging goals (when I could be watching Stranger Things!). I’ve been doing my best at “adulting” all week. Gym visits, cleaning, so much cooking, and doing my best at work to maintain my December productivity. The Christmas rush always has me really pushing myself to produce a lot of product in a short amount of time and I’m doing my best to keep that as normal. We’ll see.

I wish I could post that this weekend has been filled with adventure, but sometimes you need a weekend to clean out closets, dust, food prep, and cross things off the to do list. The most “excitement” I had this weekend was braving the cold to take Oscar on a couple of his favorite walks which we haven’t done in 2 months due to cold temps and the Christmas rush. He hated it, but it felt good to be outside of my bubble.

This past week I’ve been really mindful of the micro-procrastinating that I often do without thinking and am working to break that bad habit. Sometimes it’s as simple as “I left my glass on the coffee table- I’ll just pick it up and wash it in the morning” and I’m really surprised at how often I think “Oh, Ill just do that later”. This past week of cutting that stuff out has made me have a higher step count each day, and also has upgraded my quality of life a bit. Taking that glass example, when I deal with the glass on the coffee table in the moment (aka go wash it and put it in the dishwasher) it means when I wake up in the morning I’m waking up to a clean living room with one less thing to deal with. It’s setting me up to a better day, when I don’t wake up and already have a to-do list nagging me. This is a small example, but when you get things done in the moment they don’t pile up and become a burden.

Today is the 14th at 9pm, which means I am 3 hours away from being halfway through the Whole30. In my case I’m doing a Whole44 (doing this diet until Valentines Day) so Im really not halfway done.. but Im trying not to think about that. I can tell you Ive been eating more fruit this cycle. I think it has to do with me missing the sugar I let myself have over Christmas. At least it’s natural sugar and Im trying not to go overboard. I’m also finding myself passing up adventure opportunities because Im worried about food. For example, this weekend became a “get stuff done around the house you’ve been putting off forever” (which was a good thing) because my alternative of go into NYC for the day, or do a drive about to a part of CT you’ve not been to would leave me struggling to figure out how/where I could eat lunch. Every activity I could think of left me thinking “what do I do about lunch?”. I just keep telling myself that after February 14th, I’ll be able to do more exciting things when Im not sticking so strictly to the Whole30.

And one small victory for the week- I’ve already finished my first audiobook for the year! It was Roxanne Gay’s, Bad Feminist. It was so interesting listening to that book while also reading her newest book, Hunger. There was some overlap, but interesting to hear more of her voice on other topics. The book was also written in 2013 (around then) in a totally different time politically, so that’s been interesting. I find myself wanting to warn her of the future.

Thank you for your patience with my Sunday self-indulgent ramblings. I wish I had more to share than just an accountability check in, but we are only 2 weeks in to 2018. There’s more time for adventure in 2018.

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