Looking Back at 2015, and Forward to 2016

You’ll notice my last post started with “looking forward to posting more frequently” and then it was met with radio silence. End of October led into November where everything let loose and resulted in losing two grandparents due to unrelated circumstances, all within four days of each other and on different parts of the U.S.. Dealing with deathbeds, funerals, and the aftermath of it all was all of November. Thanksgiving was essentially canceled. B.Meyer Studio participated in its first New Haven event at the start of December after barely being able to put it all together due to time issues. And then it was a mad dash to Christmas trying to get life caught up and back on track. I still feel behind but I’m looking forward to 2016 leveling out. 

Normally I do a big end of the year resolutions post recapping what goals I’ve made and what was kicked to the curb. I’ve decided this year to instead list my accomplishments and significant life events and not focus on shortcomings. I’m going easy on myself given what a hard year it’s been. 

In 2015 I not only lost my last remaining grandparents, but also four other people who made a significant impact in my life. Comedian Harris Wittels passed away early last year as well as Don, Ledell and Kat Mulvaney, three people who significantly impacted the person I’ve grown up to be. All four taken way too soon and all had so much left to give the world. Unfortunately it can’t be undone and life for the living continues with memories of them carrying me through. 2015 has definitely been a year of grieving. 

2015 was also the year that I got an apartment in New Haven, learned about this new small city and did my best to meet new friends. I feel like I have a lot left to learn and explore but 2015 was about learning the ropes.

In July 2015 I traveled to Iceland, camping the whole way, with two good friends from different parts of my life. I had a blast road tripping around that magnificent country. We were hobo’s in the safest country in the world. We went white water rafting, jumped from a small but scary (to me) cliff, hiked a glacier and climbed an ice wall. We ate amazing food and hung out in a puffin colony. It was all an unbelievable adventure. 

 Professionally 2015 was a year of learning about coil cords at Meyer Wire, renovating the offices, and of course expanding B.Meyer Studio. I made a lot of etsy sales, created a show room in Hamden and as of December, officially had items for sale in a shop in New Haven. It’s all been a work in processes trying to be a wood worker, designer, social media person, accountant, business woman, figure out packaging and advertising. I certainly haven’t mastered any of these but I like to think I’ll get better and better at all if these things the more I do all of them. And it gets easier right? 

I spent 3.5 months of 2015 with braces. I can’t believe I did that, but I’m also thankful for the reward: corrected teeth and a way to keep them from shifting as I get older. I’m no longer selfconscious about the “bad side” of my shifting smile. My smile is back to its former glory and no more snaggle tooth. 

2015 was a year were I really got to enjoy my parents having a house in Cape Cod. My waist-line certainly knows I was out there a lot (yummy fried oysters!). It was a year full of family time, board games, beach walks, swimming in Sand Pond and yummy seafood dinners. 

Lastly, 2015 was the year I got Oscar. After coming back from Iceland and spending the previous 6 months looking at petfinder everyday I finally made the leap, went to a few rescues and found my perfect companion, Oscar Meyer. He’s my shadow, my best friend, my baby, my snuggle monster, my everything.  Every day is better because he’s there with me. Being with him made the horrible parts of 2015 a little less horrible. 

As I look ahead at 2016 I have these goals in mind:

– Since getting Oscar I’ve had trouble balancing the guilt of being away from home while he’s locked up inside. I’ve decided in 2016 I’m going to be VERY active in New Haven and have no guilt about leaving him home (he actually enjoys the quiet time I think). This means doing all the things I used to do in La: triva nights, outdoor summer events and movies, hikes, farmers markets, trying new brunch places, and finding a non athletic team sport to try to meet people. I’m naturally inclined to stay home and be introverted, so 2016 will be about overcoming that anxiety about being social. I need to get off my butt and do it! I did that in LA, I can do it here! I’ll snuggle extra with Oscar when I get home to make it up to him. 

– Exercise. It’s no secret that I’ve gained weight since I’ve moved back home. Between New Haven’s amazing pizza and the seafood out in Cape Cod, 2015 was definitely the year of letting myself indulge. Also the extreme cold and snow last year made January to May super hard to be outside. There are just too many excuses not to exercise and this year I’ve decided not to accept that. 2016 will be the year I get my LA body back. Being healthy makes me feel better and I need to remember just how good that feels when it’s a blizzard outside and I need to force myself to get to the gym. Hopefully my new Fitbit will help push me too.

– Proffessionally I hope to continue and build on my shop items and also keep developing new items on the Meyer Wire side of the business. I hope by the end of 2016 to have items in shops around CT, for both MW and for BMeyer Studio. 

– Travel. In 2016 I will make at least one, but hopefully two trips to Los Angeles. I hope to also make a stop in Denver and make up for the canceled Thanksgiving. As for that 2 weeks off in July, I’m not sure what’s in store. I’m going to see where life takes me and decide later. I know leaving Oscar for two weeks sounds like a nightmare and I also am trying to save my pennies, so maybe it’ll be a camping road trip with Oscar? We shall see. 

As for right now, these are the most goals I can handle. One addition to this year will be a planner to help me keep track of all of the event si plan to go to (a gift to my 2016 self) and the other is a fancy water bottle to increase water drinking. That’s always a good goal and hopefully a new water bottle will keep that on track. 

What are your 2016 goals? They don’t have to be grand, but making goals can help keep you on track. 

Cheers to 2016! ❤️ Bethany & Oscar 

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