July 27th Update

Time for updates. While I haven’t been able to blog regularly, it’s not because I haven’t been thinking about you. There’s just been so much going on!


B. Meyer Studio, LLC : When we last spoke my ETSY orders were through the roof and it’s been nonstop since I opened up the shop. I love the orders but Im also excited to develop new designs, so Ive temporarily set it to vacation mode until I can develop some new ideas I have floating around as well as finish up past orders.


Meyer Wire: It’s officially the second half of 2015 which is when I wanted to start developing the light fixtures. My goal is to finish up the Meyer Wire renovation and then start this process. While MW was closed in July we had the floors redone (!!! LOVE IT!) so now I just need to add in the trim, touch up paint and put a backsplash behind the sink. All stuff that can happen over time or at least over a weekend of work-time. Shortly, the light fixtures will start up.


Iceland: I spent the first two weeks of July in Iceland with my 2 good friends (one who came from London and the other from LA) camping and road tripping around the country. It was an amazing journey and we got to see so much. We went glacier climbing, white water rafting, I jumped from a small but scary cliff, and hung out with puffins. At some point a detailed post will be coming soon because I have lots to share and tons of tips for people who want to go.


Dog Update: Welcome Oscar Meyer to the blog! Ive wanted a dog forever but was waiting to get back from Iceland. Now that Im back, the dog hunt started. My Mom and I drove together into NYC to visit some shelters (as there are more small dogs available there). At the ASPCA I found this cutie. They said he’s a “poodle mix” but I think he looks half maltese and half bichon. He’s two years old and had a really rough first two years as he was abused and abandoned. After several surgeries and a lot of training, he’s doing a lot better. I have so much gratitude to the people who work at the ASPCA in NYC. What a fantastic facility, and large group of volunteers who really love these animals. We met with their vets, their behavioral specialist and several of his volunteers before we left the facility. He was definitely a staff favorite. After a rough 2 years, Im already spoiling him rotten and I vow to make it all up to him.


Teeth Update: (Photo from day 1 of braces) Ive had adult clear braces the past 2 months and Im starting on my final month (August) shortly. One more month, one more month… can you tell Im counting down the days? Iceland was a challenge with braces, but I made it work. and looking at the photo above, I can definitely see the change in my smile now. Especially that front tooth!

That’s it for now… just work work work, build build build and bark bark bark!

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