2015 New Year Resolutions

Well, I know Im missing a bunch which Ill add as the year goes, but here’s my 2015 resolution list. I feel like I made it too hard… like sometimes I throw in some easier things to make the list feel more manageable. This list doesn’t have those items. 2015 is going to be exhausting, but better to be exhausting than boring, right? Here goes…

Work goals:
O Make 2 new items to sell every week (so 100 items for the whole year)
O Keep good records on these projects (which I currently suck at)
O Make my business official- get tax ID etc. Get on the grid!
O Join the New Haven Collective
O Shop local.
O Get business cards made
O Clean out my emails and take myself off e-lists

O Lose that holiday weight
O Join a sport/club/group. Dodgeball?
O Hike Sleeping Giant
O Hike East Rock
O Situps twice a day
O Go running! I have a gym membership now, so use it
O Walk the neighborhood at night- 5 times a week. No excuses.
O Sign up at the Rock Climbing Gym?
O Water! 4 big bottles a day!
O 1 drink a week rule back on!

O READ MORE. 1 book a month. That’s doable.
O Rosetta Stone at least once a week.

Life Goals:
O Get an apartment and make it look nice 🙂
O Visit the Farmers Market in New Haven.
O Go out 3 nights a week. Comedy, music, new bar etc. Find it and do it.
O Be Ballsy!

Money Goals:
O Pay off all student loans
O Save up for a house, but do invest in the business as needed. Find balance between the two.

Travel Goals:
O Travel to NYC once a month (for comedy, museums and to see friends)
O Travel to Canada (Montreal for a 3 day weekend?)
O Go to LA 3+ times in 2015
O Go camping in New England
O Explore the Wine Trail!
O Explore the beer trail- brewery visits!

Blog Goals:
O Write a Do This Today, 5 days a week.
O Do an additional 2 posts about life/events each week
O What is there to do in New England? Find it and do it!

Last year was all about the working leading up to my big career change (as big changes require a lot of leg work and time) and 2015 is about seeing out those changes and embracing it. 2015 will be the year of exploring a new city, getting a DOG, living alone for the first time ever, facing adulthood, and hopefully figuring some big things out. It’ll be a year of change for this blog too. I’ll learn about New Haven and New England and I’ll take you along for the ride. I hope it’s a very productive time for building furniture. I’m currently a big believer in blind faith and things “working out as they are meant to be”, so we shall see if I feel the same way in 2016.

Get out there and kick 2015’s ass.

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