Halloween Costume 2014

Before I talk about this years Halloween costume, I thought we should look back at past costumes. Remember when we were featured in last years BUZZFEED article about costumes. That was an awesome day. You’ll notice that I take Halloween seriously and I’m anti-sexy-halloween. I use this dress-up opportunity to represent strong female leads and role models for young women.


Here are my RISD friends and I as the Golden Girls.


Above I’m dressed as Nancy Drew (from the books not the movie).


Here is my boss and I as Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop in 2012.


Here I am on Halloween night as Shari Lewis.


This is my costume from 2013, when I went as…


Angela Lansbury! Specifically, I went as her as Jessica Fletcher in Murder She Wrote.


Can you tell who I’m going as this year? It seemed like an obvious choice given my recent travels…. I’ll make the announcement when I add a picture of me in the costume after Halloween.

Have fun, be creative, and enjoy dressing up!

UPDATE: Here’s my official 2014 Halloween photo! We went to rainy West Hollywood for their parade of costumes. It was great people watching and a handful of people recognized this Jane Goodall.




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