Africa XXI: Nomad Tours Day 9+10, Northern Zanzibar

I’m very excited to share with you all the details of my Africa (Kenya/Tanzania) trip, and hopefully it helps you plan your own trip, encourages you to visit these places, or at the very least teaches you about another culture in another part of the world. I loved my Africa experience. To catch you up on my trip, check out all my Africa posts:

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Last I left off, Erica and I were with our Nomad Tours group for our Serengeti & Zanzibar 10 Day Trek South, where we finished exploring Stone Town and headed up to the northern tip of Zanzibar for 2 days of resort bliss!


Our luxurious stay on the island is at the Amaan Bungalows on Nungwi Beach. After finishing our walking tour mid morning, they arranged a bus to take us to the northern part of the island. Mid drive some people on our tour elected to do the extra excursion of a spice tour. I decided I’d rather skip the tour and head directly to the beach!


Once we dropped half the group off at the spice tour (which Erica went on, so check her blog for details on that), our van continued on north. Since this van was smaller and less conspicuous than our Nomad Truck (Tommy), now was my chance to snap some photos of local life through the window of the van.


This was typical architecture in Zanzibar and Tanzania.


This was also common, seeing children collect water from local watering spots. The home in the back is also typical Tanzania architecture with a thatched roof and everything.


Above is an example of their type of strip-mall shops. Each stall would have a vendor (butcher shop, general store, fruit stand for example) and has big metal doors to close up at night.


After about 40 minutes we arrived at the Amaan Bungalows. It was like heaven! This time we didn’t have an ocean view, but it was still super adorable and a 3 minute walk from the ocean. This girl can’t complain, especially since I’d been camping so much of the trip and it was nice having a bed and bathroom.


D19 above was our bungalow for the next couple days.


This place was really nice. I can see how people would honeymoon here. Our room was very nice, clean, adorable and snake-free. I ended up having some sickness/stomach issues around this time of the trip, so I was in the room more than I expected and it was a comfy place to be when feeling sick.


Before my sickness set-in, I had one full day here of relaxing by the pool and general awesomness. This resort had many food options, a coffee/ice cream shop, bars, stores etc, so there was no reason to leave. All the resorts are in a line and connected along the beach, and each has different restaurants and shops, so if one doesn’t have what you want, walk 50 ft and you’l be at the next set of shops and restaurants.


This is the reverse view from the pool. You can swim in the pool while looking out at the ocean. I should note that even the ocean water felt like bath water.


Above is the view from the resort walkway leading down to the water. At high tide the water comes right up to the steps. It’s incredible. You can walk from the stairs right into the water.


Above, here are the steps at low tide. This is a great time to walk the beach. On day 2 when I wasn’t feeling well, I couldn’t partake in any of the excursions. I was going to do the all day snorkeling trip (I think it was $15 USD) where they bring you out to the island, provide you with lunch and the snorkeling gear. Some people did it from our tour group and liked it. I was sad to miss it, but hanging around the resort was still awesome. I could be within bathroom distance but still have a relaxing fun time.


I spent the morning walking the beach, after a lovely complimentary breakfast (they do a nice job). It was fun looking for unique shells and starfish and feeling the super soft sand against my feet.


The fishing boats are beautiful.


I just loved watching the water. I could walk this beach all day.


Red starfish!


One thing I noticed around 10am was that many local women were in full clothes out in the water with spears. They were catching crabs, as there were many in the water even by my feet as I walked.


Tide pool fun.


I have no clue what this sea creature is but it was spiky and cool looking. 3 seconds after I took this photo it burrowed back into the sand and was never seen (by me) again.


I passed through so many honeymoon type resorts. They were all beautiful and unique.


There were local fishermen selling what they caught that day along the sand. I decided to stick to fish at the restaurant and not try to DIY dinner.


Sunset! Another excursion offered was a sunset cruise. This was another case of “I can’t be away from a bathroom for that long”, so I had to pass. But I imagine it was a lot of fun and it was very reasonably priced. But I must say, the sunset from our resorts outdoor bar was pretty excellent 🙂


Here’s an example of sunset at high tide The water really flows right up to the resort. You have to time your beach walks accordingly. I have to say even with my stomach acting up, I had a fantastic time here.

Up next on Wednesday, I’ll share my last Africa post as I head back to Stone Town, Zanzibar for my last night of the tour and then endure my 4 flights back to US soil (NYC!).

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